In Development: Skin Tone Options!


The mistake I made was that the private server I played RO on, like a decade ago or so, had additional skin tones and I assumed that the official RO had the same. I should not have made that assumption, I made a fool of myself for that.

You understand now? I assumed the official server had something a private server had. Why even bring this up 6 months after I acknowledged my mistake? Idk how often and how thoroughly you like to police these forums but hopefully we can leave this alone now.

But now that I’m back on this thread, I’m concerned with why 6 months has passed and we still haven’t received this content.:thinking:


a decade ago isnt even close to when ro was realeased / w \

but yeah, i guess nao dat u menshun you assumed that official RO is like the private server on which you played, i guess it makes sense

though there is also the fact that the game is not that “complete” on release day as compared to a later established private server if we were to say official game has the feature ‘w’

but yeah ok i get it now, you didn’t know official RO but assumed it has the feature on release based from your experience from a private server 'w’b

i wasnt aware how long your comment was, i was just reading and wanted to ask

yeah, i have a couple of african american friends who are waiting for this feature as well


This is crazy. You feel like you need an explanation for this why? I corrected my mistake and that wasn’t enough for you, you needed an explanation that you felt was good enough. K.

Thanks for telling me how a game on release may not be as complete as a private server that comes at a later date, even though I realized this 6 months ago when I was corrected by someone else then and acknowledged what they said. Thanks.

You wasn’t aware of how old the comment was cause, here I am assuming again, you don’t pay attention to any of the dates posted throughout a thread, you just read what you wanna read and comment whatever you want regardless if the comment is half a year old or not.

Who cares if you have african american friends waiting for this content? What does that have to do with what me and you are discussing?


whoa there, no need to go crazy O___o

it’s just a short question that’s asking for some clarification since the way you corrected yourself is a bit incomplete ‘w’;;;; much like how you misunderstood the short comment that you needed some clarification as well, that’s all ‘w’/

i just back read and just read your comment that i feel like asking since we’ve been having conversations now and then ‘w’;;;

well you said you were concerned how this feature is not yet implemented, im just relating it with my friends who are also concerned ‘w’;;;;;


But the race of your friends who are also waiting doesn’t matter, I don’t understand why you felt like you needed to mention they are african american. And I said I was concerned with this content not being released yet -after- I got a notification from you coming back to this thread.

I’m crazy but you’re the one replying to half a year old comments because you don’t look at dates. You’re the one that wants a better explanation even though I acknowledged the mistake I made already. You’re the one bringing race into this when it doesn’t matter, but yes, I’m the crazy one.

I don’t understand you when someone already came at me a similar way earlier in the thread and called me out then. If you asked me that 6 months ago, it would be different. But asking me 6 months after someone else especially when I admitted my screw up is what’s crazy. You understand my point now? The point that I was wrong was already made. Then you doubled down on this after I quoted that I realized my mistake and owned it. You came off of conscending to me cause I don’t see from what other reason why you bring up an old point already addressed and ended.

Hopefully you can see now why paying attention to -when- some things are said matters. I’m not giving this anymore energy.


because they are interested to play based on that feature

i mean you saying “this is crazy” so im assuming you’re getting too… immersed about it ‘w’;;;

i really just wanted some clarification since i didn’t understood the correction’s connection to the mistake

but you are giving a lot while we already should have stopped at me understanding the explanation ‘w’;;;


You commented on this thread months ago and didn’t say anything about my mistake then after i got corrected. Now months later you come back to this thread and want clarifications all of sudden. That doesn’t seem at all odd to you?

We shouldn’t have even started but apparently someone doesn’t look at dates and felt they needed answers on a conversation they wasn’t involved in and that ended 6 months ago. And look at your comments, after i told you why I made the mistake, you doubled down on it still explaining to me the difference private and official server which I clearly got the message long ago. Do you honestly think there’s nothing wrong with what you did here? Or do you think what you did is ok? I’m curious now.

Yes I am back on this thread. I was back reading and just wanted to ask for clarification.


i think just commented without back reading back then ‘w’

looking at how out of place my comment at the time ‘w’;


I’m asking you, do you think what you did was ok? Think about it from my point of view; you replied to a 6 month old comment where I already got corrected and acknowledged said correction and admitted I messed up. And this is after you already commented on this thread months ago after me and didn’t mention anything about what I said then.

Do you think it was ok? To make an out of place comment as you said? How would expect me to take this?


i just explained how i just needed some clarification since the correction is a bit vague for me ‘w’;;;

which comment did you understood that i pertained as out of place though? ‘w’?

if i were in you place, i would have just clarified with “i haven’t played RO on release and thought it was the same as the private server, yet it was wrong on my part to assume everything was fully updated on release” without getting upset with the time the inquiry was made and all ‘w’;;;;;;;;;


Up (after one year).
Any news? @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia


Hope they implement it after Re:Build


Hope they implement it someday


As a Natural Tan person IRL I approve.


I just want to say that I have not read ALL of the previous texts and YES I am a black guy IRL, but I am disappointed and confused on why there are still no options to make “me” (a black man) in this awesome game.

Yes, I know it’s not set in “a black part of the world” but wake up people and do your research, blacks have been all over the world at different poi ts in the past. The point I’m making is if in this world you can fathom giant rock creatures and fantasy creatures, then why is it so hard to imagine a black guy running around being a part of this adventure?


Im also waiting for more skin tones. But not only darker, lighter too. I would 100% buy pale skin tone, like we have on druid’s hybrid lycanthropy. I would look like damn vampire! eh…i hope it will happen one day


When this change come?