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IMC removed Red Hair Bow after updating it after maintainence


So STAFF_Bob that red hair ribbon is a really limited version right?


pls put it back into exchange shop please.


Probably the same reason they don’t put wings or their other super rare items in there, there has to be some whale-bait to incentivize buying cubes.

I hope they re-add the very rare stuff too, especially older headgears, but yet again this shitty community just can’t help taking advantage of what was clearly a mistake.


no one bought.
-2k18 best joke.


It makes sense, at least for wings and the character effects to me, but since they added some of the past headgears which I thought were rare too, like the Nerd Glasses, I thought this one would show up on the exchange shop as well.

I’m glad I picked one up before they removed it (I should have grabbed a large one too! lol), and I really hope I get to keep it. Guess that means the new glasses or the witch hats won’t be on the exchange shop too (not that I want those). I guess IMC can do whatever they want with their game ofc but, just a shame for those who were really looking forward to exchanging medals for certain accessories :sob:


The problem here is a matter of clarity and transparency. Things such as back costumes and effect costumes are clearly different from the typical thing that appears in the exchange medal shop, but it wasn’t obvious the hair bows would or would not be in the exchange. It was a 50/50 to me. On the one hand it was an item that was met with a lot of fanfare. It got a forum post and seemed to take some sort of extra effort to create. On the other hand it was still a hair accessory and recent Goddess’s Blessed Cubes have set a sort of precedent that all hair accessories would end up in the exchange.

To me I don’t really mind that IMC decides to put some things into the exchange while keeping others out. It creates a stratification of value. Some items people can enjoy for what they are while other items people can enjoy for their exclusivity. There are merits both ways.

What I have a problem with is not knowing whether or not something will be available later. If I know that the red hair bow wouldn’t be available later then I would put in more work to obtain it. If I know that it would be available later then I would bide my time and wait to exchange for it later. I would like them to clearly indicate what items will eventually end up in the exchange. I don’t believe something like that would hurt their bottom line, as there would still be exclusive items, but being able to make an informed decision would make me happier as a customer.


OK guys I came into work this morning and saw the thread… yeah I was wrong :sob:
As to why the ribbon was removed, like I’ve already stated in the thread earlier, it wasn’t meant to be in there and left in by mistake.
We are looking into the issue and will get back to you guys as soon as a decision’s been made.
Yeah I guess I should have looked harder before answering threads…
I apologize for the confusion I’ve caused and promise to get back to you guys ASAP

ps. do i get a medal for 2k18’s best joke? :stuck_out_tongue:


hi bob Owo/

i am a bit confused on which headgears are going to be in the medal shop or not ‘w’;

like when i was asking for a Nicopolis Guard Cap trader, they’re pricing it at the same rate as the Red Bow Ribbon, saying that the cap won’t make it to the medal shop

would be nice if the items can have a segregation in the announcements to avoid overpricing/underpricing


Hey honesty is great! It wouldn’t hurt to add in some weapon skins or other cosmetics to exchange shop as compensation tsk tsk :wink:

Seriously thought, I wish there were more ways to obtain various cosmetics, it would make supporting the game more worthwhile.


Pls add giltine wing in exchange medal by mistake




Jk, but either u should pull back every red hair bow bought and give back their enchant scrolls or put it again in medal exchange to make it fair for everyone



You can have this


Not sure about that. Letitia’s reply to the 777k was pretty good…


(Secretly preparing and being vigilant for “accidental” updating Medal Shop with Witch Hats)


I understand the blunder, but am still feeling the pinch/salt for it.

Sad to say I’m one of the players who spent some $ to roll for the ribbon but didn’t get it. Is there some way or another to get the ribbon? Felt
that it is extremely hard to support the game when time and time again we spend and didn’t get what we actually want due to the abyssal rolls rates. And unlike the letitica cube, 90% of the items are recycled and useless since we already have copies of them from previous cubes. They can’t combine or be used to help improve our headgear too unlike the other gacha systems in other games.

Just felt that for those who are willing to spend over usd$100 should at least be able to get the cosmetic item they like. The $ used is already nearing the price of 2x AAA games.

If time and time again the expectation falls short, sooner or later the company will lose a customer.

Sorry for the rant.


Similarly, I don’t understand why older hats which had a normal drop rate from cubes, unlike the red ribbon which had a much lower drop rate, were never added to the shop.

We still don’t have the ceremonial hats, or the original set of Christmas/Valentine’s Day hats (crowns, etc).

C’mon @STAFF_Bob make it happen.


what’s with the old ceremonial caps in ktos Owo

i like collecting caps ; w ;


So what they gonna do about the red hair bow?


Just add it back, there is no reason to make this one different from others. It’s not in the cube, so put it in the shop.