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[Growth Support Server] Goddess\' Roulette!

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘[Growth Support Server] Goddess’ Roulette!’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

On top of this 2, Main server casual people can go and suck their toes. winks Kim


to be fair, in Korea, the roulette event is for everyone, with changed prizes,though.

Here it was just to keep people playing on the new server till now.


you should not need to worry unless this is the first time you dealing with imc and its RNG box.
this is basically goddess blessed+leticia cube with huge item pool and huge amount of chore.
beside current player base are free to join this new server as well with new account which means they legalize alt account creation which is inevitable lol

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This is unacceptable!! All the rewards are free, and there is no one reward that is bad. We should get this in live server too. We should for imc one of these…

said it already

so thanks for what?
no thanks
i got enough alt and chore already
also you skip the requirement there, dont just focus on reward lol.
those red lines pretty much empowered by blindness and greed lol.
and guess how many audra guilds able to defeat boruta now lol


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welcome to the forum
off topic is a thing here especially when it comes to class talk
this thread basically a news thread but it still has topic to it, i agree that off topic is kinda unneeded

as for incoming complain about this news topic which is roulette, i tell you what tos RNG is sucks, like many other mmo RNG
some good items might compensate a bit,some tradable stuff, mechanic to bump up item grade roll but still its gambling
try goddess medeina event to see how much attempt you need vs how much time you win high tier reward.
and this roulette even have more items to roll
each roulette tier except from SS still got bloaters, and i kind of believe they sneakily add more drop rate for those lol
you can work so hard to get that 600 coins and during the 60th roll what you got is 5 legend enchant jewel or some pamoka or some misrus chain and many other stuff worth less than 50m LOL
even if the drop rate of SSS so good and we will end up with tons of giltine wings etcs, economic rule will apply that more items available more cheaper it will be so long people really need it.

im not even participating in this new server thing as well
for me the least thing i want to re-do to get those coins is revisit all warp statue and completing some main quest and going through that unskippable scene over and over

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They delayed the maintenance cuz they are currently rigging the Roullete algorithm hahaha … new servers prepare for a flood of Pamoka/Atrib points with your 600 coins XDDD alt and all … GL tomorrow …

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rather than concern about tons of sss stuff i more concern about incoming complain post about the roulette rng is a scam

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Thanks to your complain i don’t get any SSS prize.

Don’t worry you guys from old server can kill us at new server like ants easily still.

the only almost promising is the 60th roll and thats also still start from S tier that still got plenty of bloaters cheaper than 40m
my guildies told me he got 200+ coins in his alt account cause he just anoher lazy and just want to test out this thing rng to see if its worthed and maybe he will dig some more coins if its any good
the result is outstanding

the result

from 20 rolls all he got are C ranks not even once from at least B lol
he give up on this cause i told him “you might end up getting good student stamp worth 10m during 60th roll after completing lots of chores like visiting all warp statue”

the good thing is i got 100 golden anvil + ruby anvil, now my varna is +16 free

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you dont know the devil plans :distinguished: