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Gevura and Ein Sof Changes


  • Skill function is changed.
    :arrow_forward: Before: Reset the Cooldown of 30th strike skill.
    :arrow_forward: After: Increases cooldown of 30th strike skill by 30%.
  • Cooldown is changed from 30 seconds to 75 seconds.

Ein Sof

Applies buff that decreases the Cooldown when using skill.

  • Decreases duration by 90 seconds, Cooldown by 15%.
  • Does not activate when the Statue of Goddess Laima buff is applied.

I’m not quite sure I understand these changes.

Gevura didn’t seem very strong before, but now instead of resetting cooldowns, it actually increases cooldowns? So it’s a debuff for party members now? And the cooldown changes to 75 seconds? Is there a huge upside to Gevura that I’m missing that this heavy nerf is needed?

Ein Sof now no longer heals but decreases Cooldown? Or additionally? I guess that would be nice, it would allow Kabbalist builds that don’t require having Diev.

But what does “Decreases duration by 90 seconds” mean? Ein Sof duration wasn’t even 90 seconds at max level… so the duration is negative now? What duration is decreased exactly?

Just another classic imc translation error, it reduces cooldown of the skill that did the 30th hit by 30%.
Gevura right now is extremely overpowered(Add Discerning Evil + a wizard dps party member to see how op it really is), so it’s understandable it got nerfed. However the nerf feels excessive… Not sure if the skill will be any useful after the patch.

As for the Ein Sof change, I don’t think the previous effect is removed, it just gets a second effect added on top of the previous. The “Decreases duration by 90 seconds” part also seems like a mistake, as far as I know it means the cooldown reduction buff it gives lasts 90s.

The cooldown reduction buff is nice, but it still loses to diev’s… and with gevura nerf I think Kabbalist loses a lot of its value. Thankfully Ein Sof+Laima statue do not stack, or that would make both Diev and Kabba mandatory classes for any healer lol.

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Properly translated changes + developer notes from when they did the change in KR.


Interesting, the kToS change notes says Ein Sof reduces cooldown by 10%, but our patch notes say 15%.

It also says “To the party”. Even without Double Magic Attribute? Does it affect self? Guess I’ll have to test that.

And probably drop Gevura and max Revenge Sevenfold instead lol.

Sorry, it’s 15%. They changed it later in KR.

So I’m currently playing Cleric > Priest > Diev > Kabbalist, but due to the updates it seems pointless to run both Diev and Kabbalist and I’m also currently lacking the damage to do most solo content, so I feel like replacing either Diev or Kabbalist with another class.

Some thoughts:

  • I know Priest > Diev > Oracle is the meta build right now and will even be more popular now, but I feel this build lacks healing, spaming Heal is possible, but ever since it became targetted it’s so annoying to use on a party member and other than that there would only be Mass Heal…

  • I could try Priest > Oracle > Kabbalist, making use of new cooldown reduction of Ein Sof, having all the heals and still have Oracle to be useful in endgame content, any opinions on this one?

  • I kinda like the auto attack gameplay, with my build right now my damage sucks but auto attack with Blessing / Sacra / Shop Buffs is still 30000 per hit and most damage per second right now (need around 5 minutes to kill Amiss Dog…), but I heard all auto attack builds suck now…

  • I also think mobbing and mass AoE killing is fun, but the only content I solo is solo raids and there’s no mobbing in them, with silver removed from “Sole Hunts” there’s also no point in solo those anymore, so I guess if I go for damage it’s mostly for killing bosses alone

  • Druid seems to be an option, heard it actually has good damage and at the same time even have a heal over time effect, so could go Priest > Diev > Druid or Priest > Druid > Kabbalist?

  • Also thought about Krivis, Chaplain or Plague Doctor but no idea how they play and if I will still be taken as healer into parties with those

Any thoughts that can help me decide?

Paladin is meta for healer now

Care to explain?

Would like to understand what its use is and with which classes to combine.

Paladin is for tank and buffing , it is become a meta because Barrier can protect party from any damage , but you need a good gear

Paladin - Oracle - Kaballist , immortal build for most content

But everybody says tanking is useless in the game!

Hmm, but if Oracle - Kabbalist works without Diev after Kabba Update I might really try Priest - Oracle - Kabbalist. Then I’m just one class change away from the other style, but I want TU for DCP.

