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Thanks for everything Reverie

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Very nice guide. Some slightly outdated parts: for example, Irredian Shelter now has portals always open, Misrus doesn’t drop Arch Stones Fragments anymore, Thierrynium can be dropped from Singu.

Can you do something like that:

  • things to do daily before reset
  • things to do weekly before reset
    I’ve had a hard time remembering everything I can/need to do since I came back
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I’ll update the Irredian to mention always open portals. Thank you.

I am operating on this patch note for the information on arch stone drops and singu (nd my own experience for the latter).

I think I could find a spot to list all daily/weekly and which content is reset- just noticed I also never mentioned server reset time or maintenance which would be nice for new players to know.


I just came back to the game this week after many years, and seeing a post like this is surely a help to understand everything that is new.

But, as also someone who just came back, the amount of items is quite overwhelming and took me a while to figure out how the progression should be. A gear progression mini-guide with what kind of content the player will be able to do would help since you basically get stuck in a huge wall once reaching ep11 and savinose set.

It follows like this:
Do every main quest, get set and weapon at ep11 and sit there because you have no silver or gear to do any of the contents mentioned above, except the outdated ones that give no reward whatsoever.

What I’ve been doing those last 3 or whatever days since I came back is farming some CMs, outerwall in specific, and so far I only managed to buy some ignas ichor for my savinose set. From here, the gap is so huge that there’s no telling on where someone should go, (although, I figured out already by looking at the items list).

Basically what I’m saying is that 3/4 of the things you mentioned there are just going to cause confusion to people when there’s nothing telling them if it matters if they do the content or not, or what they should do. Although, thanks for the guide

Here’s my mini-guide for a new player:

  • do every main quest up to episode 10
  • as you do them and starting from level 100 maps, do one CM every day – lower level maps still can yield a lot of silver once cumulated, plus you never know when you’ll get a valuable skill gem (for example: getting Meteor gem on Sanctuary map = easy 50 mil silver)
  • if you’re not bored, do the sidequests (blue ones – don’t bother with the green repetitive ones, they’re too tedious and unrewarding)
  • get every Kedorian set at level 40-75-120-170-220-270-315 (I think you can skip the 350 one since the 315 set is based off old unique items that have huge boosts) and then the Pajauta set (380) and the Neringa set (400)
  • complete episode 11, get the EP11 savinose set, use the event regular magnifiers and some nucle to get decent stats (at least a line of CON or STR/INT, even if it’s a small boost it’s better than useless blue or red line)
  • do every content that give mercenary badges, at least Bernice and Uphill
  • get Galimitive armor set from the mercenary badge shop – spare your silver for your weapon, ichor them, equip the ichors on your armor
  • buy a decent ichor for your weapon(s) from the market, no need for something fancy – Moringponia, Misrus, Skiaclipse… will do and will not be too expensive
  • complete episode 12, ask for help if you can’t kill the last boss as it can be tricky

At this point, if you have done one CM per day, you should be standing on 100-200 mil silver, enough mercenary badges to buy accessories (Carnas), Master cards and CM vouchers daily from the shop (plus things like enchant jewels), enough nucle to enhance your free Ark, AP and mystic pages up the wazoo from events to improve your attributes. Your Savinose equipment along with those boosts is good enough to start working on the next tier.

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this game much easier if u have fix party to play , it is hard play with random people or Solo for future progress

That’s with any mmorpg with endgame raids to be honest. The problem with ToS, though, is that they basically throw you into the endgame with nothing but a basic gear, with progression time-gated, and there’s nothing else besides endgame raids and CM. So there’s no option other than waiting day by day or hope you can find a good soul to carry you through content.

The post above mentions CM, but CMs for a new player are far from a walk in the park if you’re farming for silver and going to cm7, they take quite a while each run and you have to drink potions like a madman. Also, market isn’t open for 7 days -even for me after coming back- so you don’t have potions either, besides the ones from login which are 20 or so. CM also requires entries which requires merc badges, which requires uphill, which you can’t do unless you’re getting carried. So, realistically you’re doing 1 run per day, maybe 2 with what you farm from field.

I’m not complaining though, I’m just trying to give a more realistic view to people, because doing any content besides the outdated ones unless you’re getting carried, is not realistic at all, and that’s for a while. The first weeks are just a waiting game, making new characters or whatever to not get bored.

