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[info] Lv380 Materials + Nicopolis Raid & Novaha Raid Guide


I made these two simple guide videos for the new Unique Raids.
For those interested, please take a look~

Mage Asio’s Laboratory

Magic Research Facility


ye sure hidden behind a bow like wtf imc if this could be easily supposed to be a normal C3 attribute with whatever you would like to add since the gif file back then was showing the Mergen with Rabbi.

Your desicions imc always bad man wt


Thanks Tom. I have added your video guides to the first post.


There will be no new armors on 380 beside the Galaktikos and the other two?? :disappointed_relieved:


The Paladin and Inquisitor increase to skill level had to go to a two-handed mace. Another day, another moment one-handed mace and shield Paladin gets no love. Although I do not like Demolition. So, that one I’m fine with, but the God smash level increase would of been nice to have.


Mergen’s rabbit on video - by BONG


there’s literally no reason for paladin3 inq3 to invest in 1h mace shield

you wanna sanctuary just get a good shield and switch to it when you wanna cast it


Can you PM me because I don’t want to go off topic but I am planning to make a paly3/inq3 next week.I need stats and skill points disturbance advice for both PVP and PVE but mainly for PVP please.


So… lets say I want to fix my build and reset its ranks… should I just get inquisitor as my rank10 class before patch and Ill get a free rank reset?


anytime during the event you can have inquisitor and have free rank reset


Can anyone confirm that exchanging fragments works just like ET (you choose your recipe, click on the x50 fragment button and get it)? You don’t get a cube with a random recipe inside… right?


The Spirit Fragments cannot be put in Team Storage.

You must have 50 Fragments, and then you right click them. And pray. There is no NPC to exchange them with.

I’m sure someone will have farmed 50 frags by the end of the day.


For Wastrel Raid, there is a general gimmick in the form of the Magic Lamp. You need to keep the Magic Lamp active, otherwise your SP will be drained at a ridiculous rate. In order to keep using the Magic Lamp, you need to walk over those little blue shards (on a blue floor, of course). Once you step on/collect enough of them, the Magic Lamp will be available to use again.

The videos in the main post show how to progress through the dungeon. It is HIGHLY recommend you bring a healer. And a lot of SP potions.


wastrel raid lamp effect (the one that prevent mana siphon), is it sharable for whole team or only for individual? the mana siphon in that raid is insane


Many people failed to kill first stage mobs in Asio raid. It really is annoying part.


u want to do 380 raid in 350 gear +5 without transcendence?
saw enough leechers today


I put Asio next to Wastrel, for people who want to compare the two directly. Base attack values are the same as 380 Primus weapons.

Info shamelessly ganked from


Thanks ultimapi, I shall add this doc-link to the first post.
Hope everyone was able to use this guide to farm materials before the release of the raids.

An important point for cannoneers:
These raids feature the only cannons in-game with 5 sockets (for 5 red gems).


you mean for hunters so that they can get them on pets.


Reminded me of the battlebird image with 2 cannons equipped (from early 2017?). Some players might remember.