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Hacker Reported 2-3 Times, Has Now Obtained 1.5b+ Silver

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name : Wolferiner

  • Location : Klaipeda etc.

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Going back to February

  • Evidence:

I had put in 2 separate tickets about this guy, once for hacking in TBL (he was on my team and Loonita made a thread about it, but it appears to have been deleted). The second time was pretty recently, because a guildie of mine got a video of the same guy dueling people with the same hack he had used in TBL back in February of this year. This is the video that prompted me to report him again, 3 weeks ago:

Strike 2. And yet, he was in game again yesterday, and I come to see today that he magically picked up over 1.5 billion silver via Oracle Master info:


So, let me ask you again, for the third time, why you haven’t banned this guy? Why do you let this persist for months and months and months and literally let people abuse bugs, exploit, and downright hack the client to farm well over a billion silver, in probably a couple days? How many reports does it take for you to ban this cancerous nonsense? How many people do you think completely avoid this game or have quit already because of abuse from players–who do all this knowing the can simply get away with it? How many dedicated players are you willing to lose because you’re too afraid to ban a couple people who should have been banned ages ago for abuse?

You have nonsense like this one guy hacking, making a over a billion. You have people abusing a bug on world bosses who can now kill them in under 10 minutes and also probably make a few billion selling legendary cards, and RMT is literally out of control.

Things have been going so well with content updates, but you can’t stop managing abusive players and removing those abusing the system and going against the rules. You are turning away new players who want nothing to do with all the nonsense, and making current legitimate players lose interest and quit. You have to handle this ASAP.



Who the actual f*ck are Wolferiner and Squadda. I mean, they haven’t banned known TBL RMTers and i highly doubt they will ban these “unknown competitive players”. You should bring this RMT topic in the discussion thread, cause honestly, at this rate Klaipeda server will turn into a Telsiai/Silute trash server where competitive players are literally those who RMT only.

And what are those skills lmao, some kind of updated Hook64 made from Sorien? Not surprised at all.

I haven’t even seen the latter in game, which is actually a little more worrying to say the least.


@Csiko Sorry Csiko, I have this user and his related all account in same IPs and following are permanently banned. I also ran down to talk with devs about the constant issues with those skill problems as well. That, which I am trying to put to work today. I know that your reports against hook 64, and I’m always grateful for your reports.


This gives me hope of continuing with TOS and IMC - thank you for the reply and support of getting rid of these people who ruin the game for the rest of us! <3

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Damn, there goes my dream of trying to get top 3 in silver :sad:

but getting of rid of abusers is like culling 60% playerbase in SEA :tired:

merge and fix server lag = profit :haha:

whoa there~ that’s servial discrimination… there are no trash servers only trash players OxO


This is just the nail in the coffin. If Wolferiner and Squadda dont give a single f*ck about losing 1.5 and 1.2B silver then that shows how meaningless silver is in the server and how much impact on the market and economy these players have. They could easily hoard every premium item on the market and overprice it if they feel like doing so.
What @Csiko and many of us want, is that you step up and just like you do “transcendence and saalus changes”, “silver improvements” also DO SOMETHING about RMTing.
We want to help you to ban these RMTers but the Market report button, Oracle Master NPC are not enough evidence unless they get into the top 3 richest on the server which is pretty dumb.

Name at least 3 players from Silute that can be classified as “competitive players who RMT”

If Silu follows the same as Telsiai, just take a dartboard and list the names of the top 20 TBL players, you’ll hit at least one.



Heeey slow down. I know there are a lot of RMTers in SEA too (there’s not a day I don’t see a random trash item being sold in millions at the market), but you can’t just bunch P2W and actual hardcore players with them. :kissing_heart:

Anyhoo back on topic, this is just blatant hacking. The video says it all.

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I never thought you can see total silver gained per team. I have never seen it as an option in the Oracle Master, is that some kind of hidden stuff?

The option is “Aquired Silver Revelator Ranking”


It’s not an option for me


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I’m having the same case as @WhiteDwarf

Thank you much for your response.

Not technically richest. It shows total silver picked up off the ground over time, which is why certain players were always ranks 1-3 with little to no competition, because whatever advantage they gained in the past, they continue playing those characters and maintain the very high ranks. It’s a silly metric, but one which can quickly identify if something has gone terribly wrong, like it did here.

We don’t have Acquired Silver Ranking here in SEA (guess why) :tired:

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If it was actually fun to farm it wouldn’t be that hard to make 1,5b. It’s about 600-700 hours of grinding (to make it in pure silver on like an SR).