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GvG - A History in Klaipeda


If you don’t believe me, ask Randy why I joined. It’s really not as dubious as it seems. Also if you’re so inclined yes, go ahead. There’s no guild ■■■■ talking since I’ve come back and it seems so out of character because I’m coming not from a place of hate but a place of love. So you are upset at me and I understand which is why I’m trying to be as upfront and direct as possible. I don’t have any motives other than just talking. I miss you and I’m honestly heartbroken by this. Also baubas cave drama is so low tier that I didn’t even ask who knocked me off just if it happened.


Thanks for the usual drama or whatever mental illness you NA monkeys role play in general (I can also see that Klaip’s mascot, @thepurpleknightmare, has also joined this wonderful and autistic theater)

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// 2 0 c h a r
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That was not the case for the 10th time. I joined 2 hours before boruta because I was still unsure if I wanted to join or not. It is true that he tried recruiting me and many of our guildies way before MS2 was even released and Lotus was getting ready for that game.



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I like how people attack topic starter but immediately FAIL and start mumbling nonsense when asked to point our specific things in the text that need to be corrected.

Of course, it is OP that is biased, not you. Yessss. Totally not you.

Oh, and the “anime-for-sex” guy is here to. Why does he even keep posting after becoming a public embarassment like that is beyond me.


Will there be week 7 coverage?


I’ll add something once the week’s main events are over.


Nothing Special in Week 7

as usually

  1. Melody
  2. Forbidden


  1. Tornado
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Added week 7. Siege tower racing was amusing. Added GTW ownership under each week’s Boruta ranking, too.


ToS turning into AoE… I like that! :haha:

So did you garrison your archers inside these to pick up on weak villagers? :wink:


Oh. I wasn’t involved in the siege tower racing. Someone happened to tell me about them.


Week 8

Again nothing special.
He was bugged on Monday and died really fast on Tuesday

Results same / almost same as last week

Melody #1
Forbidden #2
Im not sure about #3 right now, probably Tornado again


I’m afraid of writing about week 10. Things certainly changed in GTW, but I didn’t get to be personally present for most of it to witness things myself. I caught a bit of the action, but I’m stuck rebuilding a lot of things from second-hand accounts.

I want to say things about how “A helped B,” but I suspect that’d just result in B denying that they got any help at all (like as if getting any help at all is a sign of weakness). Can’t we just say that B made some good choices in making the right friends? I think that might come across as being honest without being disingenuous, maybe.

Of course, if A or B starts denying that they are involved at all, C will probably get upset at that. Regardless of whether A or B was actually involved, C certainly felt like it had to fight both A and B. Maybe the truth doesn’t even matter in this case, and denying what C felt is amusing to A and B because they know C will get upset and try to correct the story.

At this point B might throw out some witty meme. C will then continue, pointing out that not only was A and B involved, some X was also involved. B will point out that C also got help from Y. It doesn’t really matter to any group that X and Y were small or inconsequential guilds. They just wan the opposing groups to look weak for seeking more help. B then throws out some screenshots about how they won and that it’s all that matters. Also, more memes. This makes it look like they’re controlling the conversation, irrespective of what is being said.

By this point in the arguing everyone has forgotten how close the fighting (in game) was. No one remembers that it was a close back-and-forth, with the territory swapping three times in the last twenty minutes. In fact, the territory was captured in the last 20 seconds. It was crazily close. We’ll also have forgotten that one of the territories actually has no owner right now. The channel crashed towards the end of GTW, and that resulted in the game bugging out and rewarding it to no one.

P.S. - I updated the previous 2 weeks, though that’s because they were pretty boring and straightforward.


I’m not denying an alliance between Dynasty, Impetus, FMC, and Yorozuya. I’ve clearly been talking about at least two alliances. As far as I understand what happened, Dynasty and Impetus were pinned to their respective territories last night because they each had to deal with their own attackers. So while they might be want to help each other, they weren’t able to. They had to, more or less, defend for themselves.

I have no idea what Infinity is doing. I don’t know about any formal alliance. They might around to stir up trouble. Or maybe they just don’t like certain guilds and are there to just be a pain in the butt. Who knows.

If you’re allies in GTW now, then that’s cool. If I recall correctly, it was denied previously. What I find odd is that guilds from either side wanted to keep GTW and Boruta separate. They’ll help each other in Boruta, but say they’re not helping each other in GTW.


It was forbidden / melody vs Tornado / Impetus . end of story. we were attacked on 2 fronts the entire night by Tornado and Impetus.

good fun, also our divine banners weren’t working for some reason :S

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I’m under the impression that Tornado wasn’t trying to help anybody in particular. As someone from Melody put it,

tornado was free agent, spinning thru baron and aqueduct
supposedly blowing away any in their path

I’d also find it hard to believe that Impetus would want to work with Tornado.


This is blatantly false, Tornado attacked Dynasty most of the night and showed up at Aqueduct to attack Impetus and contributed to the 3v1 situation in the last 20 minutes or so after we took Aqueduct back. For a period of time, each of your guilds was at each entrance area to the capture point of Aqueduct.

Also the banners work just fine, you just can’t put them too close to the capture point, and you can’t own the map (which I think is the opposite of what the description says). We successfully used one last night.

If that were true, formal alliances would exist within the structure of the game, like they did in RO. Alliances are for smaller guilds to make up enough numbers to counter a larger guild. Having an alliance with 2 guilds, each with 35-40 actively attending members, just to team up against one guild of 25 on average (and maybe 10 people from another guild, occasionally) is straight-up absurd. Adding Tornado in the mix just goes even further to show the level of desperation.

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So what you’re saying, is that it’s shitty that this game allows and encourages people to gang up on people who have less numbers than them?

And what you should also being saying is that those who rely on out numbering someone have no skill and should not be rewarded for their scummy tactics.

You know that sounds like this guy in my server, he’s a musketeer with a full PvE build who goes around in Gem Feud with a gang of his guildies and just CC - DPS them as a horde. A no skill motherfucker who should probably get locked out of the game permanently since he just ruins it for others.

Ah well not like IMC will ever do anything about it, alliances and ganging up on others is just how you scrubs choose to play. That guy I mentioned from Gem Feud (Narcissus is his name) probably wouldn’t be able to play if he didn’t have assistance from his guild so IMC can’t remove gangs or he’d have to quit and then he wouldn’t be buying their cubes and getting 6 yellow items in 1 pull.

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as usual and

  • 1 hour and 9 minutes