I’m taking this feedback seriously and want to address it in the initial post with a rough guide to gear progression. First step is going to be making a new team and seeing what silver can be accumulated by the time Episode 12 drops you in the real world.

You aren’t wrong. The game is in an awkward place until Episode 12 rewards are given (Savi Dysnai gear at low trans/enhance). The question is something like- do I make Varna and set effect it so I’m not worthless in content or make a build that can get by on lower gear in CM spam like Hunter/Falc/App. I don’t think the latter is a reasonable solution but I’m not confident the first will set anyone up for success either.

Anyway, in the near future you can expect some kind of suggested path for post questing based on the experience of a player going through the quests with nothing but Kedoran gear. I know people are tired of being told by everyone with 8 Arch Stones under their belt how they should manage in Savi.

EDIT: Added Assister Cards/Dungeon/CM info and reorganized Index. Some information has been shifted down a post due to exceeded post size limit


This needs to be stickied.

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Initial post has been updated with a gearing recommendation. @Yukise I did not end up running through the Episodes again to accumulate silver for a base as returning players would not necessarily have this silver handy and even new players may blow silver on their way to Episode 12.

The answer isn’t a miracle and it aint sexy but I have guildies showing me how it is done without my direction so I know it works.

Joint Strike info and more detailed descriptions for each Ark’s effect coming in the near future.

Good luck out there saviors!

I am currently updating the guide for current patch 13-1. Please stand by for another post to acknowledge changes.


Archiving content that lost relevancy but was part of the guide. While this content was not removed, it is obsolete and should not be pursued. It is now eating up too much of the post character limit but I want the information to be available for the sake of Tree’s history.

Episode 11 Set Effects (Lv400)



  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 42
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Movement Speed 3
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Grace of Rykuma (Active/Lensterseum)
    = Grants immunity to debuffs that require advanced removal for 25 seconds
    = All damage received -20%
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases grace of Rykuma duration by 25 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 32
    = INT 32
  • 4 Set Effect
    = AoE Attack Ratio 3
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Korup’s Decay (Active/Riperium)
    = Reduce maximum HP by 30%
    = Increase the damage dealt to the enemy by 30% for each debuff the target is under (15 second duration, maximum of 240% increase)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases Physical, Poison damage by 10%
    = Increases Critical Rate for for Magic and Curse attacks by 20%
    = Increases duration by 10 seconds
    = Decrease in maximum HP loosened to 10%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Movement Speed 2
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical DEF 650
    = Magical DEF 650
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Apsauga’s Reinforcement (Active)
    = Increase the DEF of allies within 500 range by 50% of the player’s defense (Duration 30 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases duration by 30 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Healing 350
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 40
    = CON 40
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Bendrinti’s’s Benevolence (Active)
    = The skill ‘Heal’ Heals allies within 80 range for 35% of the amount healed when using skill (Duration: 30 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases duration by 20 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 40
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 40
    = HP 6000
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Goduma’s Barrier (Active)
    = Reduces damage by 1/5 of consumed HP%(Maximum of 20%, continuous effect)
    = Damage reduction buff on caster and allies
    = Buff stack increases with caster’s maximum HP
    = 1% damage reduction per stack and stack decreases every 0.5 second
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Maximum damage reduction increased to 80%
    = Stack decrease interval changes to 1 second


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Healing 450
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 57
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Gymas’ Conviction (Active)
    = Healing +40%, SP consumption for all skills: -50% (Duration: 40 seconds)
    = Gymas’ Protection (Active)
    = Damage received reduced by 10% for all allies when used (Duration: 20 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Damage received with Gymas’ Protection reduced by 10% additionally
    = Duration of Gymas’ Protection increased by 20 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 37
    = INT 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical Attack 572
    = Magical Attack 572
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Smugis’ Counterattack (Active)
    = Increases damage dealt in proportion to enemy’s current HP value (Enemy’s current HP / Enemy’s max HP) x 200% (min 180% - max 240%)
    = Fixed damage equal to 1% of enemy’s max HP (maximum: 10,000, Damage cycle: 0.5 second, Duration: 25 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Duration increases by 25 seconds

