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In Development: Skin Tone Options!


Greetings, Saviors!

Today we have here a little snippet of a new feature we’re currently developing: skin tone options!

Different character skin tones have been requested since the early days of TOS.

After overcoming the graphic constraints that have kept us from fully delving into it, we are now researching different ways to make this a reality for our dedicated players.

It’s going to take a while for this feature to be completely ready, but we couldn’t wait to show you what we have so far!



Nice, this has been a pretty highly requested option for years.



will it be…free?

or some r9 class we give us a shop for skin tone change


Any word on further optimization, to stop game crashing once and for all?


Tanned Oracle


Looking forward for better optimization updates or maybe alteration of the whole game engine? :roll_eyes:


So nice to hear of initiative for this qwq

also. Dat hair. Want.


I want that hair. NOW! D:




This look crap tbh, so disappointed? And ofc it is not going to be free.


Ty for listening to me.
Can you link a image from ToS?

You know, the mobile models are too poor.


i would rather have the card system/r9 patch a day earlier than have some kind of research team figure out how to color skin tones.


I still think color option should available when we make character first tho. Even though it’s not as variant/pretty as TP Shop one…

Anyway it still good thing (for cosmetic section) to have variant. I hope the NPC have same variant too
Also, the shading on two of the right character make them looks sad.


Inb4 locked behind gacha.

On a serious note, this is exciting news.


Allowing the first to be picked when making a character, then selling changes in the TP Store is good. When the update arrives giving everyone a free change would be welcome too.

If there’s one thing not to be concerned with IMC about, it’s the game looking pretty. These aren’t finished yet, and the dark background likely makes it worse than it would in game. :slight_smile:


another useless addition to brush the still broken balance and other issues under the carpet.

Reminds me of Pokemon Sun&Moon where skin tone was also exchangeable. Did it do anything to improve the game? No. The game was bad and all those gimmicks couldn’t hide that :frowning:

We want more R9 info, at least some hints when we can await the next dev blog update on that issue…


Atleast make more than 5 choices available, because choosing between only 5 looks to extreme, hopefully you don’t need to redraw every model individually because there alot of possible skin tones, and idea in general is great
some examples:


Might as well just give us RGB/hex skin color selector.