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[Founders] an International Guild PvE & PvP

i wanna join too. left to buy the access when it is out…

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Hi hi o/ I’m interested too :slight_smile: My IGN will be Neosigma if available and i intend to play wiz3-elem3-warlock :slight_smile: (therefore pure dps)

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Adds all again Up!! :wink:

…and me? :disappointed_relieved:

The List is now available for viewing for those interested

i cant find me in u List :scream:

im still waiting lol… ug i need to go sleep

guys!! Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed) vote 3 months 1!! D:

or 1 month has good stuff guys guys!!

I fell asleep fam my bad ill recheck it when its like 8am for me which is like 4 hours

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hey theirs n update!

I saw man i voted for B

Ok Alseif you have been added in the list sorry about that I thought I added you in and cc i already added u in as well. Now if you will excuse me I’m going to go set up the discord for sunday guys

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But i wanted to play on the 22 and people are voting for B :cry:

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well tbh they didn’t really mention if the choices affect the release date of the server. It just says that you will get a month period before F2P start joining in.

You have a point here.

Forgot to add me or just not interested ?

Oh my apologies have been out since its 5am and im tired doing discord xD forgive for that man. I’ll add ya just in a sec

Alright 3 new people added that included with the 3 there u go man sorry again about that u can check over it now

Love to join your guild. Still deciding whether to play cleric or wiz. Im not a good pvp player but i enjoy dungeons and leveling.

Well this guild will be open to all content that you choose. Discord will be implemented in a few days.

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sadly i think they may push the start day back since most people voted for the 1 month.