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IMC Why do you refuse to fix your own mistakes?


It really sucks when developers don’t listen to the player base, but it’s sometimes acceptable, If the players want Puppeteer and you give us Pied Piper, that’s whatever you know, Game Devs had their own ideas. However what is unacceptable is not listening to feedback on the ■■■■ you ■■■■■■ up.

Just accept that some changes you’ve made were actually bad, and REVERT THEM! Are you trying to be as bad as Riot Games? In LoL I used to play a champion who was mediocre but worked, then they changed him, he was awful, so they changed him again, still awful. Now Skarner is on the waiting list for another rework all because they ■■■■■■ with him when they didn’t need to. DON’T BE LIKE THAT!

It’s very clear players don’t like the “new” world bosses, it’s been very long time that you’ve known this, it would be so easy to revert it to the old system, maybe double or triple the old hp values to keep it up to date with the damage increases. But like

My gear is already broken, it’s not even phase 2 and I have broken rings. The durability is not even capable of holding up for 1 boss fight! That tells you that they take far too long, this is with a channel of 24 people btw. Not to mention I was spamming Safety Zone and Sterea Trofh until I found out Chortasmata was healing it, and while we’re on that point! CHORTASMATA WAS HEALING IT! Like it’s bad enough that it’s taken over 3 months to fix the Druid bug in Gem Feud that makes them completely unplayable as their own class, but then you have FFL where I just straight up get carried through 1 of the tasks every day because I can’t hit the barrier crystals with PD skills and I can’t use Chortasmata because it heals them. If you get a team of 5 of my build, they could do any other part of FFL easily but they’d fail it every time because they can’t free Hauberk!

And now I find out that my character is doomed to never place on World Bosses because my higher DPS skills heal the boss. I mean I guess I could ignore the entire server telling me not to use Chortasmata and make the boss take twice as long, it already has 4 billion health, it’s not gonna matter that much if I make it 8 billion just to stand a chance at first place cubes (You know the only ones that will ever actually have a chance to give the card you want)

It just doesn’t make sense that you’re not trying to fix the problems you created. Don’t worry about changing further stuff you have stuff you ■■■■■■ up to fix first. Still waiting for the day that I might be able to play Gem Feud as a Druid or heck even being able to kill Blut again.


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In case you’re out of the loop Chortasmata is not working in Crystal Mine PvP making Druid do absolutely nothing aside from Transformations

Please don’t forget to tell the Devs that Druid is beyond Broken and nearly everyone hates the World Boss changes.


Stop face tanking the boss.

Are you seriously incapable of autoattacking without chortasmata?

No they don’t.


I do agree that some world bosses hp should be decreased a bit, its kind of a sleepfest, at least make it a napfest. :sweat_smile:


As far as I know, what makes Chortasmata heal everything is having any zombies inside it.

Did some tests in ET and everytime a friendly zombie entered chortasmata, things would start to get healed. This was a good way to heal things like the 22F altar when heal was bugged, but I was not aware it healed bosses too.

Now on topic, I definitely agree boss Hp should be lowered. The time it takes to kill the boss and the bad rewards are the reasons I don’t do World bosses.


Last time I did WBs, most parties would bring a Squire to setup camp and repair shop.


I find durability too low, I’d prefer there to be more and the cost of repair increased, in addition it could be interesting to add ways to increase durability whether it be through special character bound effects or equipment upgrading ones.


From what I observed, the world bosses now having such high defense and hp values is a bandaid, mainly due to having to players having access to over-leveled gear. As world bosses, they have to put up a fight to even to the top players in the community. Hence if the top players sport +40 T10s, the world bosses will have to peg their attacks, defenses and hp to them.

This creates problems like:

  1. The content is only catered to the lucky/wealthy who are blessed with anvil luck.
  2. With world bossing lasting hours now, time/usage based systems suffer, like item durability or item consumption on skill usage.
  3. Lengthen time equates to more effort taken by players, but rewards don’t match up to the time used.

For IMC to actually fix this problem and have World Bosses that players can enjoy spending their quality time against, they have to first fix the root that causes all this, the anvil enhancement system.

To the developers of ToS, if you can, try to play the game with Transcend 0 Anvil +0 equipment. You will be really surprised how much more engaging the fights, dungeon and raid encounters are. I believe that this is the ToS that you envision to be rather than power-creep infested one that we currently are playing.


I love your analysis. Just playing the devil’s advocate here: how should IMC “compensate” the players who have high + and transcendence?


Love your analisis, too bad luck is present in almost every mmo ever and it is a money sink for the game.
I dont see them changing the enhacement system. Would love to however.


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2-4 hours is an insane amount of time to spend killing a boss that will probably give you junk.

Even if the 1 good drop was a 10% chance, which I’m positive it’s way lower. That means you should expect to be killing world bosses for 20-40 hours per drop. Now lets say you have multiple chars you want a legend card on or you need legend cards to upgrade a good one.

Idk how much time it’d take or how much time it took me to get all of the Solmiki I wanted (4 items) but I’m sure all 4 items didn’t take as much time as even 1 legend card would.

It wouldn’t be that bad if this was some dumb PvE thing that PvE players do as endgame so they have something to do, but the rewards are largely PvP based, 3-30% damage reduction in PvP, 10-100% defense or magic defense, 1-10 MS. I know there are some PvE players somewhat intelligent enough to want the physical/magic defense but for the most part, that’s PvP stuff right there. Locked behind not just PvE, but ridiculous PvE.

If you don’t do it, you’re at a massive disadvantage.

I’ve heard the whole “This isn’t meant for everyone, this is endgame PvE” but it’s too much PvP stats to be that kind of content, it’s forced.

Most world bosses don’t even get killed, I walk past Nuaele all the ■■■■■■■ time on my way to Mishekan because nobody wants to spend 2-4 hours dealing with that ridiculous mana drain. Gears breaking every 10-20 minutes, paying 100-200k repair fees each time and… you get an ugly rock.


Can you just stop acting like a ■■■■ already? This is a well known bug that has been around for at least 5 months.

5.fcking.months, and it’s a fcking major skill that so many people use.

If there’s a skill bugged in your class and everytime you use it, it heals the enemy/object. When you put up a post about it you were told “are you seriously incapable of autoattacking without xyz?”, how would you feel?