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~ ✞ ✞ ✞ Here lies Chronomancer ✞ ✞ ✞ ~


Give them a debuff that records all the damage an enemy takes for the next X duration and deals 25% of that damage when it ends. (Stop)

Have Slow increase CD time and attack speed.

Keep haste but let it also have the quick cast effect and just get rid of quick cast.


they really should given haste back to choromancer and maybe nerf a little too or not!
remember now each character can only have one and the highest move speed buff at the same time!.
So if they put haste back even with little nerf or not, it would not direct affect classes that have their move speed spells , nor would make them super OP with max speed as with was in the past because buffs are not stack able anymore.
and let’s be true, this would not make chrono super OP, but people like to move fast, and run in the map, simple as that so just by having haste again it would make chronomancer have his own niche back in the mind of players, even if he is not super OP.
let’s also remember what have been said so far in; chrono have 0 atk spells, and we can not undervalue the benefit of haste in a group pvp content, this could more or less justify the reason for 0 atk spells in the class, not that i agree with it, but would be a trade off> having haste and pass strong support spells and group spells, and 0 atk spells ^^!.


Am I the only one who thinks Chronomancer should be able to “Reset” damage taken instead of only being able to revive with 1 HP? It’s probably a hard concept to apply to ToS but they it sounds more in their theme as Time mages.

They are kinda meh and only worth for Pass in their currently state, in my opnion. Time Forward is a great concept for PVP but it’s not well done thanks to it single skill. Maybe it should be a debuff and increase skill Cooldown by 20% like Dievs do. Just Throwing an idea. Hope IMC work on Chronomancers. I wouldn’t complain if they move Chronomancer to Scout too since Scout “Magic” classes are Support Mages and since they are throwing Lorewise stuff throught the window, it could be accepted.




If the chronomancer class could say something to defend itself from this Re Build, they certainly say …


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Mr/Miss “Community”, yes I know is 1 person that is doing this…

I hope you choke on a cockatrice and all my posts…


I agree with this idea, Chronomancer, the time controller should has this. :satisfaction:


but man, is the drama what pushes the developers and he is giving some suggestions
Also, the drama makes it funnier


Time has stopped for Chronomancer. R.I.P.


Just delet chrono and put an end to its misery.


Imagine Chronomancer reverting time and give access to Pre-rebuild formulas/skills/CDs/OH/etc xD

But yeah, as Chronomancer can only hasten the time forward or stop it, there is no point in crying over spilled milk.
I don’t even know why Chronomancer doesn’t have chant omission (= 0 cast time) and double casting (allowing to cast two spells together simultaneously) to quicken spell rotations, which would be actually useful for Wizard.

Both changes wouldn’t be OP.

Slow should increase animation- and cast time inside the area by up to 200% (capped at level 10) so monsters feel slowed down instead of simply having their movement speed reduced.

Time Forward should be changed to skip the CD time of skills of the caster by 2 * skill level seconds,
so at level 15 you could cast a 15 seconds CD skill three times before it actually goes on CD, granting it virtual overheats;
Does not work on skills with actual overheats (so the benefit doesn’t get too large).

Reincarnation should become a self-buff, working like auto-resurrection that triggers if the character dies within the buff duration.

Backmasking should become a black hole for skill effects/damage if used on damage skills like e.g. Pillar of Agony, allowing them to have their effect time running backwards until it’s 0 and the skill disappears [for a maximum of 1 second per skill level = 10 seconds maximum additional skill/debuff/whatever duration;
can’t surpass the original skill/effect duration],
making a cleverly timed Backmasking an up to +99% duration boost for ± anything imaginable.


munk version thread when


Bump for saving the Chrononie, they only have 1 skill thats useful in general, and even that taxes your wallet on every use!

Rest of the kit are either extremely situational or straight up bad (Reincarnate/Slow)
Please help us #SaveTheChrononies


Simply change Time Forward to put every enemy skill on cooldown and you have fixed the class.


Yeah, something really needs to be done. As it stands, Chronomancer is basically a costume that has the ability to reduce cooldowns.


how about double casting? Give Chrono a buff that allows a certain number of spells cast after the buff to be repeated shortly after the 1st one ends.

High cooldown, and cooldown starts after the last spell has been duplicated to avoid abuse


You mean kinda of like a temporary “overheat” buff?


Ohohohoho… What do we have… here?

So Chrono-chan got some love in today’s kTEST patch:

  • Some Wizard, Rune Caster and Sage skills now deal bonus damage against slowed targets (mostly +50% dmg and +30% to Dimension Compression and +100% to Energy Bolt)
  • Slow gained an attribute to apply a self-buff to slow enemies with your attacks at 1% chance per attribute level (max: level 10)
  • Reincarnate gained an attribute to apply it on you and your allies, granting auto-revive for Reincarnate’s duration (it replenishes all HP if you’re incapacitated when under Reincarnate effect)
  • Pass gained a new attribute to turn it into a “target on self” skill, but doubling its effects
  • Quickcast gained a new attribute to increase the accuracy of your magic attacks

Stop and Time Forward got some changes too, but IMO those above are the highlights of Chrono buffs given today.

Re:Build Wizard Ideas

I guess, but you wouldn’t need to re-cast the skill that is duplicated it would just happen automatically.


Reincarnate is the wizard Revive…

It’s literally the same skill except it trades HP for invulnerability…

am liking the changes but I feel like something is still missing… but why D: