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Introduction to Github

Greetings, Saviors!

This is very brief explanation of how Github contributions work for our translation projects.

1) You will need to create your Github account and set up Github on your Desktop if you haven’t yet.

2) Contributors can copy the repository they want to work on to their computer using the clone URL. See here for the PT-BR project.

3) With the files on your computer, you can edit them and submit a pull request for us to add your modifications to the files. Or, if you want to receive the latest translations on your computer, you can pull the repository’s files into your Github folder.

4) We usually update the Github repository with the most recent files after content updates so they can be translated and/or proofread by the contributors.


Hello imc’s staff. @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri

I am TK and I am part of the Portuguese translation project of the game for the Brazilian community.
I saw the news that the project was reopened in github. I have some questions about it:

  • Who will review and accept what is being submitted in github?

  • Do you have at least some notion of what you want for the translation? Example, we can translate the name of the items but it is better not to translate the name of the classes? Or is it going to be totally arbitrary, anything that gets placed there will be accepted?

  • Can we add texts that are not found in the original translation in English, but which would be very useful?

Thanks very much for what you did, it will be very useful for all Brazilian players.
I am available if IMC need someone to handle the translation project since I have done it for a long time and I am aware of what our community wants.


I cloned the repo here via GIT to see what’s been done. The translation was partially done (maybe they are using the translation files provided by Level UP long time ago. Very professional if you ask me).

But we need to complete it but of course there are a lot of new text to be translated, and fix the existing errors, like the one below (caused by incorrect encoding in some files):

Estranho… Esse n? ? o tipo de monstro que voc? encontraria em um lugar assim.{nl}Deve ser dif?il viajar por a?

The correct will be:

Estranho… Esse não é o tipo de monstro que você encontraria em um lugar assim.{nl}Deve ser difícil viajar por


Hello, TK :grinning:

We are opening this project to fans with the files that we had available as a way to provide an official translation that players can come to use.

Currently we are unable to support languages other than English, so we have no sure way of verifying the content/quality of the translations that are uploaded by the fans. The pull requests will be processed by us, but we are leaving it up to the Portuguese-speaking contributors to adapt the text to their language in the way they find most appropriate. So, to answer your last question, you are free to modify and adjust the contents as you see fit.

As for the specifics of the translation (names of items, skills, etc.), I would think following the terminology that has already been translated would be easier in order to keep the text consistent and avoid having to go over the already-finished translations again, but if the community wants to use a different method for translating those terms we do not oppose to it.

Do let us know if you need any more clarification, and thank you very much for your interest in the project!

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Unfortunately some files were left with what we assume are encoding errors, which caused these irregular characters to appear in the text :disappointed_relieved:

It was difficult for us to check it on our side since we can only support English, but we figured it would be better to provide those files than nothing at all, so we decided to upload them as well.

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Is it possible to send pull requests already? I’m looking forward to help you with the translations.


What about gender translation for some names (class names more specifically)?

In English there is only one word for both male and female, like “Archer” for example. But in portuguese, there are two words, one for male (Arqueiro) and one for female (Arqueira).

Just for an example in this matter, when Ragnarok Online was officialy released in Brazil in september 2004, they did modify the game to support latin languages, specially brazilian portuguese, because of the huge market for MMOs in Brazil and the large fan community for the game in Brazil.

Off course, the release was a great success (and still is to this day, 13 years after release).

Also it seems that TOS don’t support the display of some characters, like accented letters and “ç” for example in some parts of the interface. I checked the files and in some of them, all text don’t have these types of characters.

Do you plan to support/fix what was explained above so the game can be 100% translated by us?

The game does supports accentuation, just the files they put in git that has none. For mysterious reasons.

I understand there are challenges related to how Portuguese works vs. English, but we’re unable to provide different files exclusively for the PT-BR version. For class names, I would assume it’s okay to follow the way in which they have been translated in the files we uploaded.

Some files were indeed left with these encoding errors I mentioned in my previous comment. Like TK said, the game does support accentuation, but the affected files turned out with irregular characters because of the error. If it helps, the encoding we use for English/Korean files is UTF-8 without BOM, so keeping the files encoded this way should prevent any more errors from occurring.

@STAFF_Ines Have some other problems that i wish you guys see it:

  • The main font is missing in the portuguese folder (Quattrocento Bold is the name), making a few words gets cut off. I would like to ask to insert the “fontlist” file and the “font” folder from the English translation to the PT translation. It would just be a copy and paste job and everything will be solved.
  • The game does not allow searching for names of items written in Portuguese in the market. Do you intend to change that soon? Otherwise, I ask you to tell anyone who is helping in the translation, not translate the name of the marketable items, because we will not be able to find them in the market.
  • About future updates. Will the new content texts be available in github in advance? Or only after the maintenance we could start the changes?
  • When do you want to release the translation? Only when it is 100% complete? What will be the criterion for this?

Sure thing.

  • I checked with the team in charge of this and it seems the language folder should be patching with all the correct font data. Is this happening to other players? I’ll confirm with them again just in case.

  • The team is going to try and make Market searches in Portuguese available. Until we’re certain that it will be possible, it may be wiser not to translate Market-tradable items as you suggested.

  • For content updates, we usually upload the files on the day after the corresponding patch is applied, so contributors will only be able to edit them after the maintenance.

  • We will try and keep up with the pace at which the files are translated. Since the option is still only up for testing, we don’t intend to wait until translation is 100% complete to release it in a patch; instead we’ll likely apply it little by little during our scheduled maintenances (according to the pull requests we have for the week).


All the changes I’ve asked to correct have been placed perfectly, and the translation is working normal, thank you!

But has only one big inconvenience.

The latest maintenance patch texts are not in the files, creating items with “NO_DATA” error codes. I wanted to suggest to the responsible area that they insert in the Portuguese files at least the English texts of the weekly maintenance so that nobody gets lost with the new items and events.

Or, update the game patch again with the translation we made that is already in github with the new content that was inserted today.

I’ll pass this information on to the team in charge; thanks for letting us know!


All the new content of tomorrow has already been translated. If it is possible to tell the team to insert the changes quickly so that they are already available in the patch tomorrow, I will be grateful, thanks ^^

Another thing.
Many texts were overwritten back to English or to an older version when they updated git with the next patch, erasing everything that had been done so far. It was very inconvenient. :confused:

Thank you, your updates are going to be applied during the maintenance today.

Can you tell me a few examples of lines that were overwritten or which particular files were affected?


Thanks for the fast response.
One of the files that most suffered from the problem was QUEST.txt. All the texts returned the same as the first file that you had included when you restarted the project in git including all the accent errors, and this file had already been translated and corrected, I had to send it again.

So the entire file reverted to the one uploaded originally? Either way I’ll make sure to check if something went wrong there, sorry for the trouble.

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