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Free stuff for nice people

It ant transfor weapons, thats magnum opus job, I was thinking of something along the the lines of Ragnarok cards.

Ok… Dont know how you will equip it on early game but…

Just gimme, I will take care of everything later, i.e. level up and stuff.

Also, you recognized MGQ. Superb taste.

Only the wise and strong mided understand HOHOHO…

magnum opus transforms a weapon into a complete different one? well that sounds awesome - ok guess thatll be hella fun to discover - maybe well play o nthe same server and ill pass by from time to time with some weapons to “change” xD

I bring great news! I dont wanrt conflicts here do it and youre in the blaclist, but IMc will cahnge the early access! It wont be 3 months anymore, but 1 and give more pretyy stuff! :laughing:

antyay the anouncement is here: Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)

the only problem is that i will need to rush to become and alchemist and craft a shitload of potion before the free reelease…

Lmao twink is a naughty word.

Can’t wait for the free sp and hp pots tho :blush:

I couldn’t say better myself, my greatest ally. But oh boy, I will silence thyself for now…

DUDE what did you smoke to think twink is a lewd word?
I need to take care of what I put in your potions, I dont want the guards, entering my workshop, thinking Im making people high with potions… :yum:

It is a lewd word xD

Look up “slang twink”

I like a naughty autentist tho so its fine ~ :kissing_closed_eyes:

HEHEHE I wst thinking about it this way… maybe the potion werent to blame.

I’m going to need those potions for my cryo>sorc :worried:

bookmarked your post :smiley:

That’s very nice, make sure to save me 1 potion!

so sorc untill wich cicle? rank 3 sorc gets this:

also summoning 3 is ridiculous overpowered.

get some max sp gear tough… Also try to find what happens if yiu take a magic amplification potion beofre a summoning.

what build have u decided for alchemist

Ok, i was planning to give people 5 lvl 1 sp and hp potions to help at the start, but I dont know if I will have enough time to craft all I need for this many potion for so many people in a month… Curse you crafting time!

If you need help gathering I can help I plan on rushing a class for fast item farming

Well, since it’s probably that we aren’t going to be in the same server you don’t actually have to save one potion to everyone, i was just saying that it was a nice gesture and i wish more people would be like you so yeah

Full crafting, I will take alch 3 as soon its released and then I want to pick enchanter (announced, but no informations yet) if itsa enchant item instead of temporary buffs, if its temporary Ill go for mimic after alch.
I wont give the before alchemist info because I have a really rude and violent ■■■■■■■ I want to beat into submission and go medieval up its ass, so i want to keep a nasty surprise to it :spy:
the classes before alch are random and dont reflect my actual build.