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IMC you make the PvP boring (to me) again with the last changes (At least TBL)

I don’t know what is IMC waiting to nerf the unnecessary OP Genbu armor, but I think Sheriff is going to solve this problem and then I learned genbu armor only have 20 sec CD, so I can break it but almost instantly they can use again, this is not new, the new thing that annoys me more right now is ths Blind for Shadowmancer/warlocks and the insane damage of the warlocks, the Blind (for 10 secs?) makes me almost useless, can’t use any targeted skills and sometimes I’m almost the entire round blinded because is very easy to apply, then the damage of the DoTs and duration from the warlock skills 20 sec dot with like 10k dmg aprox at least 150k dmg, then the worst of all, the damage of the spirits, with enough summoned spirits they can kill almost anything (1:46 from 100% to 10%), and if is not dead is blinded, another annoying (bad design decision from IMC) is WHY THE FK I can target and Hit the spirits just WHYYYY, I lose like 1/3 my skills hitting that things, is that intentional?(1:34 in the vid), another thing from shadowmancers, the shadow from Hallucination it’s supposed to eat the damage right? then why I can’t stun or put any debuff in the player because the shadow eat all of them, again is that intentional?

In a match with 2 or even one warlock/shadow/omny is just a mess just because too much sh t in the screen.

Ok enough of wizz class, now my cry in the swordsman class with the broken Rodelero, TBL is full of this “exploid abusers” only because of the “bugged” shield push, I send a Ticket asking IMC about this but the answer was:

"Please be informed that we will forward your report to our development team for review to develop possible improvements regarding the matter. Though we may likely not be able to provide you the outcome of this report, rest assured that it will receive a proper attention.
For now, we only request for your patience and understanding while this is on-going."

So they can’t tell even if they knew if is a bug or is OK, at least is very clear the “unbalance” in the game, I’m working in rykuma set only because of this, but with the murmillo CC, even with Rykumua I’m still stuck in place for like 5-10 sec if you know what I mean.

The sad video:

We should all have twice as much health. The quick kill ■■■■ that is going on right now hides how truly unbalanced the PvP is. It is a joke right now.

payback for lachrymator

if fair PVP, scout max HP should lower than wizard
scout HP way too high

invisible,high evasion, many iframe, many evade 100% skill, even status immunity on some skill

if want proper balance make scout hp gain per level to 65%

most people dont even do pvp man…the variety of classes makes it impossible to balance a random 3v3 match. it was designed as pve game, so it will never be good most likely.

theyd need it on a bigger scale, but then again…the performance right. just dont get your hopes up.

sigh…WoE was always so great


So agree on this^


ummm. that murmillo CC is a level 99 debuff, therefore rykuma will not give you immunity.
also, shield push debuff hasnt been changed since that skill has been in game.

c ta brava ? Nerf Sheriff

Best DPS: Wizard
Best Tank: Wizard
Best CC: Wizard
Best Mobility: Wizard
Best AOE: Wizard

Most easy class to play and don’t need a big investments to win. In GTW they don’t even need a weapon to CC and kill a entire party (Ice wall + Drakonas Frieno combo) or just using magnetic and frost pillar.

The win rate of a Omnyoji / Warlock / Shadowmancer or a Omnyoji / Elementalist / Cryomancer is something around 90%+. The top wizards of Silute can easily win a 3v1 match without take a single damage on HP because of the infinite OPenbu Armor.

BUT the real problem in TBL is Peltasta’s Hardshield on 2h weapon users! sarcasm


To be honest everyone waiting for any decent PvP should really play a different game. In three years since the game was released, when has IMC shown it could balance pvp ever?


The problem (to me) is before the last big update (Jun 24) TBL was fine, with some obvious problems but fine, now with the buff to warlocks/shadows I was Blind almost all the match and muted the rest with the Rode bug, I don’t care if they can kill me easy, I just don’t like to be useless for so many time, thats boring, it’s hard to understand?


Guys i dont want to be racist or what be Asian developers have always been bad as pvp content. Just watch FF14. Best mmorpg atm but the pvp is absolutly trash. Same for any other Asian MMORPG.
All best pvp game are western: World of warcraft league of legends and so on. Im not advertising these games but just to give you an example and tell you don’t expect more for the pvp content in ToS.
Plus its not only the class balance, its also about whales that will be outperforming a free to play player thanks to his credit card and not skill. So do pve and forget about pvp.

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As a Murm/Rode/Rete, what is funny is that I have no problem outplaying and beating other players running the same class as me. Shield push debuff is broken powerful at the moment but it is easy to recognize that anyone playing rode is going to try to hit you with it, and jump through them to avoid it.

I get that people don’t want to put in the effort to win when there are glaring issues such as genbu and gear disparity, as well as there being no meaningful rewards for the content, but its a tad off to state something is a bug when it has worked that way since day 1, 3 years ago.

There are some players still making Monk work even with the one inch punch nerfs, decent players find a way. I would be fine even if Shield Push was nerfed to 5 secs with diminishing returns, as long as shadow/omny is also addressed.

