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Icon's Fanart Thread

Hello guys im back again with a new finished project i decided to make a thread in general so that all of my works now would just be in 1 thread instead of making a new one every time. . :satisfaction:

as seen in my previous work the Telsiai Guilds Reimagined as Goddesses

A dear friend named Shakie-chan from tels requested to see them move or make em alive. so without further ado I present to you Telsiai Guilds Reimagined as Goddesses come to life in their first debut number :haha: this took some time to make and sorry for the inconsistencies you might see. im still an amateur in making these kind of stuff. :haha:

thanks for viewing and hope you all enjoy & like it.


Telsiai guilds reimagined as k-pop idols XD

gud work Icon

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wow so cute Icon sugoi :satisfaction:

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omg thank you so much meg! ;w; im so touched you made my request come trueeee
huhuhu kanami guid kaayo ;w;
Look at them go guuurlz hahahahaha xD
The best talaga! Keep it up! :heart:


thanks so much ilos :haha:

thx oreo appreicate it :satisfaction:

haha np gd mega haha glad to make a friend happy :satisfaction: :sparkling_heart:

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wow goddess theme actually fit with aespa, but fearless by le serrafim also legit bomb!!! give me a ticket for fan meeting now!

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I took out my best pick of shoot, uwu got stand out part


thanks so much im glad you like it a lot :sparkling_heart: :satisfaction:

Definitely fearless! It’s a bit hard to choose a bias, all are cuties. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Love it Icon, so amazing! <3

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thx so much drelle :haha:

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oooh~ i like that ours have the double bun hair >w<

thank you icon :satisfaction:


i do love icon and game design so amazing


more more… give us more Icon


Sooo talented~!! Post more pleaseee :satisfaction:

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