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Help build Matross / Ajuda em build Matross

Tá fazendo nada de errado não, é normal. Agora as skills desbloqueiam em “blocos”, dependendo do level de classe. Tem essas divisões que a skill só pode ir até o 5, daí até o 10, daí até o 15. Infelizmente eu não sei o level de desbloqueio de cada level. Mas eventualmente você vai poder colocar os 15 pontos, normal.

No, it is normal, actually. Now the skills are “unlocked” in tiers according to class level. There are these “splits” in which a skill can only be level 5, then 10, then 15. I don’t know the unlocking levels, sadly. But eventually you’ll be able to max the skills no problem.

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Já que você está me ajudando tanto, será que poderia me dizer quais os atributos bons de eu pegar? Tenho apenas 35k de pontos, e vou tentar pegar os 50k do evento, mas não sei se consigo. Pergunto isso por que eu olho para a janela de atributos e penso que preciso de tudo, ou seja, não sei no que focar.

Enjoying that you are helping me so much, could you tell me what good attributes I get? I only have 35k points, and I’ll try to get the 50k event, but I do not know if I can. I ask this because I look at the attributes window and I think I need everything, that is, I do not know what to focus on.

Eu acredito fortemente que você consegue os atributos sem problemas. Eu diria pra você focar nos atributos que não são “Enhance” primeiro. Com esses 35k você consegue pegar e sobra, eu creio. Mas alguns que eu considero bem importantes:
I firmly believe you can get the attribute points, no problem. I would say for you to focus, at first, on the other attributes that are not the “Enhance” ones. You can get all of them with these 35k and you’ll still have some left, I believe. Those are some of them

Cannoneer (A ordem pode ser importante/ order may be important):
Cannon Shot: Chain Explosion (lv 1)
Cannoneer: Detonate (lv 10)
Cannon Barrage: Weight Reduction (lv 5 - I like this one very much)
Cannon Mastery Penetration (lv 10)
Increased Maximum Weight (lv 10)
Siege Burst: Increased Range
Siege Burst: Destroy Magic Circle
[Não coloca o do Kneeling Shot, você não tem Quarrel Shooter]

Depois deles, os “Enhance” (pra colocar no 40 são uns 650 pontos só, bem tranquilo):
Cannon Shot 40+
Cannon Barrage 40+
Sweeping Cannon 40+

Roar: Critical (lv 1)
Explosion: Chain Reaction (lv 5)
Crouching Strike: Remove Knockdown (lv 1)
Crouching Strike: Stun (lv 5)
Menace Shot: Achilles Heel (lv 5)
Canister Shot: Remove Knockdown (lv 1)
Canister Shot: Duration (lv 3)
Fire and Run: Reduce Recoil (lv 1 - eu curto esse, não gosto de mover muito)
[Não coloca o do Kneeling, de novo]

Depois deles, os “Enhance”:
Explosion 40+
Crouching Strike 40+
Canister Shot (se você usar o dano) 40+

Se quiser se comunicar comigo no jogo, meu nick é Carrossel, também.

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Por incrível que pareça eu sou do server Klaipeda, porque no início do server, os servidores sulamericanos estavam com fortes problemas, então resolvi ficar no servidor norte americano mesmo. Eu estava vendo uns atributos legais do Appraiser também. Principalmente o do Blindside. Vou inclui-lo na mesma regra dos outros. Novamente, muito obrigado.

As unbelievable as it sounds, I am from server Klaipeda, because at the beginning of the server, the South American servers were in big trouble, so I decided to stay on the North American server. I was seeing some cool Appraiser attributes as well. Especially the Blindside. I will include it in the same rule as the others. Again, thank you very much.

Pessoal, Ola

Aproveitando a discurssao sobre matross , qual uma build que estao usando ? Matross - can - x ? Pensei em Hunter o que acham ?

Olá, ZeroCodeGeass.
Hi, ZeroCodeGeass.

Eu estou usando Cannoneer - Matross - Pied Piper.
I’m using Cannoneer - Matross - Pied Piper.

Eu acho que tem bastante classe que combina com Cannoneer - Matross e é tudo meio que uma questão de preferência:
I think there is a lot of classes that goes well with Cannoneer Matross and it is a matter of preference:

Falconer (AoE absurdo e mais dano)
Sapper (Instalação/skill de chão e mais dano)
Pied Piper (Controle e buff)
Hunter (Controle)
Wugushi (Dano por segundo e mais dano)
Appraiser (Buff e debuff)
Quarrel Shooter (Instância e proteção)

@eduferreira26 Aaah, beleza então! Espero que os teus atributos tenham dado tudo certinho, pelo menos.

Ahhh…Deu certo sim. Não coloquei tudo o que eu queria nos Enhance, mas deixei 3 boas skills no lvl 70. Vou logar aqui e já te falo qual é.

Ahhh … It worked out okay. I did not put everything I wanted in Enhance, but I left 3 good skills in lvl 70. I’ll log in here and I’ll tell you what it is.

Xcuse me for butting in, but what cards and gems would be good for Cann/Mat/App?

Well, hello!

If I may share my preferences in Cards:

Centaurus: I’m using/testing Centaurus (3x) at the moment. They’re fine, I like the extra AoE.
Glass Mole: I haven’t tested it yet, but pretty sure Glass Mole is a nice choice, more damage for something you would be doing anyway (using SP potions).

