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Hi, I'm new. Could you show me the ropes?

I wanted to make a hunter character… how does the pet work, do I need to keep buying healing items for it? I heard the item costs 500 tokens and since it’s consumable IDK how this class would work for a starting player. Does the rest function help your pet recover as well? If you could let me know that’d be great. :smiley:

I’m new to the game and I’m completely clueless…

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Dont buy pets in the cash shop, you can just buy a pet with silver and food with silver in town

You can use any pet you’d like, the shop that sells them in Klaipeda is here:


Early on, the pet will regain its stamina every time it levels, which will be frequently when you first start, so you don’t really need to feed it much until way later. The stamina lasts a pretty long time. You can also buy food from her.

Pets really can’t die in this game, they only get stunned, so don’t worry too much about it. They’re also very tanky when you’re a hunter. You can also equip them with gear… some pets have multiple weapon and armor slots, you’ll want to equip stuff to them as you’re upgrading your gear.

Welcome to the game!!!

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Hi am Oliver and I am newbie here


Here’s the best kinda rope said imc

I recommend checking out the new/return savior guide by Azusagi. Lot of useful information for the game! I’m not a Hunter expert, but i do recommend trying out other archer classes like:

  • Mergen Ranger Fletcher (This is the best starting class for archer!)

  • Cannoneer Matross Appraiser

  • Tiger Hunter Musket Appraiser

control panel > program files > uninstall

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