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Fletcher builds

Just got vvr fletcher bow ichor and seal +3, never played fletcher b4. I’m looking to build a more bossing-oriented fletcher, hope more experienced players can advise!

Right now I’m considering

Hope someone can advise on these builds and also share the skill rotations for fletcher. Thanks!

I play Ranger-Fletcher-Mergen.

Bossing wise, before the vaivora fletcher buff, barbed arrow feels underwhelming compared to TH-Musks for bossing, but then we have +100% barbed damage and 30% min crit chance now for it, we’ll see how it goes.

I do:
Bodkin (use every cd) > Spread Shot x3 > Zenith x2 > Broadhead > Barbed x5 > Crossfire x5 > Divine Machine x3 > Magic Arrow > Homing Arrow x3 > Ranger Fillers/Spread Shot/Back to Broad>Barbed

Always keep critical shot stacks at 5, I like using Magic Arrow after I’ve used my bursts because it triggers and wastes Ataka, you can start using it before Crossfire though.
You can put 4 Leap and 1 oblique, Throw all skill point potions into Bodkin, you’ll end up with Level 10 Bodkin w/vaivora.

Thanks for sharing!
Personally I didn’t touch barrage at all and instead maxed crit shot. Would love to also know which skills you maxed(or would max) ENH arts on

that’s fine, I had maxed crit shot too for a while but realized barrage actually does some damage when conditions are met, so I put crit back to 1 and barrage to 13.

I think I already maxed every ARTS except ranger skills, broadhead, magic arrow, divine machine arrow(my next target) and triple arrow(comes after divine machine).

as for priority imo:
Spread > Zenith/Barbed > Barbed/Zenith > Crossfire/Homing.

Homing is a skill I really hate but forced to use anyway because it has high enough sfr

Hi Lostac

Can you elaborate more on “waste Ataka”? i did some reading and some people said Ataka on bow is bad. I still find that my fletcher is very underwhelm compared to my BB. I am barely doing any damage on CM6/CM7 with my mergen/fletcher/ranger. I think i am playing wrongly in some way…

Maybe it is because i am not maxing some of my core skills such as zenith, crossfire and homing?
Is it seal 3 is a must to do good damage for Bow class?

Magic Arrow wastes ataka because it triggers damage every 0.5 sec, so if you crit on that interval, your ataka goes on cooldown. It’s a waste because Magic Arrow has low SFR and is often used for the silence attribute.

Ataka on Bow is good for Bodkin Point, and then Barbed Arrow and Spread Shot, these are fake multhits, so you’d see 10m ataka damage most of the time, for homing arrow and zenith, you can see 6m-10m ataka depending on what you’re attacking provided you have +3 boruta seal.

And don’t compare yourself with BB, on my server, only Musk-TH could compare with BB or Dragoon/Lancer for Single target damage.

Regarding CM7, all my mergen skills are doing well, Cross Fire does decent output as well, although just a reminder I have them at max attribute and enhance arts. I also have a separate AoE Attack ratio set.

What this build does well at imo, is bernice and CM, sadly the rewards aren’t as good as getting the top WBR charts so you see a lot of archers switching to Musk-TH variants now.

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i tested magic arrow+ART wont trigger ataka, but if there are other fletcher, it will overwrite each other. credit @Ennislol

Since it won’t trigger ataka, it won’t crit as well? also, iirc the silence is gone if you use the art, correct?

no,it will still crit but wont trigger ataka. It lose silence tho, but since raid boss cant be silenced anyway, so it doesnt matter

Yea I only use the silence for WBR, which does help a lot specially for that last WBR (mirtis)

Thanks, good to know, I’ll finally get that art after stalling too long lol

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Guys hows the damage after the barbed arrow buff? i am still thinking if i should trade my SM +3 seal for an archer one… Liking the mobility of Archers but the dmg i am dealing is not too good at the moment. ( I didn invest any tome pages art books yet)

I only tested it in a few things so far, about 3m x5 per hit average on some content, at least it’s stronger than spread shot now

Feels a lil underwhelming tbh haha

Erm i thought Barbed Arrow is fake multihits so max per hit should not exceed 2m since the cap damage in the game is 10m

fake multihits can go over cap

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Tried a fletch-ranger-hunter build, there seems to be a lot of down time in this build after spamming the fletcher skills

It’s a single target spec mainly. The videos I’ve seen of wbr with it don’t seem to have too much of any down time.

i still considering which fletcher build is most suitable to CM hard for farming goddess fragment

it seems appraiser will be the best choice

devaluation has 100% chance to AOE debuff -14.4% p/mdef against boss/elites for 30 sec duration (30sec CD too)

Okay, I think the fletcher bow buff is really nice, I’m able to beat a lot of muskets I couldn’t beat before in WBR, before the vaiora buff.

This is playing as ranger-fletcher-mergen. I don’t have a Legend card yet.

I wonder if the upcoming changes(based on ktos thread) will be a complete rework or mostly buffs.

I tried the fletcher magic arrow art, It actually triggered ataka, was this patched?