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Founder pack price increase?

Damn IMC so does this means the future TP cost will also follow this founder pack pricing system? So there is no more regional price?

Well fu*k my third world country ass … I simply cant understand why people that live in SEA region should also paid the same as American/European.

Thats sadly one of the downside about playing on international game releases.
The cash shop currency has to follow the same pricing for everyone…

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Wow something costs more than an “AAA game”

1000 Bananas cost more than an “AAA game”
500 Melons cost more than an “AAA game”
a sportscar cost more than an “AAA game”
a holiday cost more than an “AAA game”

What are you even comparing?
Do you need the things above? Do you need a founders pack? Do you need TP? Do you need an “newly released AAA game”?
No you don´t - they are luxuries. If you have the money you can buy them, if you don´t have the money you don´t buy them.

The game is F2P you can even play this luxury without paying. Can you play an “AAA game” without paying? No you can´t.
Also many things from foreign countrys are more expensive if you want to buy them in your country - thats a fact. They have chosen the US$ as the currency they want to use so they simply use the exchange rates to apply the prizes in other countries like many other international companies in the world do.

You have 2 choices now:

  1. You accept that
  2. You leave this game and go buy an “AAA game” or do something else.

Who got scammed? When? By whom?

IMC didn’t scam anyone. They changed the price. McDonalds didn’t scam me when they raised the cost of the McDouble. They raised the price.

A scam would be, say, if you paid for the game and then didn’t get a game. That’s a scam.

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While you guys are still arguing, I’m still here, waiting for an official announcement.


well, we already have a official announement (that was erased a while after posted)

Firstly, asking someone to leave a game isn’t going to help the game. You should know that. (with the exception of botters and cheaters)

Secondly, it seems you are trying to attack me directly, which is fine - but I should clear something up. I am playing from Singapore. The price increase only jacked up the price here by ~$15 or so. No biggie. With the 30% sale happening on the 21st, it’d be the same price as before the change, but without the sale. Hell yea I can afford that, and I fully intend to buy that one package that is missing from my collection.

Lastly, what’s with that comparison? I’m comparing in game currency to a AAA game and you’re comparing sportscars and holidays? Your point?

Is gaming a luxury? Yes. But why stop there? Is eating a luxury? Why not! And we can keep going on and on about this topic - still no solution.

International companies around the world do not use USD. They are international, so they use the country specific currency. If you want to compare this to “sportscars and holidays”, go look them up on another region’s website, you can see that they use the region specific currency and game prices on Steam scale on region specific currencies as well. Last I checked, this isn’t NA ToS.

You have 2 choices now:

  1. You accept that there are players from other regions
  2. Stay oblivious

You don’t know what a scam is and, if I’m reading you right, never will.

Please pity me Mr. Paladin.

Still waiting for the official announcement…

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Yes they made mistake…there is no such thing as perfect company.
But don’t you guys see? they’re doing everything they can. They have to make every hard decisions just to solve the problems.
If they’re not doing everything they can…then perhaps they’ll just snob us and do whatever they want. They respond in every concerns that we have.
This thing must not be put lightly, because its not easy to run a company. At least, we should RESPECT them!

You guys wanted to get rid of BOTS, and EXPLOITS/“ABUSERS”? there you GO! and still complaining.

Steam has a regional price for a reason, purchasing power.

And no need to be that smart to see that without regional price some people wont pay same as you mister, it will be double in some cases triple.

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Hahahaha feel my pain! As a resident of EU, with salary lower than in the USA I had to pay 10€ instead of 10$ and now when they removed regional pricing it’s cheaper.

They pretty much ■■■■ up here… I was planning to buy both founders packs but guess what? The price has go up 2x times on México, even with the 30% discount is not worth it anymore…

Guess I’ll have to take the free user path again…

lol I was waiting for the 30% discount to buy an extra pack but they increased the price instead wtf… guess i won’t buy it anymore

Guys, on the bright side, we will have more cash on hands


dark souls 3 is $60 US
Exclusive access is $50 US

Honestly I never knew that other countries got breaks to play these games. Does it work that I can change my region to somewhere else and pay 25-75% less for the same titles?

unless you have a credit card from other country and change your steam region… no