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How to test your ping to the EU,SEA and SA servers

I’m just hoping that there are other server choices that would be good for all SEA players like with Valve Servers (Dota 2, CSGO)

Just did what you said. Same results. What’s interesting here is connecting doesn’t seem to be the main issue (Line 8), it’s what happens in between the initial connection and sending the packets back. So we can somehow assume that a “safe line” exists for PLDT users, it’s just that the server prefers sending back the packets via the “congested” line. Based from my limited knowledge of packet tracing (Cisco Packet Tracer I’m looking at you), there’s a possibility this could be fixed server-wise if IMC figures-out how to exclusively use this “safe line” for both receiving and sending back packets.


Yeah, I was expecting TOS to have similar servers as valve servers, but hey at least 200 ping is better than 390~600 that I am having now

It will not be fixed. Nothing is broken as far as PLDT is concerned.

Why would they route US bound traffic through SG? Singtel is a part owner of GLobe Telecom.

Majority of US bound traffic for PLDT goes through HK.

Valve have their own exclusive dedicated servers, that’s pretty expensive. IMC can’t afford that.

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I know right, it’s better and there’s a work-around with bad routing as long as servers are near geographically.

just wondering, what’s the ping address for Orsha and Klaipeda?

I wanna compare before I decide to apply for a transfer, cos right now I’m in Europe but the game doesn’t feel delayed to me at all (Orsha server) …

To the PLDT people here,
I’ve been pinging IP’s to singapore’s AWS servers back at the end of march/early april and was getting the same 50-100ms as everyone

However after around april 8 or so up until now the ping has increased to around 200ms or so and is still staying like that currently, so we originally had the same ping as the other people but something changed to the routing recently.

Dogma said in another thread that there is a maintenance on APCN2’s SG Cable landing facility but I cant really find any news of this ;o
If anyone can actually call up PLDT and ask what this is about then that would be nice, lol.

I just want my old 50ms back fml


Check up on this one.

But you can’t transfer to Klai or Orsha from EU server

You are right about what happened recently around first-second week of april. My discord singapore had about 30-60ms, and now it’s reaching 180-210. I guess it’s the same with TOS. dota 2’s singapore serv is still fine though, only TOS and discord seems to be affected by this change :v

I’ve been hearing about some network maintenance so that might be it. I’m somehow relieved about hearing this.

Did you even read what I just wrote? Passing-through the PLDT bad reroute generates around 75ms. It’s the packet sendback that’s taking really really long. The HK reroute is fine. I suspect it’s just a matter of misplaced/incorrect sendback configuration from IMC’s side.

Thanks for your fast reply! I meant that I’m playing on Orsha right now and thinking of transferring to Fedimian cos I’m in Europe!

I wonder who made this spreadsheet, seems useful! with other stuff there also!

ps. I cannot seem to test the ping to Orsha or Klaipeda xD

Have you tried using tracert on the IPs? I can ping them but it’s timing out. If somehow you get a ping lower than 100 in Fedimian IP, go for it.

Some interesting data


From Racitel ISP, (Same Country, this is from my friend):

After I used Mudfish rerouted to (SG, OneAsiaHost):

You can clearly see the change Before and After Mudfish over there

Lovely ping!

Massive improvement compared to US-E ping.

When is the server going to shift?

Getting 4ms to SEA server by pinging this IP. But in game itself it’s still 300ms and super laggy, so I’m guessing servers are not moved yet.

@STAFF_Ines When will servers be physically moved to Frankfurt and Singapore? At least some rough estimation please. Thanks!

What’s the IP server of Orsha and Klaipeda?