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Hunter DPS table


rush dog DPS isnt that high?

But you only factored in 40% damage in the art but when the enemy is bleeding (which should always be, because retrieve) that 40% gets replaced by a 80%

Double check your numbers, they look off. Don’t forget enhance arts either.

I haven’t been doing WBR very seriously the past month or two but the last parse I took had rush dog only slightly below coursing–but I dropped the couple points from retrieve for the other core skills.

Really don’t like that hunter has as many skill points as it does and forces the bonus points there hard. :expressionless:

IIRC Rush Dog should be 3,394.8% x 5 @ Lv15 + all attribute-related enhancements, and 1,697.4 Dps (if the onslaught art is 80% sfr and not +80…)
Editted: Because I forgot that you …strangely don’t add modifiers together first before applying them in this game

so rush dog with ART is like this?
vanila SFR 943%
+80% from bleeding+art
+60% from lv 100 enhance

943+140%=2263% x 5hit, divided by 10sec CD= 1131% (DPS)

Personally think that “Rush Dog” skill hit box is slightly a bit small which make it hard to target monster ( always hit empty space due to monster move away), but overall the skill itself is fine and also come with stun effect which is suppose to be a good mob control skill.

is my calculation above correct?

rush dog become stronger because fake multi hit, making it stronger ataka damage

no, i’m calculating rush dog own DPS, not related to ataka and smugis

then add 30% damage buff from praise,

eh? what for? all hunter skill get +30% dmg, not just rush dog, the result will stil stay the same

Your calculation for rush dog is wrong

its 943 x 1.6 x 1.8
not 943 x 2.4

i mean dps for hunter right? then +30% damage from praise is needed for knowing how much hunter dps with that buff , then u can compare with other class dps

someone told me before that any +% is additional before final damage
so IF rush dog SFR = 1000
lv 100 enhance = +60% =600
rush dog ART = +80% =800

found the source:

@TeamTrees assuming my rush dog DPS is correct,
1131+30%= 1470%

also rush dog arts is final damage
try testing it

i dont think so, because enhance attribute always reflected directly by skill tooltip
my rush dog tooltip only showing 1000+60%, the 80%from rush dog art isnt there

i’m out of class point reset atm, cant check it. Maybe you can post screenshot rush dog vanilla version dmg and art version (bleeding and nonbleeding) dmg?

Skill or item modifier is presumably add damage unless stated by IMC that it’s a final damage. But hey, if someone tested properly that it’s a final damage then it’s possible.


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my Table doesnt include lv 20 ART enhance at all

rush dog lv 15 943%
+60% from lv 100 enhance = 1508%
1508% + 25% from lv 20 art= 1887%

Does the missile atk dmg buff from growling apply to boss monsters? A bit confused as it says bosses not affected by Fear.