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How to test your ping to the SA server

Greetings, Saviors!

Many of you have been wondering about the new location of our SA (Silute) server in regards to ping and how it will affect your gameplay.

For this reason, we have set up an echo server in each region to allow you to test your network response time to each server with a simple ping test.

Below are the details of each server:

  • Silute region (Sao Paulo) IP: '’

How to perform the ping test:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window (press the Windows key + R) and type in cmd, then press Enter.

  1. After C:>, type in ping -t and press Enter. You will see your network’s response time to the server counted in ms.

We hope this will help you with your decisions regarding server transfer applications. Remember that, if you wish to transfer to a SA server, you can submit your application until the 1st of May, 2016, through our official Support page.


13 ms o.o OMG thanks!!!

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30~40 ms :slight_smile:

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17~25ms :heart_eyes:

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8ms lol !!!


Wow Wow Wow /20characters

40~63 Buenos Aires, Argentina with FIbertel


Edit: Forgive me for being dumb, I had one game updating on Steam :stuck_out_tongue:

33-36ms from Brazil / south region

50-70 ms Antofagasta,Chile.

70ms Uruguay, nice :slight_smile:


12-30ms from brazil/ sao paulo.
thanks a lot!

20 ~ 35ms from Southeast region of Brazil.

Hello @Staff_Julie, I would like to have some clarification about this server management.

Will this server be the one where the partnership with Level UP! Games will be applied (shop, translation, etc)? Or will IMC release a standalone client later on and people will have to transfer from this server to the one where we would depend of LU!G services?

I’m really confused about how this is going to work, so I think I’m staying in Klaipeda for now, even though 15ms is pretty tempting.

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They confirmed some things in other topics:

This SA server is independent from the LUG one. This is managed by IMC alone, and the client is the same we are using right now. Transfers will be made soon, requests shall be made before may 1st.

The LUG server will have a separate client in portuguese, but no transfers will be available.


Thank you for the info, missed all that in the middle of spam. Still not sure about the transfer though, maybe I should keep my archer in Klaipeda and play melee classes on SA. It’s nice to have a option though.

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good to know ppl from other countrs can get a good ping too =)


26 ms, OH MY GOD :3

So Perfect :smiley:

40 - 50 ms :heart_eyes:

12~14 FPS from Southern Brazil =)

THANKS :smiley:

9 - 10 ms here in S. Paulo.

Guys, when the server SA will be online ?

Someone have this information?