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In the verge of quitting: an Episode 13 feedback(or rant KEK)

“GAME IS OFFICIALLY DEAD” you can frequently read this on shouts after this tragic EP13 update.
People already selling their gears and quitting for good. Even in my (small) guild, we used to have 15 - 20 people online but now, not even reaching 10 online.

So lets start with the server issues. IMC’s love for RNG mechanics reach a whole new level! Even sending chat, logging in, switching characters, queueing Automatches are now controlled by RNG. JK, im just trying to laugh out my frustration. But yeah, chat is bugged most of the time. You can’t even stay online since youll gonna get kick to lounge or server screen by a chance. And logging in is also by chance. And this new feature “Automatch” for all type of contents seems tied with chat bug - when you receive the chat error, automatically your Automatch will be bugged also.
What makes my blood boil, is there are so many instability issues in server and the first patch note fix they released is to delete an NPC that is wrongly put in fedimian that no one even notice/bother.

But yeah, server issues are just temporary. It can be fix so we just need to wait.

Now for the new Feature: The Long waited 64bit uwu. Everyone is hype since it is bound to reduce lag and improve animation quality. But what I notice is, I haven’t notice anything at all.
Same quality. Same view. Same lag. Same animation. The only thing that changes is my fps counter rise from 30average to 80average. Cover that fps counter and you won’t even tell the difference in 32bit vs 64bit. Maybe the update is just to add numbers in the fps counter lol.

Now for the new contents:

  1. Silver makes the game go round - yes everything is possible with silver. Yet, months ago IMC remove silver drops and made CM/DS the only stable source of silver. BUT NOW WTF! CM run only gives 900k - 1m while DS gives 1.8m. Isn’t it cute. And the rare item drops (vvr) seems to be lower chance than before (or just because the population declined)

  2. Auto match contents - its too easy! thats why its bad. No thrill of someone will die. Healers arent even needed. You can just sit there and watch 2 pyro finish the CM/DS run by themselves. So much for that high level gear requirement. But yeah, this opinion, i guess only true gamers will understand.

  3. Healer is dead - since automatch is too easy, no need for heals. I, personally have 2 healer and tried automatch. Didnt even press a single heal and finish the cm run. What did i get? zero silver because i dont have damage.
    My healers are just full varna geared just like 95% of healers in this game, so i can only automatch at area 2 cm. You dont really need luxury gears to heal specially in CM/DS. Sure some one will say “just shout for PT ffs” while crossed-eyed, drooling, and sitting like stephen hawking. YES I tried that! but since Automatch is hot shiit and easier, few(to none) joins shout parties. And what I got in my PT shout are those free savi flagbots, varna geared dps and other people that are victim by this Gear Restriction policy. Ended up a very very long run just for 800k silver reward.

  4. Leveling became more painful - My main char is stucked at level 454 and cant event continue the next quest since lvl456 is the requirement. I tried spamming Dungeon with all exp buff including burning weekend. Im gaining 1%-2% xp every 3 dungeon runs. Thats really cute. I also tried grinding high maps but only get around 8% per hour and an hour of brain-dead grinding is really boring and tiring and can cause physical strain on your eyes and muscles.
    Ofc someone will say its just the same from ep12. NO! Hitting lvl430 that time is a breeze then beyond that, you can just spam CM POD. You wont even notice that you already hit 450 while having fun in CM.

  5. New Classes - are meh.

  6. Build a wall on Wizard builds - There are so many class to choose from in this game. So many possible combination you can play with. But IMC says “meh let them stick to one route build” The separation of elemental classes ruin the diversity of the wizard tree. Now we are stuck with Summoner, Dark Wiz, Elemental 1, and Elemental 2 builds.
    Before, Pyro-Ele-Omnyo is a good build because of the synergies. Taoist is an all arounder that can be added to any build. Omnyo and Taoist can also be played with dark classes. Bokor is dead class but still a good summoner pick if you want to role play. And even a pyro summoner is a thing.
    Now, you get stuck with:
    Summoner: Necro, Sorc, FF
    Dark Wiz: SM, FF, Bokor, (Warlock can be part of this but is a weak pick)
    Elemental 1: Pyro, Cryo, Ele, Tao
    Elemental 2: Kino, Omnyo, Terra, Rune (Sage can be part of this but is a weak pick)
    Others are Trash(used for utility or special cases)

  7. Fix party = dissolved - this is a bit personal and this is just sad. I have 2 fix parties. My closest friends in-game. We always run daily cms, DS every weekend, and raids if we are bored. Ahhh good ol days. Now half of them quit/hiatus after day one of ep13. The remaining are just logging in for event and popo and dailies. We now all on our own because of this automatch. And I’m the most negatively affected since Im their healer - its hard for me for the reasons listed on #2
    Now we’re just:
    aaa: hey sup
    bbb: oh hey!
    aaa: done with dailies?
    bbb: yeah, imma afk now.
    aaa: alright cya!
    ccc: this game succs. imma quit for now. discord me when server stable.
    aaa: lol discord you? you don’t even play with me since you dont need my healer now.
    ccc has left.
    [shout] ddd: I cant chat in group. but yeah, cya around mutherfcker
    [System]ErrorCode [0] Cannot access to chat server.

As the title says, I am now in a verge of quitting and im just checking out if something interesting happens day by day.

There might things that I might missed or haven’t discovered yet. And all of this are just my opinion(and some of my friends opinion) so don’t blame me if I said something that is against your view. I just wanna share my thoughts here. Nothing more, nothing less.


From what i see on forum, the technical issues really did naughty.

