Tree of Savior

IMC removed Red Hair Bow after updating it after maintainence


Dear IMC,
Give us an explanation on why this item was removed without notification after many have exchanged it.


Dear staff, I would like an explanation on this too, was saving medals for the exchanging of this hair costume, and yet the silent removal and treatment without any form of a proper explanation.

Would like to know what is the stance on this? At this point this player here is already annoyed with all the changes, modifications to all your re:build announcements in which you can’t seem to make up your mind over every little thing and putting yourself up on a pedestal you cannot get down from. And this silent removal of a simple hair costume on top of removing forum posts and banning forum accounts that voiced out the concern regarding this hair costume is questionable.

Edit1: Screenshots of before and after the removal


I saw it too IMC. and planned to buy but its bugged!
so banned who saw it and removed the post really what you staffs wants to do?
but not giving an explaination?


Oh wow , that’s bs IMC but fits your new cube deal with it.
Seriously IMC do you even know how to satisfie costumer instead off annoying them all the time with your nonsense and multiple mistakes ? Hmmm


I just want to have a cute ribbon ;(


Hey guys. I just wanted to clarify the situation with the red ribbon item that showed up in the recycle shop.
It was put in there for testing purposes during maintenance and we forgot to remove it :stuck_out_tongue:
The item was not supposed to be there in the first place that’s why we removed it but we are currently in the process of testing it out for showcasing it later on


So can you give us any further clarification on whether said item will be available in the recycle shop some time in the future or any changes to be done for those who have already bought it ?


Simple answer: No one has bought it so there’s no need to worry about that :wink:


you can reply my previous post but you to deleted my post and banned me - -"
im kinda sad and angry for what you staffs was done.
not replying but delete and banned a forum user.
so whats the point of joining forum?
i didnt do anything wrong at all -.-


I’m pretty sure we haven’t banned you. If we did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation! :astonished:


WTS > 10 x Reb Bow Telsiai server ( big and small ) pm me


its ok i think this doesnt mean im banned :smiley:
imc always did good job :wink:


Truthfully (not to be rude), I couldn’t stomach that answer when your players are waiting to buy that once the server was up after maintenance. Unless on the technical side of things, you guys have already blocked off the purchase once the server went live. But doesn’t feel like that’s the case with the post above


I understand your concern but you’ll have to trust me on this one :smiley:
Tofuen’s just got a great sense of humor is all


Have you not watched , bob the builder ? The guy can fix anything dude . Either let him fix it , or he’ll fix you !


I want to buy the red hair bow omg.


Offer ? Cash or paypal ?


that is false there is people who buy the 2 ribbons to 98 EM each


Offer 98 exchange medals :3


False. However, I swear to god, if you take away my ribbon I will destroy you. I just spent 13,000 popo points on TP Item Random Boxes to get enchant scrolls to enchant it and have been waiting ages for this to show up on the exchange shop.

So anyways, honest question, why remove it though? I’d really like to understand the decision. You add other recent hair costumes but not this one?