Moringponia Crowns

moringponiacrown Aqkrova image Atagal


  • 3 Set Effects
    = SPR 35
    = CON 52
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Healing 357
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Aqkrova (Active)
    = Creates a red magic circle. Increases the damage of allies within the range of the circle by +60% and recovers their HP in amounts equal to 0.1% of their attack (cannot be stacked, Duration: 10 seconds)
    = Reduces damage received by caster by -50% (Duration: 100 seconds, cannot be removed)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Duration of magic circle increases by 10 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Physical Attack 257
    = Magical Attack 257
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Attack against Medium-sized Targets 571
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Skidas (Passive)
    = Continuous effect. Applies a shield around the caster when an enemy is defeated
    = Shield amount: 60% of enemy’s max HP (Duration: 10 seconds, Cooldown: 17 seconds)
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Shield strength increases by 100% of the enemy’s HP
    = Duration increased by 5 second


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Physical Defence 1300
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Magical Defence 1300
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Atagal (Active)
    = Take 10% reduced damage and deliver 4 physical attackes based on the shield Defense on skill use (Duration: 50 seconds, Cooldown: 100 seconds) Effect not stackable
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Physical damage increased to 200% of shield’s DEF value

Misrus Chains

misruschainataka Proverbs Liris


  • 3 Set Effects
    = DEX 37
    = SPR 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical Critical Attack 1072
    = Magical Critical Attack 1072
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Ataka (Passive)
    = Passive effect: Deals equal damage split between the number of enemies nearby within a range of 60 on landed critical hit. (Max 10 enemies, Cooldown: 1 second)
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases the damage effect by 100%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 37
    = INT 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Critical Rate 52
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Proverbs (Passive)
    = Increases Max damage cap by 1,000,000
    = Deals 30% additional damage upon hit if the attack dealt 999,999 (20% of your HP in PvP areas) or more damage
    = Cooldown: 2 seconds
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Cooldown -1 second
    = The Max damage cap increase effect is not stackable


  • 3 Set Effects
    = SPR 65
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 72
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Liris (Active)
    = Grants a Liris buff on summons
    = Liris buff provides additional damage equal to damage from the summon’s attack (Duration: 30 seconds, Cooldown: 100 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Cooldown -1 second
    = Duration increases by 30 seconds
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Thanks for all your hard work! :hey:

Updated the guide with missing Episode 13 information.

  • Level 4 Vaivora
  • Goddess Cards / Level system
  • Relic Gem upgrade information (Pyromancer’s Lab)

Apologies for any inaccuracies in the Goddess Card section as I’m working off of sketchy google translate from the original ktos update post. I’m positive that the required reputation stages for each area are correctly listed in my guide and will look to update any discrepancies as more information is made available.

Sorry for the delay.


i think if your aim is luciferie, starting from incomplete kara will cost you more than starting with complete kara. But if you never aim for luciferie, incomplete kara set is cost-efficient enough.

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I think you can split this guide in 2 as it’s almost a guide on everything and the scope might be too big. I’d make the cutoff at around finishing the upgrades on the equipment from EP12.
Agree on that there should be info on what’s daily, what’s weekly/monthly, and their reset time.
I have a couple tips I figured out during the long boring grind to EP12.

  • You can’t trade/use the player market for 7 days after beginning/returning though you may reach the point when you need better HP potions before then. Save up Dilgele(Monster drop) and make an Alchemist to craft HP potions if you don’t want to wait until then.
  • Other than a Cleric for healing, the endgame healing item is Small Elixir of HP Recovery.
    There are a couple other items such as Lv15 Condensed HP Potion (player made) and the Huge HP Potion from NPC item shops but they don’t heal for much but there aren’t much good self healing methods so they’re still useful early.
  • Stated at some point in-game, but when your character dies, the durability of all equipped items drop significantly and the gems in your inventory drop. Supposedly this might have been changed but this is still mentioned in the in-game Help. This may happen in just some specific maps instead.
  • Generally all the equipment before endgame at lv440+ that you get as drops can be sold for silver or if they don’t have a sell value, be disassembled at the blacksmith NPC for Nucle Powder or Sierra Power(from unique/legend equipment), materials used in a number of ways at end-game.