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Meanwhile, God Smash is only 29124% with the mace effect… Yeah, IMC and their balancing of low CD skills via Vaivora weapons is just so bad.
It would be best to remove all skill effect boosts and just make the weapon effects class-specific (for example, all class x skill levels +2 & all class x skills deal 50% more damage) so the balance isn’t fked up and the skill effects aren’t patched by using a Vaivora ichor.

125k SFR?!
Courtesy of my guildies

As you can see,
Lv 15 Barbed 695% + 60% from lv 100 enhancement + 25% from lv 20 enhancement =1390%
1390% SFR x5hit x 5OH= 34750%

if we use vaivora bow +3 barbed
Lv 18 Barbed 799% + 60% from lv 100 enhancement + 25% from lv 20 enhancement = 1598%
1598% SFR x5hit x 5OH= 39950%

if we add new vaivora bonus barbed arrow +100% dmg,
39950% x2= 79900%

if we add barbed arrow gem + divine might = lv 20 barbed arrow
Lv 20 Barbed 869% + 60% from lv 100 enhancement + 25% from lv 20 enhancement = 1738%
against bleeding 1738+50%= 2607%
2607% SFR x5hit x 5OH= 65175%
65175% x2= 130350%

It doesn’t say 100% and 50% is final damage.

43450×2.5 from both vvr and bleeding = 108625

i dont know yet vaivora bow +100% final damage or not,
but bleeding is +50% final damage
similar to what ludo game use for computation

yeah but fake multi hit, this skill become snipe with overheat

Because that’s the only modifier. When you have multiple add damage like vvr, bleed, card and everything +% add damage…all will be additive before you calculate your final sfr. Imc already mentioned any final damage modifier will exclusively stated as final damage.

hmm, teamtrees 125k sfr computation is off then

Fake multihit? Which one? The barbed arrow 5 times have several fake damage??

Sry i noob here

It means it calculates a single number and divides that by the number of hits. Compared to, say, covering fire, where it calcs each individual hit as its own damage.

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Fake multi-hits also go all or nothing in terms of criting. If the first hit splat is critical they will all be (and the reverse is also true)

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because imc is so obsessed with that skill, even with that change no one would put lvl 15, that skill max is 1 it always has been. There are many other useful and better skills but keep insisting with that one, the crow’s bow was bad and add to that that it is the only one with ART that is disgusting.
If you want the bow to be profitable and balanced, you should initially start with the class and its arts … that’s why I don’t expect anything and everything they do disappoints


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I would love new Mergen ARTS with more utility rather than straight up damage UP.

Like Archer’s Leap ARTS, simple but adds more life to your otherwise boring gameplay…

And true let’s face it, Arrow Sprinkle is perhaps a 1 pointer skill at best, not sure why they keep going on that direction in terms of Vaivora bow

Been playing Mergen for years and if they want a mobbing version of a new Vaivora bow, why not try a gimmick with Triple Arrow… With ataka+aiming and 40 AoE attack ratio that skill clears mobs so much

Kimonos/Yukatas :satisfaction:


This is what pisses me up the most.
Vaivora strength disparity is so great the market shows. (100 mil garbage Vaivora that’d never sell, which is all the 1h sword vaivora we got so far), vs the Fletcher / Pyro Vaivora.

Like wth? Those 2 classes are already top tier w/o Vaivora.

:satisfaction: Will it come to us or is exclusive for JTOS?

Imc why give more dex stat rather than str, we need buff damage % on str stat, better they balance it,i hate dex lol

Then how come Vaivora Rapier is still one of the cheapest Vaivora? More than anything else, the market price shows the hype/demand and not power.

easy answer, oversupply and every vaivora rapier seller want to quick cash it

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Exactly, it’s not really about the power level of the item but the class population.

but trinket garbage price become overprice now , because power level over 1300