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In Development: Skin Tone Options!


omfg give me that HAIR


Maybe they can make a Head 3 costumes like…

Protruded tounge
Vampire teeth

Take note its on Headgear 3.


There should only be a slightly lighter and slightly darker option, such as the 2 or 3 from the left of
the example. Vastly differing skin tones don’t fit the setting at all…

I for one request that you don’t implement this in the way seen in the example you have given, but rather in a more limited and careful form or not at all.


Setting? This is a extremely basic and common customization feature in mmos that should have already beem implemented. RO had this on release. There was no good reason they didn’t already have this. And what’s wrong with the darker colors?


Most of the koreans are white :slight_smile:


Yet that didn’t stop IMC from wanting to implement dark skin colors and they’re korean themselves so…


‘RO had this on release’ Say what? :thinking:


I stand corrected. I played on a private server that had optional skin colors. I should’ve remembered that before typing.


Most of the Koreans aren’t white. They are way darker than the typical Middle European people. Not to talk about the Northern European types with red hair and nearly white skin colour. And the Southern Europeans have a way darker skin.

Let’s better not talk about skin colours, you’ll get into conflicts very fast without achieving anything. Some people even have a complex about their skin colour and get offended easily…


Point is Skin Tone Option is a way to be more unique in tos, to better diversify the avatars in game. Nothing to do with skin color of people playing the game in real life or in what country IMC is from. It’s a fantasy game for crying out laud…


I want blueish tones and elf ears that adapt to the character’s skin tone so I can make night elves and demons. :clap:



This picture looks awful :confused: You guys should think about taking another pass at these. It’s not hard to get skin tones that feel dark but still fit within the pastel look that the rest of the world has. Try adjusting the browns to be a little cooler, lightening them up a slightly, and desaturating them a bit. I posted this on the forums forever ago but:


This is from cracking open the game files, adjusting a some texture maps with a few photoshop adjustment layers and putting everything back together in a few hours.


Really agree here. Was just looking for an update on this feature and I agree! It’s disappointing when games slap a simple “this looks like brown skin” into a game without really giving it that ‘liveliness’, and I feel your solution helps to keep the dark tones alive without a stark contrast from the rest of the universe. I’d love to see this treatment done on similar tones as well as darker tones to come. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears. @STAFF_Amy.


am all gud widde skintones an all. but wot ees an wizard widaut deir wiz hatt ; w ;


is there any forecast for this feature?


private server? but you said RO had this on release… :tired:


Did you say forecast? :eyes:

I can’t wait for tan Oracle!


So you just ignored the comment where I admitted my mistake last september? K


i was rather saying how can you made that mistake if you claim to know that it was a feature on release day :tired:

by that i mean playing on a private server has no connection to make claims on official release features ‘w’;;;

i didn’t ignored that comment, im just wondering how could you have made such mistake

“private server?” is steering to say that since you play on a private server

“but you said RO had this on release…” how are you able to make such claims if you are playing on a private server which is im sure not released on release date

am i making it clear enough for you for you to not make a wrong impression that i made a wrong impression? ‘w’;;;;;