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~ ✞ ✞ ✞ Here lies Chronomancer ✞ ✞ ✞ ~





Greetings. Have you ever heard about Chronomancer?
Chronomancer used to be one of the favorite support classes in the game.
It used to give that sweet movement speed buff.
It used to increase attack speed and critical rate of the party.
It was an useful class that everyone loved so much.

Now this is a picture from the last time we saw Chronomancer:

Chrono-chan must be already dead, so let us press F to pay our respects.


If you want to avenge her, please join this cause to make IMC listen to us and revert the horrible sins they’re doing to the poor class. Chronomancer in Re:Build has the following skill set:

  • Reincarnate: useless skill that may grant your party an extra Blessed Shard in Saalus Convent missions (very low chance). Why not remove it?
  • Stop: crappy skill that only serves to stall fights and annoy your partymates. Meanwhile, Raise has pretty much the same effect, without making affected enemies invulnerable. Why not making it possible to deal reduced damage or at least with Psychokinesis property attacks?
  • Slow: another forgettable skill. Kino also has a skill that’s better than Slow (Heavy Gravity), that also deals damage. To make it worse, it lost all its attributes. Why not give it evasion and attack speed reduction?
  • Time Forward: so it debuffs enemies, increasing the cooldown of a single skill… Great, another crappy skill with very situational use for it! Gee, I wonder if people will pick Chronomancer over other classes just for that.
  • Backmasking: despite its cool description, it is still just a (very) expensive Resurrection. Why not add new effects for that skill? I think there are so many possibilities for a skill with this concept, yet it isn’t explored.
  • Quickcast: oh, so here’s the consolation prize… But, skill casting times have been reduced and Rod Mastery now grants -50% casting time to the user, so is Quickcast really that important now?
  • Pass: pretty much the only actual useful skill in the Chronomancer skill set. Many skills had their cooldowns increased on Re:Build, so cooldown reduction is an important asset. However, class choices are much more important now since they occupy a third of your build. Is it wise to pick Chronomancer only for Pass?

Without any doubt, Chronomancer is the worst class on Re:Build. There’s room for improvements and creativity, so please do something about our time manipulator class.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove Reincarnate;
  • Add a new skill called Acceleration Field: create a large magic circle that increases the tick speed of certain skills cast inside its area of effect; possible attributes can include effects like making debuffs applied on the caster’s allies getting shortened and buffs used by enemies getting shortened;
  • Change Stop, giving it a flat 5 sec duration and a new attribute to reduce the duration of Stop magic circle, applying an effect for magic ground circles cast by allies and enemies; enemy magic circles are stopped (they stop dealing damage and applying their effects); allied magic circles are retained (they are held for the entire Stop duration doing damage or applying their effects); leveling up Stop now increases its range;
  • Rework Pass and turn it into a channeling skill; channeling Pass makes the cooldown of all allis skills pass faster, cutting it by 1 sec each second (kinda like Muay Thai cuts Nak Muay skills’ cooldown each time you use Nak Muay skills in the current version of iTOS). Leveling up Pass reduces the tick interval of Pass. The cooldown of Pass is reduced to 10 sec and it drains a certain percentage of your SP pool each second.
  • Add interactions for Chronomancer with Psychokino and Sage. Allowing enemies affected with Stop to be damaged by Psychokinesis property attacks would already be great, but there’s room for more creativity.

There, it’s time to Stop the Chronomancer hate. Make the class viable for more build choices.


With all the skill swapping why wasn’t Discerning Evil and Melstis moved to Chronomancer?

Yes please.

Honestly i’d love to see stop as a skill that prevents circles to be created with a variable time frame (based on level) and, once expired or reactivated, spawns them all together. Not only is cool as hell but could be devastating with an acceleration skill.

There are two things i don’t like about Pass, how it is executed and how it applies to all skills. Personally i’d make pass only reenable skills that have their ongoing cooldown under the pass value (Pass 25s won’t affect skills with cooldown over 26s), as for the execution make it as magic circle that lingers for some time (based on level perhaps) and applies the effect only when it expires.


I think they’re lost on what direction to take Chrono because the original identity fits the scout tree more just like Thaumaturge. Taking this into account, perhaps Chrono can become some sort of offensive synergy class instead.

For the concept of speeding up time:

pretty much this. Increasing tick speed of DoT and multi hit AoE is a pretty solid idea. Buff and debuff attributes might be out of place though, since some skills in cleric tree do something similar so that type of effect might be a cleric identity thing.

For the concept of stopping time:

Perhaps something like the Asio Mace shaman doll effect. Summon an hour glass with SFR% based HP that explodes into a DoT AoE (that does the same TOTAL damage as its HP) when it dies. Have it apply the original effect of stop while it’s still alive so that it can still be used for CC if you don’t destroy the hour glass right away. It’s also an obvious combo with the acceleration field concept.

For the concept of slowing down time:

If it’s possible, maybe a party buff that extends the active frames of skills. For example, when you drop meteor in an area, the hitbox lingers for a few seconds (doesn’t have to stay too long, maybe even just 1 second is good) so that when something walks into the area of effect they’ll still get hit by the meteor. Might have fun applications in PvP or GvG and some usefulness in CM to hit freshly spawned mobs even if they spawn later. Skills will still hit for the same number of times, except damage tick skills which will hit more based on how long the active frames stay for. Further emphasizes the synergy with DoT skills and will also combo with the hour glass time stop concept, as skills used on the hour glass will linger and hit the stopped enemies after it explodes.

