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IMC removed Red Hair Bow after updating it after maintainence


But isn’t that the whole point of the exchange shop? to exchange your unwanted items for medals to later buy the items that you weren’t lucky enough to get? Just because they added the option to buy tradable items on the market and exchange the medals yourself doesn’t mean that was the primary intention.

Wings and character effects are different, its pretty obvious that they won’t ever be added to the exchange shop, and I’m pretty certain everyone knows that and those who are asking for it are mostly just memeing.


one thing people fail do grasp is that every goddess box will have one or a few rare items which wont go to medal shop, is quite easy to spot that special item, i knew the bow wasnt going to make to medal shop since in that box didnt came out any wing or effect it was quite easy to come to a conclusion that the bow would be rare later on, just like that pixel google is quite obvious too it wont make it to medal shop. and besides, medal shop is already full os items and every month more stuff come in, imc is trying to pop that bubble in which only wings and effects are rare, just like the red bow e and now the pixel googles, rare hats will be a thing now i guess, i and i love it, collection those rares is always fun, i hope they keep it up with the good work.


People who don’t like or agree with the practise or think it could be improved are allowed to voice their opiniongs/suggestions and concerns in the hope it will be improved someday in the future. Of course it may not happen.
Especially when money is involved criticism should be taken into consideration as ignoring it usually leads to loss in sales.
Entitled attitude is never good but it’s understandable how frustrated some people may be after wasting a lot of money for nothing.


wouldnt it be even more frustrating having that wing that you paid 200kk on exchange shop for 250 medals? i myself have spent quite some money on goddess boxes and never got any of the goodies, yet im not here crying over it, what did i do then? i farm the heck outta the game and bought such items with silver, every item has a prince in ToS, all you have to do is gather the silver and start shouting. i think the currently system is great and these rare hats/wings/effects are meant for whales, regular player can enjoy the medal shop for really cheap silver so why cry over the rares? also, alot of people spend money to get these rares how would they feel if such items go to exchange because a few started crying? i would feel cheated at least, but i dont think this will happen too, though i do understand your point of view.


and also at some point they will bring some of these items back on other goddess edition, just like they did with steam punk wings.then people will have another chance to get it, i think this is much better lol


Sad to see that the Red Hair Bow was removed from the Exchange Shop. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one (or even buy one).
I would love to get this items (maybe only the hats, at the beginning, then the other ones) included in Exchange Shop in the future. But it seems it was a mistake… At least now they know it works?


You don’t have to let it get to you. Pretty sure IMC won’t put those wings, mascot costumes, effects, and really rare headgears in the exchange shop. It won’t be good business for them since if they eventually put it up, less people would feel compelled to get the exclusives from goddess cubes.


So when will IMC delete the illegal ribbon? We just want fairness


If they dont delete it then no point in buying goddess cube, I’ll just wait for the next “mistake”, maybe witch hat?


Relax, you saw them say no one bought any before they fixed it.


Scroll up and you can see Staff Bob apologizing and saying he was wrong when he said no one bought it.


The smart thing to do would be add the rare items to the medal shop but wait don’t lynch me yet
Look at the market price and adjust the medal cost accordingly.
I don’t know exact numbers but roughly suppose 250 medals = a costume with an average market value of 10mil
If a rare set of wings has an estimated market value of 200mil then an appropriate medal cost would be 5000 medals.

I think this would appease both parties, the items would retain their value but also still be obtainable for people who missed out.


Valkoria said it him/herself.

put Ribbon on medal shop exchange and remove it from goddess cubes.

ps: I’m not even a cash shop / medal shop user.




You are so late to the party its sad



Its been 2 weeks and nothing is done? Why buy Goddess cube again, lets wait giltine wings on exchange medal shop

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