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GvG - A History in Klaipeda


TLDR Forbidden fought impetus and had melody send some members to help not a huge amount, tornado left a few parties at aquaduct to chip away at barricades in hopes of a last second steal impetus all inned tornado followed them all 3 guilds pretty much died from crossfire and impetus capped, forbidden rushed back in and recapped with 12 seconds left. there is no conspiracy here.


you just insult your own guild TPK why :sad:


interesting read even as a non-kleipeda player


I still think ganging up on someone is a way of strategy… its boring and simple but quite efficient with this cc/dps meta.


All I see is Melody taking care of her ally,the rest of the guilds were just there to actually KOS to have fun in GTW.

Allies are suppose to look out for each other.However,Melody doesn’t need help bodying Impetus,basically they wanted Forbidden to have a tower from Impetus.

Melody is a friendly guild with amazing people if you approach us with 0 QQ,pride and rage.We would be glad to help those who are willing to ACCEPT our help.


Well like every number 1 guild people will always hate on them,regardless you and the others are fully entitled to your opinions or facts lol wtv you guys would like to call it these days =).

We can’t help nor do anything with players who don’t like us so I’ll just tell you and the rest of the haters :grin: to wish them well.




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Well, golly gee, sir. You seem upset. One might think you might have some very deep-rooted personal grudge against us or some of our members. So, I took the liberty of looking up your teamname but still have no idea who you are. Nevermind, I guess.


hahahah i must be hitting the right spot. Two of the most disgusting players on NA tos replied my post. Two trashy players who publicly promoting afk farming/exploits just happen to be in the same guild?
coincidence? hahahahah


I think this threads more meant for reporting on the general Guild PVP and not individual guild behaviors, but I understand your anger with these players.

I started up this blog as a way to publically shame these types of toxic players who abuse the game in such a greedy way with no regard for other players.


Since TOS was open to play name 1 top guild in the past that didn’t had haters and whiners towards them?

No matter if the number 1 guild is legit or not ,there will always be haters and people who are jealous of them.It’s very sad that haters and QQers choose to feel that way…I would always choose happiness no matter what.

Find your peace and enjoy the game but if there is something wrong then report it but no need to carry on the hate… because you gain nothing really but entertaining others like a clown.The more you rage,create drama or wtv the more people like me enjoy it because it’s funny how people get so work up over a video game lol.

Don’t blame the player,blame the game!

It is IMC fault for a flaw design in content!
It is IMC fault for not catching all the cheaters and banning them!
It is IMC fault for lack of staffs and workers!

If Melodie is cheating and exploiting …thennnnnnnnnn why god why aren’t they all banned?


It’s not

I mean maybe technically I did, but it applies to all the guilds, they all have members with no talent but still want to win in order to feel like they do have talent.

If your idea of a strategy or good play is to bring more people than the enemy, you deserve to be called a scrub. Whether your some nobody like kyswrek or a big name like Csiko who just plays like a nobody.

But I’d never waste the time specifically targetting my own guildies. FOR THE MOST PART I don’t want any “in-fighting” so when I catch my guild members ganging up on people in stuff like Gem Feud, I just send them to the block list, if they can’t message me, we can’t fight about how useless as an individual they are.

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Are you saying that its the game makers fault that people abuse obvious exploits?

I blame the player when theyre obviously doing ■■■■ that they shouldnt.


i love tree of savior

viva melody

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I think I’m still updating this out of some sense of commitment even though I’m not involved in anything anymore. I was considering dropping this thing just this week, since it had become dreadfully boring (Boruta gets kill without contest, the same guilds get the same territories) without anything changing from week to week. But then Forbidden showed up and took a territory after being absent for a number of weeks, so I decided to write about that.

I haven’t been in Boruta for a long time now (though 6 weeks is an exaggeration, the number doesn’t really matter at this point), but it’s not like it’s difficult to go and look and see that it died in barely an hour. Really, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that nothing eventful happened. Talk with enough people and you can get a decent sense of what happened, and when you’re wrong you can always depend on Cunningham’s Law to find someone to correct you.

I might add that I find it relieving not participating in Boruta right now.

We were told by someone that my guild is trash and that we’re allowed to be there due to some twisted sense of pity and graciousness while they attacked us because we accidentally hit an alt of theirs. I had to hold my guild back. Despite the fury and indignation, we weren’t strong enough to truly fight back without being obliterated. So we grit our teeth and said nothing. We took the hits and ran away and hid. That’s how we got third for a number of weeks.

If anyone wanted to know why FullMoonCafe tried to make an alliance and change the status quo, it was because of things like that. Since failing to change anything, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of friends leave Tree of Savior since Boruta was introduced. There’s sort of nothing to do if you’re endgame and can’t participate in GvG. We definitely can blame bad game design decisions for a lot of things, but it isn’t an excuse to be so mean.


isnt tornado your ally? you even send Forbiden Members to Torando like nx666


youre not allowed to use my gifs lol, they are our allies in boruta


They weren’t sent they were kicked/quit (I’m not sure which)

and they’re “allies” in the sense that if their existence doesn’t hurt the goal of getting rid of Boruta ASAP then there is no reason to kill them.

That’s all there is to it, GTW is a separate thing and they’re being annoying. We could punish them for it by not letting them in Boruta, but they have every right to play GTW as it was intended. Soooo meh.

Still I wouldn’t call them allies, they’re like Bee’s I guess, worth having in your yard, but still pests, and if they come in your house, demolish them.

Disclaimer: I’m a toxic motherfucker and I speak for me and nobody else, my post here does not necessarily align with the opinions of my guild. I’ve fixed one part of it to appear a little nicer but I talk the way I do, I tried fixing it, and it ended up all being for nothing, and so back to this.


but we need more shawn michaels in our lifes xd