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Fletcher builds

ah, tested it just now, you are correct, thanks for the latest update!
well, just endure it in a few months ataka will be replaced anyway

I’m actually a little confused about the difference between true and fake multihits, the effects they have on dmg cap, ataka, ark etc…

It’s pretty simple actually…

Fake multihit is actually one hit with the exception of targets that could only take “1” damage.
Take Barbed arrow for example, it does 5 hits, but you only have to land one hit to deal all 5 hits.

Now to make this less confusing, let’s bring in some real multihit skills for comparison, Homing Arrow and Zenith from Mergen. You will see monster hp drop from 100%>90>80, etc. If you do this with a fake multihit skill, it will just drop from 100 to 0% or even do overkills.

Fake multihits ignore 1-hit 10m damage cap, meaning your fake multihit can do up to 10m per hit x number of hits. Now for Ataka, If your fake multihit does 5m damage total for all hits, it will do 10m damage provided you have dragon strength. For real multihit, only your first crit will be converted into ataka damage because it will go on cooldown.

Ahh I see, that’s a great explanation. I was wondering if I should work towards ark thunder or punishment(although they use the same matz), as it’s said that fake multihits benefit more from ark punishment.

Yeah our class combination (Ranger-Fletcher-Mergen) makes our Ark choice a bit hard.

Based on the latest KR test server notes,
Good for Punishment:
Critical Shot
Spiral Arrow
Barbed Arrow
Bodkin Point
Spread Shot

Good for Thunder:
Magic Arrow
Homing Arrow
Arrow Sprinkle

It may seem as if thunder ark is the best choice, but skills like zenith and magic arrow also have pretty high SFR enough to make punishment worth. I could also reach 10m per hit on zenith with buffs on weaker content, although I’m leaning towards thunder more now.

you mentioned magic arrow twice, lol.
There are many dalia set fletcher mergen user for channeling DMA and down fall (+400% channeling dmg), so i think thunder is better paired with dalia and smugis (altho i feel uncomfortable getting dalia set just for those two easily interrupted channeling skills)

Was supposed to be homing arrow.

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