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[info] Lv380 Materials + Nicopolis Raid & Novaha Raid Guide


Now I want a battlebird with a rocket launcher! :haha:


is this like arde dagger? Additional holy+dark property attack, based on english description


Yes it is the same. Additional property attack. Excuse me for my confusing description, I made it before the official English release. I recommend you to use the link to the database on the first post to view the item’s official description.


so it is adding 2 more line of damage PERMANENTLY and everyone’s busy pursuing asio dagger…
better buy it while its cheap!


Excuse me, we might have a slight misunderstanding.
The dagger does not add 2 more lines of damage, but +damage to each line. Arde dagger does not add an extra line.

The only items which add lines are cafrisun set and manahas set.
Some skills which add lines: Sacrament buff from shop, enchant fire from scroll, last rites and aspergillum from chaplain.


ah right, sad to hear that ._.


does asio shield provocation target works only for swash? or for all job’s normal max aggroed mob?


Think all jobs. The normal aggro = 5 and aggro = 8 in dungeon and hunting grounds. Unless you have skills like swash(peltasta) or capote (matador).


so sad asio shield no one wanted