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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

And any1 can confirm if i use 8x glass mole and use cyclone with 1 sec left from glass mole the whole cyclone will get the bonus atq? or i’ll end when the effect from glass mole ends?

Im not so sure but i think most skills calculate your dmg based on what you have now instead of when you cast it. With exception for buffs.

Example i burned an enemy with incinerate when i have agny on… Taking it off midway actually causes it to go down. Need lostac to confirm on cyclone though

hmm I don’t have glass moles to test, I can’t cancel dov mid-cyclone to test it either

I think you have to check on some of aki sera’s vids because he uses moles

Going to switch over to GM. Im at 640 crit rate right now with Ella and still 30 lv to go and bunch of 3 stats quest rewards + statue.
Since im going for trans venier i think i should switch.

Thanks, i’ll check it out.

Hmm actually I can use DOV wait for it to run out then cyclone a monster in the last few seconds, trying it now.

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damage lowered mid-cyclone when my dov ran out

Thanks for testing, that’s unfortunately

the video just finished uploading now lol, sorry my upload time is sht

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All good, that’s sad haha, but good to know, thanks again =)

I think its still a fake multihit, my guess is they only changed it so training dummies display multiple 1’s even for fake multihits.

Try hitting a level 1~5 monster with Seism. If its a true multihit now it’ll display only the first damage number. If its fake multihit, all 3 will be displayed. For me, it still displays all 3 hits -> still fake multihit. :confused:

Test the modifiers first, fake multihits are fine as long as the correct modifiers are applied on the number of hits (ex. 3 fake hits seism > 3.0 modifier) benefits DPE.

Old modifier on seism (or maybe also now if unchanged) is 1.7x

Hm so seism now become a true multihit.
Some fake multihits from cata kit become a true multihits too.

Hey guys, the best gloves to doppel till lolo is the demonas? and boot i’m thinking to get the one who have -pdef and add a nice mdef what u guys think?

Must check if dehvlin and shade greaves can be crafted.

even if they can’t be done, the previous itens like superior kovos / demonas are good enough i guess.

Kovos is a must, too much mdef gained to skip. Demonas don’t work with cyclone.

Demonas and Kovos has 2 slots… well… I will keep them over lolo.

Yeap, superior kovos with 2 blue gems and just 1 mdef HG, you can tank the mages on 290 dg.

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demonas don’t work with cyclone? why if its slash? and i’ll try make a superior kovos, any tips to farm? don’t have to buy in my server atm.

Big red griba on barha forest.
Demonas don’t works with rush too.