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Feedback from a close beta player

I will not dwell on the issues addressed, I believe that it is already known to everyone that I come to report, and because I stopped playing.

1 ° Monsters no longer drop silvers and bots still continue
You created an in-game tool called “Report Bot”, the game’s economy was hurt because of them, even today I don’t understand why you blocked silvers and not bots, it was difficult or impossible for you to use the in-game reports that did you put it to ban IP and block people’s accounts so they don’t play again?
This harms all new players and old ones who return, forcing all players in the game to buy TP to have items and build the sets and weapons of the latest updates, I believe that was already your goal, if the problem was bots, you blocked silver to make it difficult to acquire in-game resources, forcing the purchase of paid items.

2 ° A “free to play” disguised as “Pay to win”
All the mechanics of the game is based on cubes and leticia cube, and that is a fact, countless items that give improvements to weapons, transcend, scrolls and etc.
All the mechanics of this game are based on RNG aka “Luck”, you make it as difficult for free to play players to get your items, forcing everyone to spend months of farms and repetitions of the same content over and over again, things that a wallet can achieve in 10 minutes, does it sound fair to your customers? And a fact, we will always have new versions of the cubes, but updates and bug fixes always remain as a third or fourth priority.

3rd End-game content
It is based on two things, CM and raid, and that’s it, I could go on but I won’t do that, including new and old players who return to the game, can’t keep up with the new CMs, Raids, and "end-game content "due to the lack and difficulty of acquiring silvers and new sets within the game, the ones you give away, DO NOT solve the problem, even with the new giltine raid, made it even more difficult for free players, forcing everyone to spend once more to be able to accompany the rest of the people

4 ° Forgotten classes
One of the beauties and ugly aspects of the game are the classes, countless updates that you launch do not solve the problem of always the same classes being better than the others, in the current state, you find several skills with names that do not live up to the effects of skills, the Crusader class for example, has the highest DPS in the cleric class, but the effects are pretty rough and poor for the skills

Between that and countless other things, that’s why it is useless to launch badly finished updates, since the entire base player is loathing the way you manage the game, you can find many healthy ways to make money without harming your customers.


we got you bro


imc dont.


uhh… yes and no…

IMC doesnt care about free to play players unlike other companies, and as long as the player that support the game keep buying cubes they ll continue to sell thing that you could get before in game ( blessed gems, singularity tokens just to name a few)
Like i said before the only way to make IMC stop doing this shitty shitty thing its stop buying cubes at least the one that are clearly ptw with legend cards and tons of blessed gems xd and buy the cosmetic ones, but that ll never happen

bot never have been banned because they are the one who pay this game.
change my mind.

It will happen even less now that they’ve put the costumes/wings/effects in the Leticia Cube along with the regular consumables.

again the same crying u.u, it just irritates me a little this attitude of people who played in the beta and doesn’t play anymore talking as if they know much better what’s going on than everyone who currently plays for years really the game is not perfect but what I see in some comments here is just bitterness

Sure there are flaws here and there. But what really makes me wonder is how you can use free to play player and costumer in the same sentence. If u dont pay, you are not a customer. You are allowed to play the game for free, its not a right… its a gift from them.

Now the whole gacha market idea is not for everyone and a pretty exploitative business model. I would be more comfortable with more accessible content for a monthly fee/hard cash cosmetics business model. Just make the Token mandatory monthly fee and put cosmetics in the tp shop for a higher set price and keep some constant, some on rotation and some on a once in a lifetime purchase. Feel like this would prolly net more then the business model they have today. But i don’t really know what the difference is between actual paying costumers and freebies and how much they earn at today’s model.

I’m almost sure that the whole beta thing is just to have a comparison between the old and current direction, and most of time the fresher experience isn’t as good as the older one (which is indeed a bitter feeling). Feedback from new and returnee players (regardless of when they first left) is important to know what’s the experience for players that have nowhere to start from and if they stick to the game or bounce off, it may not be as accurate as any veteran but it is from a perspective that those cannot see. It is hard to demand players that just started playing to invest hundred of hours to get into the good content, a considerable chunk of the active players don’t enjoy the farm experience so why would it be that different for someone that has little to no personal investment to the game?

Not really… Free players contribute to the game population and that increases the game value for those who buy TP, it’s closer to a mutual benefit relationship than IMC being generous by letting peasants play their game. With the current numbers (and taking some reports from active players) it doesn’t seem like the game could survive on a pay to play system at all. That reinforces the value of this kind of feedback, find what drives them away from the game and what can be done to increase retention. Still, IMC never says a word on it aside for an occasional “we’ll pass this to devs”, which makes everyone assume they don’t give a damm.

And how did u figure they would get funds to run the game if they handed out everything for free to the players then? If its easy to obtain, why would people pay real cash for it? =/

There is kinda a misinterpretation when players complain about how hard is to make gear for endgame content. It’s not like they necessarily want it to be easier or be given away for free, but rather that they want a more accessible entry point to get there. This can be achieved through several means such as lowering the gear gap, reducing the endgame content minimum requirements, focus more on the active difficulty (non stat based), introducing additional tools/elements that help completing a challenge, etc. What people always seek in games is a fun experience, IMC decided to focus on building equipment instead, which is one of the reasons why you can find people replaying the same games often even when they don’t gain any benefit ingame or get anything new from it.

What you said up there is an option, every now and then people come back into this discussion (here’s a recent example). I believe direct purchase with cubes as bonuses is the best way to win both sides, but according to a business core principle “5% of your customers purchase 95% of your products”, so it’s just more attractive to keep investing on them even if that repels other players.