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🌐 Founder's Pack - Value

Euro (€) and GBP (£) added.
DKK removed due to, more information about “NEW” founder’s pack poll


IMC Games made a poll about what founder’s pack people would like, you can read more about it in the bottom of the topic a link is included to the poll topic.

Total value will be added to the poll founder’s pack

A visual picture showing the price in different currencies will be added tomorrow / later depends on your time zone

  • This will be added later due to lack of time. will also be showing the total value of the founder’s pack, in different currencies

This is a sum up of the value you get inside the different founder packs, i hope this will make it more clear to everyone.
Hope it helps.

P.S This will also be taken as a timeline to see what was the original plan and what is coming.

if you want me to add anything let me know, PM me.


TP Value

100 TP = 9$ / 8€ / 6.3£

200 TP = 18$ / 16€ / 12,6£

300 TP = 27$ / 24€ / 19£

350 TP = 31.5$ / 28€ / 22£

400 TP = 36$ / 32€ / 25,2£

500 TP = 45$ / 40€ / 31,5£

600 TP = 54$ / 48€ / 38£

Headgear Costume Value
the value is taking as a guess, by seeing other mmos and their prices.

Headgear aprox 30-60TP = 3$-6$ / 2,5€ - 5,30€ / 2£ - 4£
this price is just a guess will be updated when future notice arrive
Note the headgear from the Founder Packs are Exclusive.

Headstart / Exclusive Access Value

worth around 5$ - 10$ / 4,4€ - 9€ / 3,5£ - 7£

take it as a guess, because i have never seen a mmo/mmorpg with a cheaper Early Access / Exclusive access than 5$

you can also price it at the missing value in the package example 20$ pack TP worth 18$ Early Access / Exclusive Acces worth 2$.

It all depends on how you see it

Founders Pack Value

  • 50$ Founders pack = 2 headgear = 3$ - 6$, 600TP = 54$, Exclusive Access = 5$ - 10$
    TOTAL VALUE = 62$ - 70$ / 55€ - 62€ / 43,5£ - 49£
    Play date: 22nd March
  • 30$ Founders pack = 1 Headgear = 3$ - 6$, 350TP = 31.5$, Exclusive Access = 5$ - 10$
    TOTAL VALUE = 39,5$ - 47,5$ / 35,2€ - 42,3€ / 28£ - 33£
    Play date: 21st April
  • 20$ Foundesr pack = 200TP = 18$, Exclusive Access = 5$ - 10$
    TOTAL VALUE = 23$ - 28$ / 20,5€ - 25€ / 16£ - 20£
    Play date: 20th May
    Play date: 19th June

Server location - East coast of the US

Official notice, update and FAQ stated March 16

[Notices and Precautions when purchasing ‘Founder’s Server: Exclusive Access’]

  • The users from territories where we have local partners will be restricted from purchasing from the Steam Store and login to the English server.
  • The following territories will be restricted. “Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Indonesia/China”
  • As for Taiwan, we will make a separate announcement soon.
  • The composition of items at the TP shop and their prices may differ from the Korean version.
  • Maximum 5 TP can be accumulated free of charge. 1 TP will be recharged every 4 hours.
  • Some contents, character balance, etc may differ from the Korean version.
  • The number of Worlds that will be opened will depend on the number of initial users online.
  • When the game service goes into Free to Play (June 19th), the new worlds might be added accordingly.

[MAR 16th UPDATE - Further Details / Clarification]

  • We have plans to add new servers in June in accordance to the player base
  • New players may decide which server they wish to play on depending on the server situation.
  • There will be no data wipe of Teams or items


  • Servers will be located on the east coast of the US, same as the iCBT servers
  • 100 TP is priced at approximately USD$9.00
  • EXP gained through hunting will be at the same rate as kTOS
  • The price we announced is based on the price that will be applied to the US. Please check the Steam Store Page for your regional prices. They will be adjusted by Steam Standards.

Plan changes please go to the forum and vote. [ADDED March 16]

Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)

[ 1 Week Staggered Exclusive Access Period ] (A)
The first option is to reduce the Early Access period to 1 week.

  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 1
    Price : $49.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 7 days
    Benefits : 650 TP + 2 Hair Accessories (Hanaming + Popolion Doll)
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 2
    Price : $29.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 4 days(3 days after previous pass)
    Benefits : 380 TP + 1 Hair Accessory (Popolion Doll)
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 3
    Price : $9.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 1 day(3 days after previous pass)
    Benefits : 130 TP

[ 1 Month Exclusive Access Period ] (B)
The second option is to reduce the Early Access period to 1 month.