Content wise… it’s the same basic problem, IMC is pushing towards the direction they stuck with despite being in direct opposition with the game strengths. ToS is kinda stuck in a point where not making new content gets players demotivated and hopeless yet any new content they bring up pushes the game to be more convoluted, stressing, dry and boring - they lose in both cases.

Games need solid foundations (and there are many types) to survive, ToS doesn’t has that and the game falls really hard when the illusion is broken. Every episode update is the same thing, IMC releases a bunch of new toys that are harmful for the game as a whole but players buy it because they look cool and fancy, that kinda acts as a smoke screen and conceals the structural issues that never get addressed, only when the smoke thins we get some dev blog update with a new toy showcase and a promise they’ll do something about the issues but we only get the toys.

Give this a shot if you have any interest in the structural issues and some ways to address them.


VV drop rates didnt’t change. Auto match doesn’t broadcast VV or Goddess armor drops but field Singu/CM do. Additionally the drop rates in Auto match are lower because of the decreased difficulty of the content in Auto match. This was explained in the patch notes.

The server/chat/match instability is egregious though I imagine it will be fixed Tuesday at the latest (admittedly 6 days too late).

To point 7. on your list- you can still do field content in a party and receive full rewards so you and the homies can still jump into a party and spam like before with 10% fewer silver (which is the EP13 flat modifier nerf)

There is not RNG Is a stupid code that make some people get the rewards over and over again Thats why the same people get arch stones everyday. Even if there r people investing 200m every day the same 5 persons in Klaipeda server get arch stone full everyday for lesser than 30m. Allways the same people there is no chance to anyone to get the good items cuz the RNG is stuck on the same 5 guys my friend got 10 Arch stones from Goddes grace all times with less than 30m i have spend 100m per round for more than 3 weeks every day. Still 0 not even a shitty fragment. Is not RNG IS A ■■■■ CONFIG FROM IMC

So you are telling me youve spend 2,1b on rolling for arch stone. When you could have just bought them for that ammount =/

if u buy and sell the items u got is not like spending too much . But this days i just didnt trying at all cuz never got a single reward from it. Like say before the 3 weeks i did this the same people got the arch stones everyday No more than 6 names repeat 2 or 3 times per week.

chill, you are not the only one
many already posted their “leave post” in the past weeks mostly because overwhelmed/disappointed by content updates or rebalance future that never fixes their favorite classes

though about auto cm, its clearly not designed for full support or gear/weapon swapper which is indeed sucks.

but as cleric you can pick classes that can heal and attack nicely like crusader, diev, druid and i just tried heal corrupt sphere and it hit real good.

one biggest reason FS support kinda dead because this chat server bs.more people wouldve organize open cm/singu but because this issue they maybe just stick to their guildies or fix party or auto match

I heard it’s a bug where you don’t have to spend silver when gambling. That why in my server you will see same guy get archstone almost everyday. Unli rolls.

Can you point where in the patch notes this is explained, cuz I don’t remember reading about lower drop rates on automated contents.

This has nothing to do with decreased rewards in automatch compared to field version, the field version also had this change

It is clear you won’t go read the post so here you go.

If my character’s damage dealing share is less than certain rate of whole party, the final silver decreases.

This is auto match only.

You said this, there is nowhere in the patch notes indicating that drop rates in automatch are lower than field version of the content.

dude its you who didnt read

if this bug really exist one wouldve greedily abuse this by opening multiple accounts at once and most definitely get higher chance of legend tier item
in another scenario this same guy maybe a filthy rich whale whether by rmt, botting or any method i dont care, and the server is so dead that everyone else just chip in a little in gg and hes the only one that chip in a lot so he can secure the high tier reward
i mean i know another server is just soo dead already that even stuffs prices are inflated and its so hard to get pt cause everyone are doing pt in fix pt/with guild
but still if its really bug or hack, i wouldnt surprised. especially when its poped from silute, or telsiai

still too early to tell for me, aside from a lot of things not working properly that hinders a full community interaction with the new system and players

quitting only makes in harder to pinpoint the problem areas of the game. some people can point out how it is not working and these points may be true. but without actual data on how people playing the game to find these points to be accurate, i doubt imc will listen to it.

what’s left will be those who are able to adapt to the new system and imc thinking all is well that is until a long term problem arises caused by the lack of feedback due to players quitting with little to no data as to why they didn’t like the changes


Played this game for almost half of year… basically just cm everyday, didnt even get a single vv from the run. First and only vv is from field boss… what a joke :frowning:

It only said “decrease in difficulty in DS” and the “rewards are adjusted”
it never said “decrease in rewards because of decrease in difficulty”
seems like field DS only differ with auto DS is silver in terms of damage

pyro ele omny was never a good build.
cm7 was easy af after glacia too.
you didnt need an healer in cm after glacia too, just statue if with one dps or not even those if with 3 dps.
i got more silver this 4 days than last week.
you still need a fixed party for raids.

idk man…pyro omnyo sitting pretty and never leaves top 10 builds since 2020

Easy yeah, but still taking 10min full run even full whale party. Compared to now which you can literally just sit and let a pyro finish the run in less than 5min

possible but not optimal. Shouts wont be field with “-1 healer come” if that’s a normal thing. Only those that are desperate and cant find a healer do that. Or those show-offs who wants to be validated that they can carry without healer.

My computation on CM per week is 63m(old) vs 51m(new). I didnt include DS earnings coz not all players are DS eligible. #RIPnewplayers

Automatch is the key and everyone already know the mechanics(except giltine raid)… that’s why fix parties are dead.