Zaura: Physical Def is always useful. Don’t be afraid to go with it. (1~)
Nuaele: Magic Def is also always useful. Just balance if you need more physical or more magical defense. (1~)

Blut: I personally really like CON. I still don’t have my greens, but Blut will be my choice.
Netherbovine: STR. Again, can’t go wrong with more damage.
Card that gives both CON and STR: I don’t know the name of it, but I would be nice, maybe.

Gazing Golem: I LOVE it. Just one Gazing Golem is so helpful, I couldn’t believe it when I started using it. Procs Pain Barrier all the time and for a good amount of time.
Marnox: I’m using Marnox (2x) for some extra yellow numbers, not a ton, but Crit Rate is always welcome too.
Rikaus: Haven’t tested it, but some say it is nice in faming situations, 'cause SP potions and Cannon-Matross are SP hungry.

There is a Guide about Cards, it may be helpful if you want to know more: Card Guide by Miguelmiamp

Now, onto Gems:

As none of this classes have skill gems, the gem situation is kinda simple.
Weapon: Go for Red Gems.
Shoes and Gloves: All the others are kinda weird besides the Green Gems for me.
Top and Bottom: Go for Yellow Gems OR Blue Gems, depending on what kind of defense you’re feeling you need.

Hope it helps!

It does, thanks ^^

But I have another conundrum, I can’t decide on the 3rd class… My choices are:

  • Appraiser: I don’t know how the class is after Re:Build patch, but besides Devaluation which my guild wants for Boruta runs I don’t know if it’s worth to get it… Is the new Overestimate better than before?
  • Sapper: My second best choice, because all the traps feel really strong : )
  • Wugushi: My guildie said that it’s the best choice if I plan on doing CM’s (and I love “do it all” builds), and it was my most favorite class before Re:Build train hit. What I like about it is that with Velnia Monkey cards I’ll have a perma Glass Mole effect against poisoned enemies. The only problem is the class has so many good skills yet so little points, I don’t know how to best build it…
    EDIT: This is what I came up with, is this Wugu build ok?

Any advice please?

Hmmm, me being an advocate for “playing with what you love”, I would say for you to choose Wugushi for sure.

I only played with it before Re:build, so my thoughts on it’s skills might be a little off, so:
Isn’t it useful to have at least one point in Wugong Gu? I know the spread effect is really good.
And I’m not really sure about Zhendu’s damage with Cannoneer skills, as it doesn’t have many multi hits.
Other than that, it looks solid.

Let’s see if any heavy Wugushi user helps us! :3

What do you guys think about the skill build for this pied piper-matross-cannon build?

Hello, gexmnlin13!

As I said, I’m all about personal preferences in skills, but… I couldn’t understand some of the choices.

Pied Piper seems fine.

Cannoneer can do wonders with 1 point in Siege Burst. And it wouldn’t hurt to have 1 point in Cannon Blast for the armor breaking.

Matross got me the most. Why exactly 10 points in Fire and Run? Playing with Matross, Explosion is my most used skill, it is really nice.
Explosion could use that one more point. 20s cd with 15% of being doubled and 3 overheats. It will be worth it!
Not even 1 in Menace Shot? I know 5s is almost nothing (at least 2 skills), but is 25% more with Cannon skills for free. Maybe not on mobs, but bosses. The debuff doesn’t work, but attribute does. Maybe see if it works for you.

Theres no more other than that. Some choices are not right or wrong, just personal. I like to see the variety.

Fire and run is where the rest of the skill points go. Only 14 on explosion because 15 doesn’t increase target, only damage. But you’re right, explosion should be maxed. Canister at 1 only for the pull effect.

By the way, I noticed smoke grenade now says blind. If I remember correctly, it used to prevent enemies from attacking right? Haven’t tried it yet, but did the skill got changed?

Yea, I agree with Canister 1 for pulling (mine is at 5, 'cause i really liked it). About Menace Shot (attribute +25% Cannon damage) may be useful too, maybe give it a shot. :haha:

Oh, right. Smoke Grenade was changed (silently) even before Re:build. :confused:
Now it only gives blindness and has synergy with Explosion (+50% damage) and Crouching Strike (+100% damage).

just a little question regarding multipliers of cannoneer and matross

Roar buff + 60% cannon dmg
Crouching +100% dmg to smoked enemies

does the calculation goes ATK * ( 1 + 1 + .60 ) or ATK * (1+.60 ) * (1 + 1)

Being completely honest, I didn’t even understand those numbers of yours. What I understood, and please, correct me if I got it wrong, is that you want to know if Roar and Crouching are two separate bonus or if the multiplier is additive… or something like that. Haha.

Well, I can’t give you answers, I can only give you data and my guess on it:

Tested on Red Grievous Wheel (lv. 412)
Physical Attack: 2305 - 2318

No buffs
Crouching: 9960~9990

With Roar
Crouching: 15019~15900

With Smoke Grenade
Crouching: ~19800~20000

With Roar and Smoke Grenade
Crouching: 25000~26000

I think they’re two different things mashed together, I can’t explain it, thats just how I feel (so, it has no value in this discussion :relieved: )
Hope it helps you, somehow!


so its just additive and not multiplicative :confounded: (the numbers are just 100% and 60% in your case the atk is 10k~ making 10k (1 + 1 + 0.6 ) = to your final dmg of 26k~ )

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Hey, nice to see that it helped you. Thanks for sharing the results with us. <3

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Plate ou Leather for Cannoneer?