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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Latest Announcement

Is the possibility of server transfer between NA server and EU server (if implemented later) being discussed, or that won’t be happening?

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Can you please state that the date of the founder pack will not change (or not change much) from the 22nd march? ANd please say loud and clear that the game will be released 1 week-1 month-3 months after the founder packs wathever option will be chosen at the end?

Just because well… people are going crazy thinking you guys are going to delay everything to june since you didn’t clearly state the date in your announcment.

What about SEA/Oceanic or at least West Coast server ? We really don’t want to play with 300+ ping like at iCBT2.

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Thanks for taking the time to work it out.

As you might now, AWS recently launched a new location in frankfurt Germany. this would be a perfect spot for the EU server.
I would also advise to think about moving the US server if you open an EU server.
If you have 1 EU and 1 US server both hosted in the centers of the continents (central EU and the center of the US) everyone would be at 100ms to their nearest server at worst.

I would also like to offer my help as kind of an aws expert, but i am sure you guys have that talent covered :wink:

The server launch day 22 march for 50$ founders ?

Well, seems like you were debunked ^^

really want to say"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY".
BUT I NEED Sever located SEA!!

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the only thing i want to know is where can i play tree of savior

Is it possible you could mention a West Coast Server, or at least change it up for NA only to be located in Texas or something?

So like in this format:

For the people in NA play in the Texas, OR West/East Server, I literally get 200 ms in Seattle playing on the East Servers… its horrible.

For the people in EU, perhaps their own server as well, as seen from the above tests, they too similarily server from latency, however ironically the Netherland people have better latency than I do living in the U.S…

For the Asia/SEA people, You said something about the playasia, Singapore servers correct? If so, then no problem for them, they’ll be able to play on home turf :slight_smile:

Please think this through, and take it into heavy consideration, as not only is much of your player-base scattered in all locations, I for one, and similar people in fashion, would love to play on a better latency game, especially when spending money, I have to buy 4 $50 for my friends and I, using money where it matters for a better server latency would be great. :slight_smile:

Once it’s released (on March 22nd?), the launcher should be available for download via Steam. If they use the current top choice of the poll, only those who buy a “Founders Pack” DLC (Which will cost 10/30/50 dollars depending on the bonuses) will be able to enter right away. If you don’t buy one though, then you will need to wait a month.

Make all the founder packs as available according to purchase please, those who want to play later can do so as they fancy. Ugh

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why are you making the voting poll , what are you making other to decide for me , you dont care of all the players, you just care for the mayority even know that they are choosing B or A just cuz they dont want us to start earlier not cuz they are willing to pay any plan.

I dont get all of this hate, why they dont want us to start playing next week, instead, your making them to steal us 2 months of play

Q. Will my vote on the current poll affect the release date?
A. No, it is very unlikely that it will affect the release schedule. Even if it does, it won’t affect it significantly.

this answer is a little vague and can mean both yes and no since the original plan was divided over 4 different release schedules. so lets say option B gets chosen in the poll where all packs give a 1 month headstart, does that mean this falls under the “March” release schedule, or under the “May” release schedule?

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There’s still a lot of doubts regarding the release date after the poll. Could you please say specifically if the release date (regardless of which plan wins on the poll) will be around 22th MARCH/THIS MONTH/NEXT WEEK?
Also I’d like to know if all cash itens will be available on day 1. Thanks!

option A, and imc doesnt do anything for 3 months until june?
option B, and f2p release date is september?

does that make any sense?

every server should start late march no matter the option, maybe not march 22 because of the polls.

I would love to know how can i spend my TPS if i decide to buy the 50 bucs package, because we should know please D:

Right, we’re buying TP amounts, but we don’t even know what we can spend TP on yet.

they said the original schedule date would be SLIGHTLY changed, so if the option B wins which is most likely to, the f2p open beta for everyone will be around 25-30 april

item dlc. There wont be a content dlc

Latin / Brazilian server included? A LOT of brazilians
want to buy founder but, we are afraid of losing all when BR server
open… some MIGRATION process in the future PLS?!