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Card Guide by Miguelmiamp

How to get cards

Dungeon cubes, Raid cubes, defeating World Bosses, defeating Guild Bosses, buying in the market and defeating bosses summoned by Monster Albums.

Monster Card Album Events

Monster Card Album Events are the easiest way to grab hundreds of cards. They are usually organized by Discord Groups or by Guilds. You can obtain albums by defeating monsters in Hunting Grounds and by buying on the market.

The Event consists of 5 parties with 5 people each. One person of each party is the “DPS”, the only person of the party that may touch the boss. Then, one by one, each person summons a boss using the album while the DPS’s kill the bosses. When killed, they drop an enhancement card or their card.

If each person brings 5 albums, that’s a total os 125 cards obtained in about 30 minutes.

How to equip cards

Press F2 to open your inventory and click on “Monster Cards”, this will open a new window. Then, right click the card you want to equip and press yes.

If you wanna unequip a card, you will need to pay 200k silver so the card level remains intact.

How to level cards

Press “Insert” to sit. Press F to enter in the card synthesis mode. Right click the card you wanna level. Right click the cards you wanna feed (if you are using enhancement cards, double right click to use the necessary for max level) and click “Enhance”.

Each card gives 100 exp and it’s needed 5400 exp to level a card from lv1 to lv10. The levels are represented by stars (★). A level 10 card has 10 ★’s.

What cards to use?

There are dozens of cards in the game, but just a few are actually worth using. The cards not listed below can be used as fodder to level them up.

Red Cards

Red cards are responsible for the offense. They directly increase your damage or boost it by other means.


Chapparition and Glass Mole are the bread and butter of the red cards. They can be combined with different sp potions that do not share cooldown to always have the effect active. They are even greater with sp heavy classes (most of them).

If you are like me and don’t like the thought of spending silver on tons of potions and to manage all of them, read the next categories.

Chapparition : +★% magic damage when using sp potions.

Glass Mole : +★% physical damage when using sp potions.


The following cards are best suited for certain classes, those that have almost 100% uptime on the special condition necessary for the card activation. Two of them can be used with purple cards by sacrificing some utility.

Velnia Monkey: +★% damage against poisoned enemies

Activated by: Druid’s Chorstamata, Plague Doctor’s Black Death Steam, Wugushi’s poison abilities and Biteregina’s effect (Purple Card).

Hydra : +★% against frozen enemies

Activated by: Cryomancer’s abilities, Elementalist’s Hail and Bullet Marker’s Freeze Bullet.

Prison Cutter : +★% damage against bleeding enemies

Activated by: Highlander’s Crosscut, Murmillo’s Scutum Hit, Matador’s Picador Passive, Fletcher’s Broadhead Arrow, Assassin’s Behead and Rajapearl’s effect (Purple Card).


All enemies have a race-type and an element, for the laziest players, the top three race cards:

Moa : +★% damage against devil-type enemies. Most of the monsters are devil-type.

Unicorn : +★% damage against dark-element enemies. Most of the monsters are dark-element.

Vubbe Fighter : +★% damage against beast-type enemies. Most of the end-game bosses are beast-type.

Nowadays, we have 5 end-game bosses: Velcoffer (Beast/Dark), Boruta (Beast/Dark), Asiomage (Beast/Lightning), Wastrel (Mutant/Dark) and Ignas (Devil/Dark) and many World Bosses that are mostly devil and dark. Knowing that, you can choose one of the three cards above.

ALERT : None of the type cards work against players (PVP).


The following two cards, help your damage “indirectly”.

Centaurus : +★/5 AoE Attack Ratio.

Increase how many monsters a skill hit.

Blue Cards

Increase your character’s defense.

Zaura : +★% physical defense.

Nuaele : +★% magical defense.

Most bosses do physical damage even though it looks like magical and 3,5 class trees specialize in physical attacks (Swordsman, Archer, Scout and half of the Cleric tree), making Zaura the most recommended.

If you use plate set and shield, you might wanna equip Nuaele to make up for the low magical defense (PVP advice).

Green Cards

Green cards increase your character’s stats. There is no mystery here. Equip what your character need.


Abomination : +★/2 DEX and +★/2 CON.

Blut : +★ CON.

Ellaganos : +★ DEX.

Kubas : +★/2 INT and +★/2 SPR.

Linkroller : +★ SPR.

Mummyghast : +★/2 STR and +★/2 DEX.

Netherbovine : +★ STR.

Pyroego : +★ INT.

Rafene :+★/3 STR, +★/3 DEX, +★/3 CON, +★/3 INT, +★/3 SPR.

Simorph : +★/2 STR and +★/2 CON.