In my eyes with the advent of Rykuma, Shadow/Omny is really the only class shell that is ridiculously OP at the moment.

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Maybe because of the 50% debuff resist of murm helmet? LOLOL

The problem more than the skill itself is the players abussiong of it, having a match against 3 Rodes/murm are not fun at all, they are just immune to Debuff (I’m not sure if it really 50% O_o), High HP def + Gyve shield, and 1 Touch of a shield push and I’m done, plus the Reti ned is a dead sentence if I don’t resist the silence.
I’m 99% sure is a Bug, in this game specially, a skill that “worked in that way since day 1” means not too much here. is clear at least the tool tip is wrong.

And I just play gem feud right now, since TBL is full with the immortals Shadowmeme/omnyshield, with 1 hit KO skill (Spirits), just ruin the fun.

Kill the shadow->Break Genbu armor->Teleport->chase them in shadow pool->the CD of the Shadow end->Kill the shadow again->the CD of genbu armor ends->break the shield again->try to avoid being 1 shotted, not thank…

As if time is any measure of something being a bug in this game. It does not reflect what is mentioned in the tooltip. It is also a CC that does not follow CC diminishing returns. 10s of you not getting to do a single thing except also getting knocked down in the process. But don’t worry it’s only got 3 overheat with a super short cool down so 10 seconds easily becomes 20 or 30. Then imagine a scenario with fighting not just one rodelero but two! Do you even get to play?

not bugged

Why only onmy/shadow? Is it because it doesn’t have a plethora of skills that can keep the other player(s) locked down for a ridiculous amount of time?

Any equally invested swordsman should not have trouble surviving the 20 or 30s duration of rykuma, especially if/when they are a peltasta or wearing cloth armor. Not to mention the swordsman also has rykuma themselves on top of resisting many things already. Oh and don’t forget knockdown immunity even when your pain barrier is not even up.

Yes you can jump until you get pull or throw rete’d? Not sure what kind of rodelero isn’t also running retiarius. Don’t forget you’re also murmillo so you’ve got tons of stuns and disables that you can either use from a distance or that are not avoidable with just jumping lol. The unlucky fellow who gets hit by just one of these fun skills will most likely not be moving for the next 10-15+ seconds at the least.

I just checked out the OP’s video and while scout is one thing, swordsman is quite another, sir. Doesn’t seem like this rank 1 guy has any problem beating the ‘ridiculously op’ shadow/onmyo

But don’t worry because

Lovely talk. I hope we get to see some changes on shield push soon! :haha:


Thank you whoever this is i love you

Keeping in mind we are only talking about TBL, which is throwaway content as it is…

Yeah I agree the skill is stupid powerful now, and should be subject to diminishing returns. I just don’t think it is ‘bugged’. Heck, they added the 3OH on push somewhat recently. Before it was less.

Generally, I can do this provided that the shadow/omny doesnt also have Marchen (another questionably powerful skill, party wide KD immunity that lasts forever). Without Marchen you can knockdown with Bash over and over to waste the timer on Rykuma. Not sure what you mean by KD immune if pain barrier isn’t up, as that is the only tool at my disposal to avoid KD.

I think that Rode/Rete shells are very strong now, just not in the same category as Shadow/Omny. Think like SS tier compared to A tier (at the highest levels of gear). Add Kino to the mix and they are a veritable one-man army that can just avoid you forever, and then murder you with one Infernal Shadow. Thankfully the build isn’t as good in mass PVP.

The damage reductions present in TBL just don’t fit well with the absurd survivability that shadow/omny gets. They are fine in Gem and GTW.

100% agree with that. Rodelero is an offensive shield based class, not a f*cking perma CC class.

Rodeleros are pissing me off as a melee, aka doppel. I literally have to kill the person during Rykuma or there’s no way i can use my Zucken-Redel combo before i get Shield Push debuffed. Pair it with Retiarius and you’ll be CC’d for days with no diminishing returns.


i usually never agree with you but as a fellow swordsman i 100% agree id honestly rather fight a genbu user than a murm rod

Bit of an aside but I bet more people would play TBL if the rewards were meaningful. The only participants now are the die-hards playing heavy meta builds with gear focused around that meta. Thankfully it somewhat translates to Gem and GTW, but not perfectly.

3v3 random select arena isn’t all that good for a Dopple…if we could make premade 5v5s then I think it would be more viable, but alas…

Just based on my experience in TBL if I see another Rode on the field I know what to do to avoid getting Shield Pushed for 30 secs. Swordie innate status resist and murmhelm certainly helps.

P.S.: my only hope to beat geared shadow/kino/omny is to wait out Rykuma and then hope I can crowd control them from 100% to 0% before they inevitably land MF + Infernal Shadow and then murder me.

murmilo rod is 50% plus pb innate resist plus 20 seconds of rykuma there is literally no other murm rod in tbl with rykuma at this time