Pass is ok, but maybe adding some intuitive play to it is good as mentioned. Perhaps making it a magic circle or channeling skill that only applies the pass effect after a few seconds is good. This would allow allies to use up skills they want pass applied on when they see the magic circle or channel, while enemies can destroy the circle or knockdown the caster as well.

Just some suggestions, but I think turning Chrono into a damage synergy class is a good direction to take instead of the mess that it is right now.

EDIT: Bokor’s Mackangdal effect fits the Chrono concept as well, might want to rework it into this class.


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Uhh that’s exactly what this is


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Most healthy hamburger recipes start with a dramatic excerpt like this anyway lol.


that is not fair, hunters were bad since release, they just can’t get any worse, so there never was a point in complain about changes.

more or less the same for alche, you can complain that it is taking forever to get good (those sprinkle potion skills seems quite strong atm), but every change have been for the better at these classes.

not that i agree with the doomsday calling, but chrono is atm at a really bad spot.


No they dont D:

@Sertralina I knew someone would say that but I wanted to use different class examples, should have added classes like Sadhu and Pschokino there…

there are many other examples…

Then again I will not be surprise if you don’t know/remember they used to be op then to be nerfed to oblivion and buff a little later on…


when? i’ve been in and out since “early access” i really don’t recall hunter being decent since ever, or are you referring to the other two?

release sadhu with the weird divine stigma(ds? zalciai, don’t remember which one double Oob dmg) -oob interaction copped with higher oob attackspeed and dmg? because i remember we complained A LOT for sadhu left forgotten for quite a damm long time after sucessive nerfs to oblivion. (tough maybe not that dramatically, especially because sadhu player base had always been pretty low back then)

kino i really don’t remember being OP, outside pvp ofc.

anyway, i just can relate a little with the current frustration of chrono players :tired:


That’s my point…

I see Musketeers and Chrono now and am disgusted to the point some people take their “Complain”

Sure we always get super sad and supper annoyed when or class get nerf, but not to the “OMG IS END OF THE WORLD” stuff :expressionless:

Also, Kinos almost infinite PP Blender aka stand still and obliterate all that comes close days while drinking sp pots :blush:

EDIT: I also relate to the frustration, lets just lower it a notch and be more precise and um “focus”

Let not get Hast…y… I mean no need to be so Quick…mmm just :sweat_smile::sweat: I will see my way out


FFT time mage

as it should be a chronomancer


Have you read the second half of the topic?
Sorry if I offended you when my intention was to open the topic in a humorous tone to catch the attention of the community.


YES! sheesh stop asking am so sick of this ugh! This forum section sucks a doom…

:smile: JK :haha:

yeah I read all of it, the point is…

will the staff reach the suggestion part after they see how the thread start and go through 60% of it…

I doubt it :expressionless:

EDIT: (took me some time to find it)


My thoughts exactly. It would fit Chronomancer very well, specially when the Wizard tree has much more CC skills compared to the Cleric tree.

Pass is a very complicated skill to deal with in terms of balancing, but IMC should try changing it. It’s always been an issue in the Chronomancer skill set, but no changes have been done to it (except reagent costs and the new attribute that doesn’t take care of the issues with that skill). As for your suggestion, I like the idea of the lingering magic circle with a delayed effect.

Well, Backmasking could work that way too, i.e., create a magic circle that lingers for a brief moment, then rewind everything that happens inside it. A bit too powerful, maybe?

The point is: something has to be done. They took Haste and Quicken from Chrono and most of the skills left aren’t worth choosing Chronomancer over other classes. The manipulation of time is a very interesting concept that can be better explored and I agree with you. Creating synergy with damage classes is very important for Chronomancer to be a more interesting class in the Wizard tree.


It’s still two different examples. Sadhu was ok at the beggining (but first version of Sadhu would be trash tier with our actual content), they nerfed it and it stayed bad for a long time, then it became good again. Psycho was really too powerful with Cryo Ice Wall, nerfs only made Psycho a good class instead of an OP class, and with recent changes it’s a really powerful class. Hunter and Alchemist were never good.

I’m really sad for Chronomancer. I’m not playing the class but used to, when people were doing this strange build called “melee wizard” (PyroLinkChrono). Even if you don’t play the class, we all remember someone playing a Chrono during dungeons, how cool it was to have such a class like that in our team. The changes affect everyone.

Now I wouldn’t say that the class is dead, we’re far from Hunter preRe:build problems, but it clearly was overnerfed. It’s mostly all or nothing with IMC. I’m ok with “Haste” on PD, doesn’t feel ilogical. But Quicken on Thaumaturge ? Seriously ? And do they really need this skill ? It’s like when Jon was stabbed by all these watchers.


Quicken lost its place once DEX received attack speed as a substat, those that really need it would have it and those that don’t won’t really miss it. At least in the current ToS it has its place for Enchanters but as both are taken into the DEX based class tree it feels pointless, i don’t think it will even be a thing for Scout.


I’ll do a ThaumEnchanterCorsair to test an AA based build, Quicken is perfect for that kind of build. But as you say it I don’t think it will be a thing for Scout. Scout classes are really more focused on skill based builds than AA based builds from what I can see (and it’s not really different for other trees anyway). Even SR that can be played as an AA build will have better choices than taking Thaumaturge only for Quicken, because after all it’s faster to just use skills :confused:.


I Agree. I feel the same with pyromancer, the class i like most.


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