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GvG - A History in Klaipeda


sh1t n1gga you need sources and citations now for ToS?
Bro you better prepare your MLA format harvard style sourced citations with dates and everything


I tried to say ■■■■ ■■■■■ but it would just have two black boxes so I had to do this /shrug


I guess I could pull out some SAT or GRE scores if you really want proof of my English proficiency, but I can’t say I’d know where I put those documents. I don’t believe you are actually interested in those documents anyway. Let’s forget about this point as it seems irrelevant to the conversation at hand since we seem to be able to understand each other. You can always ask for clarification if I am unclear.

I’m no lawyer, so I don’t know where burden of proof lies, but I don’t want to be the one that sets the precedent of dragging personal conversations out into the open in a forum. So I won’t be doing that.

As for my identity, it would appear I forgot to update my forum profile. I forgot that I left it blank, but I think anyone that matters already knew who I am in game anyway. They have no trouble contacting me.

In any case, I would be more than happy to discuss any edits you would like me to make. You just need to point out what was wrong and how it should be corrected.

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I’m not even requesting proof from you. I just want you to point out what you think is wrong so I can correct it to be more fair and unbiased.

As for the “ping pong of petty personal insults,” I’m sorry if I insulted you at some point. I wasn’t trying to insult you. Maybe my English isn’t so good after all.


This post went from a good idea to Texas E-bullying the creator of the post lol. Some people don’t have anything better to do than to bring drama.


I don’t see anything wrong with the op, if you have doubts and questions, op did say he’s pretty open to adjustments of the article if proved wrong. What’s the massive hate come from? lol


Great fan fic!

I know that it’s probably intended to be serious though but some of it’s wrong.

“Melody reached out to Forbidden, Dynasty, and FullMoonCafe in order to establish a coalition to completely snuff out Impetus. Melody asked for just one of item from the rewards granted to second and third place in exchange for working together.”

Idk if that part is true, or which idiot proposed such a deal, but that’s disgusting. Could be fanfic though Idk, not gonna go into it, but ■■■■ any idiot that would ask for part of the prizes from second and third place, when they are the ones getting first. They already have the sweetest part of the deal. They DPS the dragon!

Anything regarding Bokor farming in this “history” is utter garbage, it is lazy farming, but it’s not that lucrative, and it’s not helping Melody that much. I occasionally Bokor farm and I CM about the same amount. CM gives me more Urbas Seal by being a higher kill rate.

Forbidden did not promise Sanctuary third place, that is absolutely not the case. Sanctuary as a whole is not really involved. I want a Cleric Seal because it’s one of the only ways to increase my Heal Factor healing, so I am going, I bring a friend a long when I do because Boruta interrupts time where we would normally do other things like CMs. The guild leader of Sanctuary also (From my perspective collects shards, probably not really) so I told her about how much we get just for showing up to Boruta.

I’m a clown and I talk about taking third and getting a Boruta Seal, because it’s fun, and because that is my hope. That said Typhoonz even told me last week it’s unlikely. He did not promise me 3rd.

I can understand if you want to rotate Dragon DPS and Melody is like “No only we get first place and you all pay us to get second and third” Well as long as you can do it day 1.

However this content is stupid, mass PvP is stupid, “hard” PvE is stupid, just PvE in general is dumb. And this is designed to be days long and possibly not even happen. ■■■■ THAT! That’s so stupid. ■■■■ treating this as real content. Get this done day 1, negotiate your way to satisfactory rewards, don’t let IMC have their way with this ■■■■ design.

Instead you all fight your way in, and YOU! FULL MOON CAFE! Killed your own third place last week so you could give it to an even less deserving guild.
Week 6 (2019-03-04)

Rankings : Melody, Forbidden, Impetus

I have no doubt that there is some evil in Melody to, I mean it has RandyBK, and their leader gives in to peer pressure, but they’re right about the most important thing. ■■■■ mass PvPing you assholes for like 40+ hours and possibly not even getting prizes.

Boruta needs to be removed, put the seals and recipes/stones in the item merchant for 100 silver each. Add new ways to get shards and gems. This is not good content, this is a bad idea, IMC has tons of bad ideas. As wrong as Melody may or may not be, their idea is better than IMCs.

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go play TBL show us those awesome mechanics



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No she’s actually right, I understand everything she says perfectly, obviously…

I know exactly who she is despite having never or almost never talked to her.

You really are a nobody, if you were anyone, you would know who she is by the picture alone.

Ofc you being not really a PvPer, never had any reason to join the TBL discord, and ofc you being just a global troll, never had any reason to join Palemoon’s poorly moderated general ToS discord.

