Tree of Savior

IMC removed Red Hair Bow after updating it after maintainence


Wouldve been nice if the item was atleast obtainable


they wont put the red bow in the medal shop.

when that particular box was anuncied it was clear as day that both big and red bow were going to be the ‘special’ item from that box since it didnt match any of the outfits and also the costumes already had their matching hats, it was obvious they werent going to make it to the medal shop, and if that wasnt a sign enough for some, you could also come to that conclusion by the drop rate of the red bow, in silute we have like 3 or 4 small ones.

if they put red bow back to medal shop would mean that they put an entire box up in the shop, they cant do that otherwise whats the point of buying lootbox if all their items are going to the shop anyway? lol

stop crying over it, medal shop is already full of stuff,at least let some of them be rare, also you can buy that item in game like all others just gather enough silver and start making offer in global chat


also due its popularity its high likely they will bring a blue/pink version of the hair bow


have you guys do not understand? it is not supposed to be there, its supposed to be on the RNG money spend. We are not korean players, that have another way to get it.


Honestly this ribbon is so ugly, don’t fight for it.


Yea giltine wings is ugly, pls put it in medal costume by mistake


Seeing how what they can do when silver cheat case, they can pull the ribbon back and return the medal and enchant scroll u use, im just wondering why they havent. Maybe wait today maintenance


are u blind? did you not read any of the coments above? the red bow is NOT going to make to medal shop since is the goddess box special item, really, how hard is to understand that? stop crying over it seriously.


Why are you fighting against this?

Don’t try to make it look less desired than it is, what you’re doing helps nobody. It doesn’t matter if it’s likely or intended to be in the medal shop. It being in the medal shop is a good thing, don’t argue against it. There is no reason to. Let people complain and hopefully that will encourage IMC to bring it back in some way as they should.


stop being a cry baby, ive stated before, the red and big bow are this goddess box SPECIAL ITEM, they are worth visual effects or more, do you understand we are talking about a 400kk hat here, you are not gonna get it by crying a river on the forums just stop, and no, if they bring the red bow to medal shop would mean bringing and iNTIRE BOX INTO MEDAL SHOP, do you understand what that means? what is the point on buying lootbox if they are going to the medal shop anyway? jesus, just stop it already, most of yall are new into the game, if you want that bow so much gatehr up 400kk and buy it, crying on forums so IMC put an item worh 400kk for 98 medal points, they wont do that, KEEP IN MIND, THE RED HAIR BOW IS WORTH THE SAME AS AN VISUAL EFFECT WHICH MEANS 400KK, STOP CRYING OVER IT, YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET, JUST GET OVER IT ALREADY.


stop thinking about yourself cause you have spend 100 dollars on boxes, ive never got any wings much less an visual effect but im not complaining, i can farm it up and buy in game, yall just jelous noobs which cant farm 400kk i bet none of you even have an stage 10 weapon, you dont deserve that item, what is next? crying over giltine wings or steam punk i guess? farm it up or leave the game, none of you will be missed :slight_smil


So what will happen to those who bought the ribbon b4 its deleted?


most likely all ribbon bought by medal shop will be deleted since it was a bug exploit.


Wasn’t really a bug.


Nothing will happen, just like nothing happened to all those people that got free silver when IMC was “fixing” the gold injection fiasco


wasnt a bug, but you think buying a 400kk hat for 98 medals isnt exploit? yes imc did it wrong, howver those who got it by wrong means will have it revoked, its not just a simple hat, we are talking about the most rare hat ever to be in tos, like i said, if you dont have enough silver to buy it in game means you dont deserve it, now crying for a 400kk hat to be in medal shop for 98 medal is way too much, most of the people complaining are just random who tought the hat looks cool but have no understanding at all how tree of savior works, ima say it again, if you dont have them 400kk just forget it, that item is not meant for you peasant XD


Take a good breath man. It’s ok. All you say is total bs ~~.


why all i say is bs? please, it looks like you understand alot of tos, please show me your wisdom and enlight me with your knowledge about rare items and why they deserve to be in the medal shop :slight_smile:


relax, no one bought the ribbon while it was up.


i dont think they did tho, what got into my nerves is seeing a bunch of noobs asking for rare items to be added to the medal shop. not only the red bow but also wings and effects, some people think of theirself as some kind of special snowflake cause they bought 100 dollars worth of boxes and got nothing from it, now they come here at the forum to ‘demand’ their items. this is real bs.