Unknocker : +★/2 SPR and +★/2 CON.

Wood Houngan : +★/2 INT and +★/2 CON.


Gorkas : +★*5 Looting Chance. Increase the drop rate of equipments. Best suited for farming characters.

Purple Cards

Purple Cards are known as utility cards.


Biteregina : +★/3% chance of inflicting poison.

Rajapearl : +★/3% chance of inflicting bleeding.

Use them with the Red Combo Cards.


Marnox : +★*1,5 critical rate.

Useful for damage dealers that focus on critting.


Dullahan : ★% chance of revival after death with 10% HP.

Gazing Golem: ★% chance of activating pain barrier status when hit.

Great for pve. Stop the annoying hit stagger, knockdowns and knockbacks.

Neop : +★% efficiency for hp potions

Great if you don’t trust your healer or if you are soloing.

Rikaus : +★% efficiency for sp potions

Great for sp heavy classes.


Yeti : + HP

Good for characters that do not have use for the other purple cards.


Tutu : +★% carry weight.

Longer farming sessions.

Specter Demon : ★% chance of recovering 5% sp when defeating dark-element monsters.

Cheaper farming sessions (Baubas Cave).


The glorious legendary cards. Don’t bother with them. They are hard to come by and a nightmare to level.

Demon Lord Marnox : +★*2% minimal critical chance.

Demon Lord Blut : ★*3% damage reduction in pvp.

Demon Lord Zaura : +★*10% physical defense.

Demon Lord Nuale: +★*10% magical defense.

Demon Lord Helgasercle : ★*20 recovered sp when killing monsters.

Demon Lord Mirtis : ★*10% reduction of elemental penalty (like dark vs dark is -25% damage).

Heretic Pantorex : +★*7% against beast-type enemies.

Velcoffer : ★*3% reduction of damage received by monsters.

Froster Lord : ★*10% increase summons’ minimum attack.

Ignas : ★*5% chance of going invisible after a critical attack.

Boruta : +★*5% damage against bosses.

Recommended builds


Red: 3 General, Type or Combo cards.

Blue: 3 Zaura or Nuaele.

Green: What your character needs. Usually STR or INT.

Purple: 2 Marnox and 1 Gazing Golem or 3 Combo cards.


Red: Anything

Blue: 3 Zaura or Nuaele.

Green: What your character needs. Usually CON or SPR.

Purple: 1 Gazing Golem and 2 Utility or Tank cards.


Red: 3 Centaurus or Type cards

Blue: 3 Zaura or Nuaele.

Green: 3 Gorkas.

Purple: 3 Tutu or Specter Demon or Neop or Rikaus


Red: Anything.

Blue: 3 Zaura or Nuale.

Green: 3 Linkroller.

Purple: 1 Gazing Golem and 2 Utility or Tank cards.

Sorcerer’s Grimoire: Marnox.

Necromancer’s Necrominicon: Gray Golem or Kugheri Balzermancer.

Server: [SA] Silute
Team Name: Muniqui


I would recommend including Rikaus cards for Farmer so you can maximize SP recovery on the potions you use while farming. Could be a general alternative to Specter Demon.

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I also included Neop because i use way more hp potions than sp potion when farming with my thauma linker corsair.

I have so many question, if someone can help me.
Can I use the combo bleed/poison with magic skills?
I noticed combo with bleeding has a lot more demand than the poison, it’s just because there is more bleeding skills or something else?
Druid thorn bleed works with prison cutter? I used Iltiswort on mine druid - exorcist, but with the “Undo plant-type” attribute. I should change it so I don’t raise magic defense of the monster turning it in to plant, right?


Not sure of this, some will say bleeding base on max hp.


Yes, dont use ilti and turn on undo-plant


hii, if fight the same monster, which better
Chapparition/Glassmole OR Race damage card?

Do cards like Gazing Golem stack?

So at level 10 you get 10% chance of activating pain barrier status when hit.

So when you have 3 Gazing Golem cards do you get 30% in total or still 10%?

You have a 30% chance with three level 10 Gazing Golem cards.

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Tenho uma grande duvida…Não sei onde olhar para saber os modificadores do Tos…em qual site.
Saber o que cada coisa faz (DEX aumenta o que? causa dano? aumenta critico? etc).
Quero muito saber principalmente sobre resistencias para meu tanker, mesmo eu sabendo que esse jogo não serve para tanker, eu gosto da classe e quero fazer o melhor possivel.
Então se alguem souber como e onde olhar para saber os modificadores de dano e resistencia, sobre os bonus de armaduras tbm (plate e cloth estao parecendo um lixo pelo que fala dentro do jogo).