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[Guide]Necromancer: dissected

need only 1 card or u can stack 4 lvl 10 card for more dmg?

1 card. Other slots are obsolete

Moyabruka for more DMG ( I lost my 10 :star: in map 4* , since then I have not lv any other)

so can put beast card too
btw where can i hunt that moyabruka o.o

I think it drop in saalus
I do not remember 100%

currently using glass mole :star: 10
is it much difference than moyabruka?

from strike attacks only

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How about Necro C3 in late game PVE?
I’m actually a Cryo 3 > Soc1 thinking about Cryo 3 > Soc 2 > Warlock 2 or Cryo 3 > Soc 1 > Necro 3

He has good points (new decay, corpse limit) and bad points (Flesh Strike)

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If you are not wiz3-link2 then necro3 is pretty bad for PvE. Better go cryo3-sorc2-warlock2

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Linker is horrible for content on lv 280+ maps, monsters resist much more easily. Cryo3 with frost pillar is much more reliable

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I ran a rush with you yesterday and I really liked how you made your character.
Since then,I checked a few things about necromancer out of curiosity and some weren’t clear for me.
Since this topic popped up,I’d like to ask a few.

1- What Corruption status do?

2- You said flesh hoop’s debuff last 20 seconds but says it’s 4 seconds.Does that mean the time increases per stack added or the description is wrong?

3- Does corpse tower damage increases per level or is it fixed?

4- Does the number of hits of fresh cannon increases per level?It seems useless to me to go past lv 1 on a support build.

5- Is the skeleton’s damage based on your magic attack or on your level only?(Besides atribute)

6- With the change to NOT drop cards at 4* maps,would shoggoth be good to spread decay and resummon it later?

7- For me,Necromancer seems the best support for archer dps.How much damage does decay increase?

8- I noticed you didn’t update your second comment.Is isntant decay fixed?If yes,how much it reduces per second?Is it the atributes reduction you added in your first comment?

9- You said linker is useless at end-game.I’m curently lving a linker for fun and would like to ask how often they resist or if they are immune.Maybe I should change to thauma or chrono instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

How do I know how many corpse parts I currently have?

Reduces enemy’s maximum hp, increases missile attack damage by 100%, and now with circle 3, ignores equipment effects (looks like defense).

The higher the level of the attribute, the longer the duration of the debuff.

Is fixed, him increases with your INT(1:1) and attribute.

It is fixed on 16 hits and same time as the debuff (15sec). Higher levels only increases the damage

Currently only the defense and HP is climbing according to the level. Increases with your INT (1:1) and attribute.

Yes, but note that its debuff lasts 10sec (Does not occur again on the same target) and only removes up to 10% of maximum hp. The debuff is somewhat different from the flesh canon (this can be used multiple times on the same target) and dirty pole. It does not overwrite any of these.

Increases damage by 100%. Does not work on bosses.

Yes, it does not appear visually, but it works. Reduces a lot, I do not have values in%, but I did tests with friends with high MDEF. My Flesh Cannon melted him.

It may be due to the high SPR of the monsters, but I could notice complaints from various linkers


You can open your necronomicon, it’s the value under Number of Fragments

corruption and decay is the same debuff or different?
really confuse about this debuff and what they do -.-

It is the same. Different skills just give different maxhp reduction.Decay does not work against bosses at all. Yes, dirty pole at lvl15 reduces hp of non immune monster to 18%(every second like 2.7% during 30 seconds), but for example Featherfoot reduces them to 1 during 26, so FF decay is better. Yes, necro3 maybe reduces enemy mdef and atk in PvP. Can not tell the same against normal mobs(here again, if mob can be decayed, FF can just wait 25 seconds and one hit any mob).
Going necro to be a support is like going doppel3 to be a healer.
Necro is a PvP class(only with psy2), nothing more. Damage of towers/summons/skellies is irrelevant at 280+ levels.
So, if you want to be usefull go either cryo1-link2-chrono3-sage(or enchanter for huge dps buff for phys atackers, but I would not give up sage) or cryo3-chrono3-sage. But since linker is imba now, I would not give it up, even when there are link-immune mobs at high levels, it is just more enjoyable to play, every 20-25 seconds you/your party 100% kills any 8 mobs because of linker.

necro is a support offensive

Only if it is thauma and use swell body. Has the same effect with necro decay.

Decay of necro in c3 is much better than that of FF. I could see that he went from status ailment rank1 to a rank higher (maybe 3). I’ve noticed getting decay on players with Bloodletting

Wrong, no need to kino2 to play in pvp with necro


Lul 317+ lvl and vien weapon/shield with 68k hp in 2x2 pvp where there are not that big chance for status immune enemies, it is nice. But why you just post 10 pictures? Post 20 more or nub. Others you lost against normal necros surely? Gitgud nub, huehue hue.
FF reduces hp to 1 if Ngahundi is above lvl5. At lvl 5 enemy remains with like 3% hp.
Necro3 decay only from FC ignores Blood Letting, others dont. It is ok status against some over geared knights with transcendancy, but Sage1 is overall better to take instead of necro3 for now.

dirty pole ignore too. Only he does not always catch, even if the enemy is not with BloodLetting

I did not lose, magical classes deal me 1 DMG

Is Flesh Cannon useless without wizard 3? Seems like charging it all the way is a really bad idea and wasting time. I just got necro and 1 point in flesh cannon and I have to charge it to lvl 1 taking quite a while.

Also, what should I be using as shoggoth? Any card level 10 or are there specific ones that make it stronger?

Sorry I know noithing of necros and it’s my first one.

When you put more points in the FC, you can launch before fully completing the loading (the first hits end up being weaker)

moyabruka for more DMG