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Happy Holiday's TOS

Our Guild Redemption Is Celebrating our 2nd anniversary and is Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in TOS .
So here is a lil special video which involves most of our guildmates and our guild emblem/Goddess i did not have enough time to make all of our Guildies but i made most of em xD :haha:

The Bridge represents our guilds journey as time progresses we move forward and upon reaching the end we take a pause and reminisce about the good and bad times we had but one thing remains for certain without TOS we would have not met each other and grown together not only as a guild but as individuals as well.

Once again Happy Holiday’s yall. :satisfaction:


Happy anniversary and holiday guys :grin:


Happy Holidays to all Saviors~
and great work as always, Icooon! <3

That dancing parade is my favorite part hahaha
I wonder what’s at the end of that bridge… /Hmm

Happy Anniversary fam! :heart:

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dawww~ happy anniversary and holidays :satisfaction:

wait… :hey: there’s the mariah carey song in it :haha:

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Happy anniversary and holidays guys :wink: :pray:
(Except Pochie and x24 F.U :fu:)

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:heartpulse: :hearts: :hearts: Amazing :hearts: :heartpulse: :hearts: :hearts:

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Happy Anniversary, Redemption!!! Have a jolly christmas too!!
That 3 santa girls give “Mean Girl” vibes!! :distinguished:

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Happy Anniversary OP Scarlet Redemption Guild !!!

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haha ty so much :rofl: :sparkling_heart: lol mean girls

haha ty blue xD yeah its not chirstmas without mariah xD

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