You know what’s really ironic though, you’re a bully, your ToS existence, is purely to ■■■■ talk others. These discords are used primarily to bully other players outside of ToS moderation. Bait the players in with links to new information that is a must have, and then bully the ■■■■ out of them. Why are you not in them? Do you think you’re not allowed? I can’t speak for either of the discord owners, but I doubt either of them will kick you. In the ToS Reddit discord there is a guy saying sexist ■■■■ in general and no punishment, and Zhwan will tell people to kill themselves in any channel, they don’t ■■■■■■■ care. The only rule I’ve ever even seen them remotely care about is no “NSFW” and even then I doubt they’d actually do anything.

Bhikku care’s a bit more about rules as far that is concerned, but there is a dedicated bullying channel, you can literally go to bully Edoweiss and no risk of mute from ToS moderators because she has to be there in case of new PvP information that IMC refuses to properly share, how are you not here.

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Oh no. My identity has been revealed.

This week we had more fun fighting to change things than clinging to third place. It was the most exciting turn of events in about 3 or 4 weeks.

I’m pointing out the Bokor farming not because it is broken, but because it was a point of controversy that guilds made into a reason to hate each other.

I made some edits to the promises made week 5, including Sanctuary’s involvement in them. I am now saying that multiple guilds had the misunderstanding that they would be allowed third.

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You realize we’re still your friends and we miss you very much. Falling for this tribalism was a joke and if you’ll pay attention your friends ( me Randy and pie) have been trying to reach out to you. We miss you and this make me extremely sad that you’re caught up in this. I apologise if I’ve hurt or offended you in any way but I just want my friend back.
Edit: also please tell vau to stop reporting me these chatbans have exponential scaling


Sorry that typhoonz is lying to you but here’s what actually happened:

Melody asked to win trade Impetus after day 1 because we were ahead and I said that was off the table because I’m an elitist ■■■■■■■.

We left things kind of open to work together however, because we though Boruta was bugged. They turned around and decided to knock us off the map the next day anyway, and it was pretty clear that they began a campaign to court everybody else except Forbidden, because trusting typhoonz is like trusting a small child with an AK-47. They’ll probably figure out how to use it, but will have no idea who to start shooting at.

Typhoonz was literally quitting–I even told him I would take care of anyone from his guild who was a legitimate player–which is why a couple of them ended up in my guild, again, because typhoonz said he quit that night. And then Melody swooped in with an offer that he could not refuse and he had a great excuse to hate Impetus all of a sudden (at least in public).

Daddy finally let you post? Is he already scrambling to edit PMs to everybody again or did you guys update the “lies we’re telling to everybody” Google Doc?


This is internet bloodsport : anime edition


I’m sorry you feel that way. However A) I am at my computer from time to time they do give me days off work believe it or not and B) I was trying to run TOS and kenshi at the same time and boy was that laggy. If you don’t believe me ask your guild members.

Moving on to my next point why are you so caught up in this anyway, it’s literally nobody was ■■■■ talking you, nobody was mean to you, nobody has gone out of their way to make your life any worse we’re literally trying to talk to you. I said “hi Texas” in klai a few weeks back and you said “oh Ffs” and logged out. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but it’s childish and this is coming from me. I’m not asking for an apology I’m giving one, and I again, want my friend back. I’m sorry again for anything I’ve done that’s made you upset but this is getting out of hand, we don’t hate you,nobody hates you and this “us and them” mentality isnt good for you. I know it’s convenient to scapegoat Melody but if you notice the lotus crew doesn’t talk ■■■■ about guilds (except for last borruta but that was a special circumstance) and so again I’m asking for your forgiveness since I don’t even know why you suddenly hate us.


Furthermore I’m making this post on the forums where I literally to just to talk ■■■■ to people. I’m being sincere and I want you to know that. I don’t hate you, narci or remeri. Or anyone in impetus except for crevox. I was super mad at borruta this week and said some things I shouldn’t have but again I want you to know I genuinely miss you and I’m sorry. Which is why I’m posting this in a public place under my main account so that you can see I’m coming from the heart. I literally went a whole 3 posts without insulting someone which is a new record for me tbh

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Well, if you ever change your mind on things you know where to find me. I’m honestly sorry things turned out this way. You seem super jaded and like you’re in a bad place right now and I’m always available to talk. I don’t care what the circumstance is I do care about you and I’m going to make you see it.


How do you know this?

Anyways you don’t really need to congratulate me.


Literally didnt happen. I dare you to post the discord link that you are alluding to.

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