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Hunters are still ded

A fine attempt to revive hunter as a class failed.

pet has very limited attack range and if ordered to use skill on a target outside it’s range - it just ignores the order.

If knocked back or kincked down after executing an order pet stops following it’s master and only reacts if ordered to use skills on targets in it’s range.
That makes hunter class impossible to play either in pvp and pve.

Already wrote a ticket, made videos, but still no reaction.


PvP even better
impossible to cast on moving targets
cc last 1s and calls it a day
in other words NO damage, NO cc

well wen it works you see 999999 hits from headshot and snipe, But most of the time pet remains with broken AI.
there is a solution -make the buff praise reset pet ai and make your pet knockdown resistant, like pain barrier.
and gove it bigger attack range or mandatory orders folowing.

I feel you.

But I don’t think that they totally failed to revive the Hunter class. The reworked hunter class was clearly on point. A SUPPORT class. It’s very useful now (PVE). They expanded the range of growling, added howling, and hounding is really good for farming (+500 looting chance). I would disagree that it is impossible to play on PVE. Tho still the class needs more improvement and bug needs to be fixed.

I can’t really say much on PVP. It can only stun players for 2.5 secs, 4 secs from rush dog. For now, don’t rely much on hunter for PVP.

But yeah I do agree with the AI on offensive skills. They still need to fix and improve it. But they said in a video that the new hunter is still a work in progress in re:build and they are still trying to work on it.

Praise doesn’t totally reset the pet tho, i was disappointed about that. Praise will only restore your pets health and stamina and teleport to you, but the bug will not disappear and the pet is still idle, atm the way to fix it is still to feed it with pet food (just place the food in a skill slot for convenience).

I only can say if you see a Linker in the other team in TBL better hide your pet even if you are hunter, can be a insta kill for an entire team.
Pets need at least take the same def of the owner or not be linkeable in TBL.

I disagree.
1 growling breaks your pet ai, no more hounding and retrieve. It’s almost useless, unless you have several shooters in your party.
2 hounding gives you 500 loot chance wich might be great ( , but thauma has +800 loot chance and double drop, and hunter can’t agro the whole room in HG , witch makes him useless as farmer, either doppel - peltasta or thauma-linker will be better at farming hg, several times better

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You’re comparing it to farming builds. Of course I would choose thauma builds for farming. What Im saying, compare it from the former Hounding skill. Would you prefer the old hounding? Of course not. The new hounding is better.

Open your mind dude. How come disabling mobs become useless? Growling is hunters trademark. Doing hunter skills while in growling status will destroy the gameplay balance of the class. Its a price to pay for having such good CC skill like growling.

And like other classes. Hunter cannot aggro the entire room. Lol. There are a bunch of classes that can. So what if hunter cant aggro the entire area? Is it not the same like the othe classes that can’t aggro. No.

What is clear to me is that the current hunter is a better version of the old one. I don’t get why you don’t see that.

I dont know how you play your hunter. But Hunter class works well for me.

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Even with all the AI issues aside, the bigger problem with the pet still remains: It dies almost instantly, even if you throw gear on it. They just aren’t tanky enough, where summoners had elegant fixes over time to fix this issue, hunters remain to be an issue because they’re trying to continue using the companion system or making it somehow “worthwhile.” (edit: I guess they fixed the pet HP pool but I haven’t brought the char to endgame content yet so I guess I don’t know for sure how it’ll go).

An elegant fix would be to stop using the companion for attacks for anything other than visual effect. The skills themselves could just be installs or magic circles, where the caster source is still the player rather than the companion. They could still require a companion in the slot to use, the skills could look different (or have different effects!) depending on the companion used, almost like sorc cards, but the AI is just too complex I think for them to fix in any other kind of meaningful way.

Hunter is better and I think the kit is fine, but a class which is clunky is never going to be fun–which is why I find what they changed about wugu/falc cooldowns so irritating, on that note. Smoothness of gameplay should be the number 1 priority. When I press a button, a thing should happen. End of story.

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hunter is very useful for CM parties though, together with a thaum buff we can stack more loot chance for the team. Growling can provide a safe spot for the party, very useful for cannoneers who stick to one spot

But yeah, the attack ai is still not a priority for the devs it seems, for now it’s just a buffing pet

Move Growling’s Taunt effect to Howling
Then Change Howling CD from 30 -> 25

Despite being ultra-broken class for high stages CM (6-7), yeah, so dead.

so it’s that broken. I just used hunter 30 mins ago and I don’t see any problem with Hunter. Like it’s too good in CM, have not tried CM 6/7 since the party decided not to do CM 6/7.

The only problem I see is when the content is too easy Growling becomes useless (Since CC is not needed anymore). But then again the content has to be too easy in the first place.

Uhm…so the people in this thread bashing hunter have no idea what theyre talking about. The pets are tanky as ■■■■ with 0 gear. They have upwards of 700k HP at lvl 390(This is me looking at my current pet i have in game at lvl 390), Praise makes your pet take 95% less damage from everything that isnt a boss and bosses don’t EVER do enough damage to kill the pets. ESPECIALLY cause you can has Praise to FULLY heal them. The class is MILES better than pre-rebuild. Yes the AI breaks, but can be fixed by casting Hounding which causes it to follow you and respond to commands again.

They made it a fantastic support class. The pet in PvP is also useful in that it will follow someone moving till it catches then and then 2.5 seconds of CC. Its not INFINITE cc like before but it works.

Hunter is miles better and in the archer tree its one of the two support DPS archer classes that do anything in PvE. Pied Piper aside who i feel should have been placed in Scout but i digress.

Actually yeah I love my Hunter class even more so than release tbh, with Praise being the most important factor on literally allows you to position your pet literally at where you stand, than like Dievs having to rely on prediction or maybe there like placement in front of them and for the most part get confused instead.

I wish there is much more defensive capabilities for the caster but I guess they made Pet’s hp much higher to sorta fix their defenses but something like the pet acts as main Aggro instead of enemies keep going for my character without needing to use SP is something that Hunters might benefit more, since it’s always better to let your companion get hit instead of yourself, a Squishy Archer that is. At least for PVE it would make sense to let your Companion be the tanker instead of the whole party that doesn’t have a Tank Swordsman for example.

Well other than that, I hope they figure out the fix for the Companion AI and maybe implement an Aggressive stance/Passive Stance much better than it currently is.

I don’t get your sense. Pet/companion is not traditionally tanking…it’s more like they sacrificed their life as last method. Unless we’re talking zombie, summon or skeletons.

Does the 95% including player?

I guess it’s just my bias on using Hunter by AA run and gun, which seems sorta unfair to classes that have to tank enemy attacks in close proximity, but hey Archer class for me is always a light armored ranged attacker class, which makes sense, however with the bugs, lags and rubberbanding issues it’s a problem sometimes. To not get hit plenty of times in a milisecond of lag etc.

Honestly I have no idea. But usually my pet lives in PvP longer than i do with 700k HP so shrug? He also has like 20k of each defense.

Pets only use is to be a meatshield that channels it’s uselessness into enemies around it so they can all stand still doing nothing.

Yeah tried boruta, companion not easily dead.
But someone also pointed out that you will die with your pet if you meet linker in tbl because of the pet def. Maybe it doesn’t apply with your pet 20k def. I’ll try to stack my pet too.

Well sometimes linking is not really viable when you are dealing with anything that can deal superbly insane dmg lol. Might as well don’t then.

I wonder can Hunter’s Companion do anything against Boruta lol Does the Retrieve/Rush Dog/Coursing work?