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Is it worth coming back?

ive been hiatus for 6 months+, reading updates but not a single incoming thing excites me, not that new contents, not the new gears, just some cute costumes or pets.


If you want to comeback and play like a casual player it’s: Yes.
If you want to comeback, be competitive and catch up Veteran my answer is: Yes, but how much real money you want to spent and are you ready to play +10hours a day?

There is so many think to do if you want to catch up Veteran… It’s impossible if you don’t pay.

  • Random ichor (RNG)
  • All skill Attribute 100
  • All overall attribute 100
  • Arts level max
  • +16 +21 on everything (new system after update: you can’t downgrade but need a lot of materials)
  • TR10 on all stuff
  • Crown level 8-10 (totally a game changer cause buffs are insane and you need a LOT of money)
    Level up Black Gem, Cyan Gem, Purple Gem on crown (Ultra Cancer, need a LOT of money and this is RNG )
  • Craft Legend Accessories (more easy to make in new update but still cancer to do)
  • Ark level 10 (more easy to make in new update but still need some materials)
  • Vaivora Level 4 (after update you can put x4 vaivora on your stuff… More easy to make a level 4 but still need some materials).
  • Godess armor level 3 (more easy to make but still need some materials).
  • Buy a Godess Card (with reputation pts) + Level up Godess Card (very slow to have one)
  • Level up a Legend Card (still the same mechanic)

Booster pack:

There is so many stuffs to craft & level up… All my friends who wanted to comeback have given up when they Saw all these things to do.

Sadly, the game is not friendly for new Saviors who want reach the top.
Maybe you should play TOS Mobile when it’s out:

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