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Founder's Server Now Accessible!

Greetings, Saviors!

The time to save the world and find the goddesses has finally come!

Those that have purchased at least one of the Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access products will now be able to access Tree of Savior on Steam.

Please check below for important details that you may wish to keep track of.

[Noteworthy dates and times]
-Scheduled maintenance : Every Tuesday 1:00 - 5:00 a.m. (EDT)
-Announcements regarding new servers : Will be made 30 minutes - 1 hour prior to opening
-Transition to F2P : April 28th, 2016

[Contacting us]
Feel free to contact us on the forums via PM or posts under the Help category with any problems you may have about the game. Please make sure to contact us via Support or E-mail only when you are having major technical problems to ensure prompt responses.

-PM on the Official Forums : Log-in issues, technical problems, bug reports, or other issues.
-Support Tickets : Major technical issues, abusing/hacking reports
-E-mail ( : Major technical issues

Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm for Tree of Savior. We hope that we will be able to work together to raise a sapling into a tree worthy of legend.

IMC Staff


login screen - connecting to server-and nothing happens)


Can’t update client… :sob:

1800+ people in queue and you wanna make this a free2play game lol you sure know how to reward the “spenders”. Whatever you do guys DONT press the select character option bottom right corner of the screen as it will boot you out of game and send you right at the back of the queue for some intense thumb sucking as the wait is nearly quadruple the initial index finger spam (Face Palm, don’t drink beer while learning the game). At this rate people are just gonna leave this game running 24/7 and have a macro to attack so no chance of the game kicking them, The situation is a really bad Disney movie. Why you let $10 people start the game early? of course it will attract way too many people on release only pissing off those that bought all 3 packs to show support and in return I have to deal with army of budget bangers lol epic wisdom and management IMC.


Connecting to server…

And nothing happens…

Edit: working now, I had to wait 1-2 mins after clicking enter.

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nothing happens after I press “Enter” Button…

is it because of bad ping? (germany) or are the servers just full… Maahhhh >-<
At least it seems…

Now my disired Team name is surely already taken Q-Q

Edit: indeed… Now I have to be a “Drops” and not a “pie”… Curse you villain!
And queuing place 773… 3rd server?!

As with the other people above, I can’t seem to be able to connect to either server

So Klaipeda is not Open and u’re saturating Orsha? WTH srsly

Why would we need a EU server. 2 NA server are doing fine

Our pie charts show that with equal distribution of NA, SA and EU players there is no reason to open regional servers, so we will start with 2 located in NA

А что все так нервничают и срут кирпичами? Вполне ожидаемая техническая задержка, так было со всеми ммо проектами, днём раньше, днём позже, главное, чтобы все подкрутили как надо.

Лучше пожелаем удачи IMC :3

Small patch and it works now!

I’m in!

Sorta… 85 channels and I’m 768th in the que. ; )

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lol good luck buddy, you might be there all night waiting as i think nobody will log out once in, not enough space demand too high, what were they thinking of course this game will be very popular, 2 servers? ridic.

So…I made the mistake of going back to the Character Selection screen because I decided I can handle all the players on a channel and I wanted to get my DLC items…

And I was 500th in queue. Got down to 200th…then I exited the game by accident >_< Back to 900th

Gonna cry

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Need more servers… the queue is real :laughing:

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can’t wait to get back home … Q_Q

As far as I can recall and the assurances that we were given when we paid in advance for access to the founders’ server that we’d not have to deal with Queues. =/ I’m seeing right now that that isn’t the case. So far, the track record isn’t looking good Nexon (IMC games). Please rectify. We’ve had so far a delayed launch, and now 968th in queue. I’m not impressed and am very displeased. This game, TOS, is one of the most anticipated games for the last 2-3 years. I’ve made efforts to share this release with as many people as possible in efforts to help build a community and share in the experiences. It’s also kind of hard to review something when you’re unable to access it. I sincerely hope that this is rectified ASAP, until then I find it hard to recommend this to anyone. No matter how good a game is, if it’s unplayable/unreachable then this will kill a game much faster than stagnation or anything for lack of a community could ever do.


i got passed the server selection its gay i have to alt tab in and out of the game to select stuff… and now i cant even make my “team name”

i was tring to get my money back

The queue is unbearable!