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IMC you make the PvP boring (to me) again with the last changes (At least TBL)

also wtf is up with shadowthorn dealing 25% of my life per hit when im rocking full savinose cloth and 1000+ block :X

how about those warlock balls

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at least if they are warlock I know they have to drop shadow, kino, or onmyo :C

what about warlock shadow omyo

Can pressure them 24/7 and I don’t have to worry about MF into insta-death. Just need to be cognizant of the balls of death, maybe have a pet out to absorb some of the hits

or get linked and die lul

25% per hit

dunno about that :tired:

We need a 24/7 open PVP lobbies where people get gathered in small groups, like channels so we can choose the teams manually or let the game balance based on the classes they are using (to avoid full support-merchantlike classes to disrupt the balance)
Disabling equipment and giving each player a generic set, also disabling only legendary cards since cards play a decisive role in the gaming/build
These disabled gear pvp would not provide any prize or reward at all, just maybe an achievement after 500 battles or a decorative bounded item as much

A lobby like this where 1 of the players who creates a room decides when to go once the rest are ready and they can select if going random balance or manual balance

I think that link path is blocked at work so i can’t see it :C

And yes im exaggerating but its instant cast 4OH and is enough to kill anyone while the shadow/kino/onmy can just be an immortal with all their defensive cooldowns and offensive CC.

Not even sure how you can balance a damage immunity skill like Genbu besides giving it a short duration + long cooldown. It’d still be the best defensive skill in the game by a mile.

the current issue with genbu is the attribute is giving it a damage reduction

They can “nerf” Genbu armor and the shadow just like the cloack from scouts, the CD starts when the skill end, you break the Genbu armor or Kill the Shadow and they are “mortal” again for 20/60 sec, I think is the minimum balanced that 2 skills need urgent.

The Shadow in TBL has too much HP, the player HP can be 140k but the shadow have more than 200k WTF, I waste all my CDs and the shadow is still there.
At least when you break Genbu Armor they don’t have SP to use it again (unless eat a Blue pot <_<)

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They need to hire some new people if they’re going to succeed in balancing the classes/gear bonuses. It is a HOT MESS.

They need to play their game to know how bad/good/god are some skills, it’s clear the focus is only in PvE, and balancing things “in theory” for PvP…

having interesting rewards/modes is more important at the moment. People play gemstone but they don’t touch TBL, and the game is devoid of other decent pvp content