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How to test your ping to the EU,SEA and SA servers

40-50 ping to SEA server from VN.
Nice <3

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19ms on Telsiai (Singapore). I am sold!!!:scream:

:sunglasses: packed my account sit back and relax until server transfer.


It has nothing to do with server quality and this is something you should bring up to your ISP because clearly there’s a problem with how they’re routing your traffic to Amazon’s servers.

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nice, 16-20ms ping from Malaysia here :slight_smile:

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96ms from Vietnam. A little higher than normal but i this is okay :).

I can probably confirm that this is only from our country, all of my friends with different ISPs on the same country got around 200-230ms. (PH)

Thank you for the opportunity!

I’m very satisfied with the stable result. :smirk:

Oh yes Frankfurt it is --> 24 ms from southern germany. There wouldn´t be any better location for me <3

Why is my ping 112ms? I’m from Finland, capital area. Usually it’s around 40-65ms for central European game servers from here.

What was the ip address of the NA servers again? Is it still the same as for Laima, If so, my ping would increase by only 9ms. Is my connection just routed through Siberia for that EU server or how come? :open_mouth:

Edit: Nevermind, I probably confused it with that TTL or something, it’s 44-45ms now :relaxed:

I live in Australia. Eight hours’ flight away. Lol.

Btw what’s the Virginia server’s ip?

straya always gets shafted
getting 290 average aswell from melb when i ping sea
us servers are

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it seems that that Singapore server has some issues… but who cares when i’ll have 50ms ping to EU server!!! Yay!

rocking 16ms to EU server :slight_smile:

Thanks alot IMC!!!

3ms to SG server. :grinning:

73 ms from central Russia. Thanks IMC.

People from the Philippines are getting 190ms because of bad ISP routing. To be fair, PLDT is the main ISP of the people in the Philippines so majority would be experiencing this. Hoping to see other options on other SG servers like how Valve can provide 50ms for people around SEA (

Furthermore, I’d just want to see more feedbacks from Other SEA players (Malaysia, Thailand, etc) or else I’ll be just be using pingzapper to solve MY problem.


Could you guys please explain what exactly is going on here? Especially on lines 9-11. As from what I could understand here, linking to Amazon should only generate around 72ms, but something happens in-between in-server so the traceback gets screwed. @STAFF_Ines

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Around 44ms from UK to EU/Fedimian. And I am using a wireless connection. :grinning:

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PLDT prefers to route traffic through HK instead of SG. Nothing we can do about that.