Tanking is useless if

  • you are not a paladin
  • you don’t have good equipments as a paladin


I have priest - oracle - diev and I don’t think you really need that much heal for some contents, like challenge modes, skiaclipse, etc.
B U T for the top end game contents, you need good items and double supports inside the party! Yes! Two supports.

One of them being the support one and the other being tanky/debuffer, like:

  • diev - priest - kabbalist
  • pardoner - paladin - oracle

More or less like this. One keeps buffs/healing and the other the opposite: debuffs/tanking.

Watch these. Maybe you can understand better:


tank is usless for swordman , but paladin is like true tanker because they can protect party from aoe or any damage as long your party inside barrier , but paladin is not good if u are a newbie or don’t have good gear

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Uhhh tank swordy is pretty good at DCP though … we don’t have to position ourselves and just spam our aoes while the swordy taunt them forever XDD the healer just focus buff on him the entire time …

i am dcp using turn undead and like spread kill for faster end like 3-5 minute , i don’t think taunt is usefull because they aggresive mobs

Oopps I mean Dscm hahahaha XDD

dscm my fix party don’t use tank, 1 pyro , 1 falconer , 1 range dps, flag, and healer with oracle , falconer is enough for aoe supporting + dps, we can clear ds 5 without ark just varna party , i think u need fat DPS if using tank and still useless better speed run with more DPS

Yeah but as said with the upcoming changes Diev does not synergize well with Kabba anymore so I’d like to switch one of them while staying the main healer/buffer (not tank).

Still haven’t found the perfect solution, but most likely Priest - Oracle - Kabbalist seems to be the way.

Still didn’t really get any opinions on Druid, Plague Doctor, Krivis, Chaplain etc. so not sure yet.

I was priest - diev - druid and to be honest it “was” ok for challenge modes. Maybe combined with plague doctor healing factor it would be better, but still I think druids are not that good for supporting.
You can go Priest - Kabbalist - Oracle. It is a good combination.
With kabbalist you’ll have a good healing burst and oracle can protect the party and increase the damage dealt when bossing.
You could also go priest - oracle - another class like:
Druid - As I said … healing garden is “ok” but kabbalist gives more supporting skills and buffs;
Plague Doctor - resistant, offers max speed, healing factor is great. If you like, you can try it;
Diev - one of my favourites supports but you can avoid this class if you don’t like it very much;
Pardoner - has another healing skill, increases magic defense, increases debuffs duration and that’s it. Would also be good combined with oracle as well but priest - oracle - pardoner kinda forces you to be a bossing support;
Paladin - only if you have HP and very good end-game gears. Tank a lot, provides SP for the entire party (with attribute), take less damage and protect the entire party. If you’re rich, go for it;
Miko - MAYBE, and only MAYBE could be good for a build like diev - miko - druid with healing factor and statues arts, with clap and sweeping + hamaya attribute. Of course I wouldn’t go for this class for a full support build, but … who knows? xD
Zealot - A debuffer class if combined with supports. Being a zealot - pardoner - oracle is O N L Y for end-game content bosses because all 3 classes can do harmful effects for bosses. With zealots debuffins attributes increasing, your party will deal better in some scenarios.

I’m talking about classes I have played with. So that’s > my < opinion. Hope I could help with something else.

I feel like if you go Priest - Oracle, then you really have to pick Diev, because the cooldown reduction is just too strong.

But with Kabbalist update I was thinking that -15% cooldown reduction is almost as good as Diev’s -20%, so it might make some builds without Diev reasonable.

So for me the question is more if for Priest - Kabba the only third option is “Oracle” or anything else might be quite viable.

I definitely want either Diev or Kabba. Because these classes don’t require spaming skills which gives you more time to oversee the situation and act accordingly.

(But your reply helps a lot. I definitely am just a casual gamer, so no OP gear, so Paladin is out and I don’t like Debuffs, so Zealot is out too. I just want to Heal, Buff and maybe be able to deal some damage solo, so I can do the solo-only content.)


To be honest, if you have already priest and kabbalist you could use plague doctor. With healing factor art, you’re healing power would be more than enough!
You don’t have to pick oracle if you don’t want to, but I believe oracle is just too strong now.
You could also pick pardoner. It’s just a different class.
Picking classes trying to be different is just too boring because we try to be different and we end up almost with all the same builds.
You can pick druid too. Chortasmata with art will keep your friends with healing all the time.
So, in short:
Priest - Kabbalist - Plague Doctor [with art]
Priest - Kabbalist - Pardoner
Priest - Kabbalist - Druid [with art]
Since you don’t want diev or oracle in this build.