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[Guide] Fallen Legwyn Family Event

You want 300k silver free and easy ? :scream:

Video reward


  • Cooldown event: 30min-1hour (not sure)
  • Map: Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family

    ( Red: collected light tower, Yellow: Crystal star)

When you grind in map Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family (lv 120-140). you will see the monster have light ball

Kill it and bring to light tower and tower will fall off the crystal ( If not, please repeat again )

Gather them and bring to crystal star

Repeat the above steps until crystal star open or have this inscription

Enjoy reward :yum:

Video tutorial (Thank you Aislings :smile: )


How do you start this event?

It started when the monster have light ball appeared.

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Nice.thanks man☺…

Kinda broken event, I made almost 3 mil silver in a few hours. And people complain about the game having to little money from reciepes a few days ago, now my wallet is exploding with silver xD

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Sorry, But i couldn’t understand this guide. Can you improve it? I think there is some information lacking here. Don’t you need to trigger this event? Cause I spent so much time in this map and never saw the monster with a light ball.
Anyway, thanks for the tips.

how many times do we need to repeat?


Depends on the amount of people there. More people there less money you recieve at the end. :frowning: Best to do it early in the morning with only 2-3 people around, then you earn about 300k a run, alot more people drops down to 100k per run. Though now im lvl 170, can earn more money just grinding mobs tbh. Its a good event when you first get to that level range, though once you are passed it you are better off grinding mobs :smile:

No you do not need to trigger the event. It happens every hour after all the mobs in there die, that is when the imps with light balls will start spawning again. The imps with light balls only spawn on the southern most part of the map.
@herowinb y u no tell me u takin da video! =O

Sorceror is OP here

  • can teleport through the crystal star blockade
  • being first to camp in the middle gets more kills
  • their summons attacks spawns and doesnt lag like hell XD

alternatively, if you just want to get in there early before everyone else does
just camp inside the room for an hour
and wait till everyone opens the door to trigger the event XD

but still you get better loots elsewhere while questing / grinding

For me the orbs just disappear after i kill the mobs with the white ball. Am I doing something wrong?

no is a bug or is not yet implemented

Im having the exact same problem, I feel Im missing something

RIP my favorite event.

I miss it too :confused:


can confirm this event is broken

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@STAFF_Ines, could u take a look at this, pls?


Can someone provide an update to this? I’m trying as well and the orbs of light keep on disappearing.

Assume it’s still broken until patch notes say it isn’t.

someone said in shout a couple days ago that it was removed 'cause it’s broken (have no further infos)