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Is this some kind of bad joke? Battle Bracelet

Best description I heard, ever.

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LMAO good thing I got mines at launch.
The farming…I love it.

Imagine if you didn’t waste time and actually farmed silver instead of galoks

Yeah ragnarok was the best. 0.01% chance boss cards costing 80b. And you can sell 1$ of cash shop for 15-20 millions! woah, worth. Let’s farm 15k times the same monster for one single equip and buy from premium shop resellers those pesky safe upgrades.

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Like ultra saner, it’s not like you have to either multi-account mob or PAY others to exp. Ragnarok best game, gravity best game company.

Boss Card is core item? As i remember, nobody had their builds closed with a GBC, or did?

Thx to all people involved.

10mil is cheap! grab it fast!

Don’t have. I’m not rich.


server is 4months old and you havent got 4alt lv280 already!

you filthy casual!

solo dun145 full run each give 330k silver, 3runs you can get 1mil

4alts doing 3run you literally getting 4mil per day!

gitgud or getrekt!



I agree, this is a hardcore game who cares if BB is 100 million. Stop being lazy and get off your ass to farm


I just brought that Animus (which in my opinion is worth the 10kk). As i said 900 Galoks and no BB drop. Its not that i’m lazy…


better luck next time

or, like whiteknight used to say, work around it or you dont deserve the game.


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Feel your pain. Tos Base says DPK for this is 475-525… I have killed over 600 Galok and still not seen this drop. It is an extremely poor design, and from what I’ve been reading about DPK I’m starting to think I should be killing everything in the channel and not just Galoks. Either way, not worth it, and not worth supporting a game with this kind of design for such a core item.

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Someone got an easy BB from you then…

Something similar happened to me once…There was someone hunting for a Rapid Bangle Recipe and I got it while questing :^)

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Thank you for your hard work :slight_smile: here lemme give this drop to a random newbie

yeah,along with the annoying bots who sabotage your only 0.4 % to ge BB can’t it be another mobs instead of galoks i mean theres alot of mobs and poor wiz 3 and linkers whos only hope to get change job is galoks interrupted by BB hunters and bots… IMC don’t know the meaning of fair this game is so… bad plus the lag is worse

It’s not that hard really, and it gives a use to Kabbalist farming characters, which diversifies the farming classes, unfortunately Kabba farming has pretty much nothing else worth farming outside of the Sissel mats (BB, Rapid Bangle, Hunter Bangle, etc)