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Game capped at 20fps

Hello everyone,
it’s been quite some time that i played Tree of Savior but since i got some time on my hands i tried to give it another try for a while.

As the topic states my problem is i have 20fps no matter where i am and no matter what options i pick. I tried to lower graphics restarted game several times, disabled the steam overlay in the steam library but nothing helps … No matter if i am in Klaipedia full with people or on a simple map somewhere in the forest where noone is. I have constant 20-21 fps . I tried googling a bit i read alot about poor optimization and so on … thing is last time i played it it was on the same PC that i use now and i remember i had 60 fps constantly on some occassions it dropped on 40 but litereally CMs and stuff full with mobs i had 60 fps so what the hell did change.

I saw there were a few updates and i am not sure if its because of those that i cant play properly anymore but i would really appreciate if anyone would have some suggestions for me to try out because 20 fps isnt enjoyable … game looked good back in the day.

My specs

I5-4460 3.2GHz

Geforce GTX 960

16gb DDr3

250Gb SSD

Running windows 7 64bit

Appreciated in advance will look forward for some suggestions

64 bit version is capped at 20 FPS for unknown reasons - Help Center - Tree of Savior Forum

hope this helps you

Oh yeah, i should have added that i found this topic aswell but sadly no it didn’t help. I tried 32 bit version aswell and its the same thing it kinda is capped at 20.

This worked for me:

" Go to Nvidia control panel
Go to Manage 3D settings
Select Program Settings
Add (or select) Tree of Savior (client_tos.exe)
In preferred graphics processor, select Nvidia high performance, then click apply
Do the same for client_tos_x64.exe"

I dont seem to have the option to select preffered graphics processor on Nvidia Panel. I tried to force vsync off. I saw that it helped you and i hope someone might have another clue what this problem can be caused by. Like stated before a year ago maybe 2 i was playin fine at 60 fps seems obvious that some of the updates messed things up for me but i am clueless how to fix that by myself so i was hoping someone else experienced that problem . Can’t be just the 2 of us .
Thanks for your help tho i appreciate any kind of help .

it’s because you’re not using Laptops/Notebooks

sounds like you’re in the same boat with this person

Might be, i have seen this post before but sadly there is no solution in it. I am not sure if opening a ticket to directly ask at the tree of savior support . Thanks for the attempt anyways.