  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 1
    Price : $49.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
    Benefits : 650 TP + 1 x 60 day Token + 2 Hair Accessories (Hanaming + Popolion Doll) + 1 Companion (Hoglan) + 1 Stat / Skill Reset Potion
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 2
    Price : $29.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
    Benefits : 380 TP + 1 x 30 day Token + 1 Hair Accessory (Popolion Doll)
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 3
    Price : $9.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
    Benefits : 160 TP

[ 3 Month Staggered Exclusive Access Period ] ©
The third option is having the 3-month Early Access period as we mentioned.

  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 1
    Price : $49.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 3 Months
    Benefits : 600 TP + 2 Hair Accessories (Hanaming + Popolion Doll)
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 2
    Price : $29.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 2 Months(1 month after previous pass)
    Benefits : 350 TP + 1 Hair Accessory (Popolion Doll)
  • Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access 3
    Price : $19.99
    Exclusive Access Period : 1 Month(1 month after previous pass)
    Benefits : 200 TP

The poll will end in 24 hours at 4 a.m(EST) March 18th, 2016.
Service shall start on a similar date regardless of which option is chosen.

All is subjet to change when future notice.

I will keep this post updated when we will see any future notice on the rework of the founders pack and dates.

Most of the information is taken from the notice on founders pack that was released 15th March


my complaint is the 3 month EA, compared to +/- 1 week EA of other new mmorpg

they should ahve release it as B2P everyone starts as equal and payed and turn F2P in a year later.

This is just to see the value of the current stated founder packs its not a suggestion site, i dont mind the 3month EA my self but thats just my opinion.

The founder packs were supposed to subsidize the costs of f2p users (or at least I assume so). They probably need to upgrade the servers to accommodate the population an open beta would bring.

warframes founder pack prices:


Great to see this, thank you for a comparison option

Worth all penys. Look other game, exemple this warframe… 250 usd for 1 game…

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Damn, a post with constructional value? Have a like!

To quote IMC:

We’ve come up with this initial access… to provide a stable in-game environment to our users.

If this is true, it means they are not yet able to handle a full international release with multiple servers worldwide. Instead, they want to give some of their dedicated players a chance to play NOW (For $50 from a Eastern USA server) with the ACTUAL RELEASE slated for June. NEW SERVERS will be available, so a fresh start for all of these players if they want it. New players can also join a developed economy on the Founder’s server, no big deal.

It sucks to have to wait 3 months for a free release (especially after so much March 14th OBT Hype from a false leak), and it’s not a perfect plan. But I for one think $50 is not too much to ask for as IMC prepares for the full release, as Harmy has shown. Thanks Harmy!


And thank you for taking the time to read it, i appreciate the time spent on reading what i did put toghter as a prox value of the packs :slight_smile: remember the information is stated as what i have seen on other mmos ingame shop, and i played alot. :slight_smile: so the price for the headgear is a prox price, the price is not set, but its the price i can imagine :slight_smile:

How can you put value on a headstart/exclusive access lmao

pulling numbers out of your ass doesn’t make things true

edit: if anything I would price that at whatever the rest of the first value is. You said the $20 pack is $18 worth of TP, so it would be $2 for the exclusive access. That’s the number you should be using imo


The reson why i dont put it at 2$ is because i’ve never seen a EA cheaper than 5$ unless you buy it on the black market hope this cover your concern.

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You can’t be selective with your numbers. You should list them all, else you risk looking biased.

Im pretty sure that i stated most of the numbers correctly, first of all the headgear is a guess, and the guess is taken from playing other mmo/mmorpgs, and i mention that, i can state the EA as a guess and why i set it at 5$-10$ and the reason would be that i have never seen a game have cheaper EA than 5$ maybe some rpgs have, no mmo/mmorpgs. thats why. if you have something to add, let me know and ill gladly add it :slight_smile:

Let’s be honest. Next to no one is paying for the TP. The head start is the most attractive. IMC isn’t selling the EA at $5 - $10 because they know people want it, so they tack on the TP to lure people in.

You should list the EA at the price they are proposing. If the pack is worth $18 and you’re paying $20, then the EA is worth $2 as IMC is apparently pricing it. You should list that too, just to let people see why they are really paying for.

N-Nuh uh ! I’m paying for the TP, h-h-honest! How could you suggest such a thing?

Seriously though why aren’t they just discounting the TP for 10%? They wouldn’t have lost the trust of the people if they had just been more honest. Most people didn’t need an incentive to buy TP as it is.

i dont care about cosmetics so i wont be buying TP. but i will pay for VIP

(Not sure if this is true)

A person looked into a recent update for the differences between the international and Korean servers. This information shows a change to the pricing of the founders pack too.

Take a look:


can you please understand that the complain is mainly about the 3 month early access and not the value of the pack.

You cant prove anything! grabs the hats and jumps from a window