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Goddess Card for Swordman

Hi guys, do you know which goddess card should i choose for Dop Barb BB?

you can pick from these.

Hi @pulgasxiii thanks for your reply.

Basically these are the two that I don’t know which to choose haha, mind suggesting which one?


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well for me, i’ll be choosing Austeja for my Barb-Mata-Fen.
since i’m pretty much high on crit already. and im not too heavily focused on AoE attacks…
if ur looking for Big dmg, go for Austeja.

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I could be wrong, but wasn’t Austeja only working on enemies around the target and not the target itself,meaning it has no effect against a single target?

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wait wut!!!
god please no! can u confirm it or source me any links… though im still 71% lvl 1 on austeja map. i can’t afford to spend it on a wrong card. :scream:

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It was patched in Ktos.
I asked a KTOS vet on youtube and he said Austeja works on the target itself.

Unless ITOS used the older version of card…


Can confirm that the card has been patched … In kToS. No clue about iToS, I’m just waiting got someone to actually buy and try it out. For all we know, we could’ve received the bugged one.

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Vakarine for strike builds seems like a reasonable option

EDIT: I only read the title and not OP. Ignore Vakarine suggestion.

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I wish Vakarine was a viable option for everyone, but as the game is right now, only a few classes that use shields actually get some sort of compensation for the lost attack power. no idea why Chaplain has a compensationary attribute but Paladin doesn’t (30% of shield def to main weapon attack would be sufficient, or a high def ignore [50%+] since that’s halved against bosses) although Paladin is a defensive class. Even Quarrel Shooter and Cryomancer aren’t good options as defensive classes.

No idea why IMC is so much against offensive classes using a shield without losing as much damage, especially in the physical Cleric line, which would be perfect to sport high damage and tank capabilities while also being compensated for the low heal value,in comparison to magic Clerics, by the higher base defense. Back in 2016 it might have made sense because blocking made immune against damage, but now it’s just a reduction, and lvl 400+ bosses have wipe mechanics that ignore tankyness.

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facepalm. got troll so badly, initially i went for austeja then i found out it don’t deal damage to the target and went for saule, and now they decide to patch austeja :sweat_smile:

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How did you get it?
Weekly limit is 1.9k so no-one should have it atm in ITOS.

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since the cards are one per team, my guess is that he went and did the daily quest on multiple characters daily to earn pouches and then put them into the team storage to share with the character who has the most points.


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It doesn’t work.
I have 5 characters 458~460.
As long as one character finish daily/ weekly reputation quests, all the other character’s quests auto complete itself.

The worst part is even though the completion is shared, the kill count credit doesn’t share.
That’s some high tech anti-user-friendly design imc created to screw its players.
Worst system I’ve seen in a MMO.


yah, i was also hoping that using multiple characters would work. though the quest kill counts are separate but once you finish a quest its gone for ur other characters.
probably takes 3-4 weeks to level up 1 star reputation.
and has a weekly point limit 500 for using items other than relief supply goods.

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reputation quest is team-shared quest, 10 dailies, 2 weeklies and 1 infinite where the infinite one doesnt provide relief supplies, just 3k reputation coin

either he talk about his ktos playing experience or when he mentioned “went for” meaning focusing on which map because you want to commit to at least 1 map to get goddess card because you need 11250 point.

this is the main problem. ktos got this bump up to 1k and most likely we get this in 3 months. seems like we wont get this urgently pushed to itos like how blessed gem urgently removed from mb shop because they hate to give us advantage for some reason.

and back to topic, and all other topic questioning which card is which build
honestly this cards are linear, its almost like it has functions derived from accessories which separated into patk austeja, matk vakarine, aa saule, tank lada
sadly theres no one specific for healer or for summoner
though healer will most likely pick tank one and summoner probably will use aa and damn that one have the shortest cd
and for some reason they add this offensive shield wearer vakarine card

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if we can exchange weekly limit rep-points in TALT rather than essential expensive grindy mats i’m for it. hahaha

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Don’t forget we NEVER get daily 10 cm purchase ever before they change to this one day cm scroll system.
Yet our ds multiple token thing was removed 1 month after KTOS removed it.

Basically people who’re in charge of ITOS are the scummiest of scumbag you can ever find in a business.


Instead of the grindy mats,they could also make it exchange based on old items like Velcoffer frags, skiaclipse feathers, pranium, earth tower fragments/essences and/or episode 11 field drop items.

There are so many material items that are helplessly outdated yet their sources still exist for no particular reason other than making the game look less empty, but if new players could store them each week until they reach cap,they’d be happy to exchange these useless items for points to receive a goddess card in the process.

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